Star God Soldier King Chapter 2179


Being so laid bare the truth with one remark by Chen Xing, the old face of the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis suddenly became indiscriminate.

He opened his mouth dryly a few times, as if trying to defend himself, but in the end he blushed and said, “Ai, Lord Chen Xing, I really don’t want to admit this, but now I really have to. Admit it…you’re right, I was hoping for forgiveness from the blue dragon queen Karis before what happened tonight. But the truth is, I simply shouldn’t have done it – not wrong I, instead, tried to attack us and exterminate our Blue and Black Dragons!”

Queen Hilda was kindly laughed, “I’m really glad to hear you say that, Sulis Dragon King. I think, no matter how powerful the Blue Dragon Legion is, as long as our two clans can work together, we will definitely be able to defeat them.” I ask you to forgive me for your neglect and don’t blame me. If there is anything I can make up for, I will do my best to help!”

Queen Hilda said with a smile: “If you say that, we will There is one thing we really need the help of Dragon King Sulis. We have a friend, or more accurately, Mrs. Chen Xing’s lover, Miss Chen Ying. For some unknown reason, Miss Chen Ying fell into a coma and has not woken up yet. I think you are the master of dreams, so there should be a way to help Miss Chen Ying wake up, right?”

This is also one of the purposes of Chen Xing’s visit to the Dragon Clan world.

So since Sulis mentioned it, Queen Hilda naturally said it immediately.

Sulis looked at Chen Xing in surprise, and then said respectfully: “Since it’s Mr. Chen Xing’s girlfriend, then I will spare no effort to help! I don’t know that Miss Chen Ying is now Where is it? I’ll check her condition now!”

Valenstaz frowned and said, “Sulis Dragon King, our Miss Chen Ying is not an ordinary person. , she is a noble person with a Divine Race bloodline, you have to be very respectful!”

startled of Sulis fiercely, “What? God clansman? This, is this true Valance Taz? You didn’t make fun of me, did you?”

Valenstaz said angrily: “How could I make a joke about Miss Chen Ying? I have witnessed Chen Ying with my own eyes. Miss has absorbed the power of the powerful water crystal interior core to mend the cracks in the Formation! If it wasn’t for the real Divine Race, how could this be possible?”

Sulis didn’t dare to Panting: “Oh my God! A god clansman is actually in my Xiufeng within the valley! Thank goodness! Thank goodness! Fortunately, I finally made the right choice! Fortunately I didn’t mix with the evil blue dragon family! This is really a great misfortune Absolutely lucky! Lord Chen Xing! I’ll go check Miss Chen Ying right away! Immediately!”

Chen Xing smiled faintly, “Don’t worry. Chen Ying has been in a coma for a long time, so worry no more. , also unhurried at this time. The most important thing for us now is to solve those blue dragon Legions outside Xiufeng Valley first.”

Queen Hilda also said: “That’s right! The most urgent thing is Destroy the Blue Dragon Legion first! As long as the Blue Dragon Legion is destroyed, the rest will be easy for us.”

Soulis calmed down after that, “Yes yes yes! Everything is fine. Follow Lord Chen Xing’s orders!”

Chen Xing indifferently asked: “Sulis Dragon King, you Green Dragon Legion, how many soldiers can you fight?”

Sulis’ face Embarrassed, “This… let’s be honest, Mr. Chen Xing, we Green Dragon Legion have always not advocated martial power, although there are some There are quite a few people, but the regular army who can really take up arms to fight is probably only my Jade Guard. “

Chen Xing asked: “So, how many people are in your Emerald Guard?” “

Sulis said with a blushing face: “It’s actually no more than 2,000 people if you add up to the calculations.” “

“What? ”

Queen Hilda and Valenstadz exclaimed in unison.

They were indeed prepared, after all, Green Dragon’s negativity is very famous , but they absolutely did not expect that there are only more than 2,000 people who can fight in the entire Green Dragon Legion!

If you get rid of the ordinary soldiers who are not very capable of fighting, only the elite Green Dragon Legion will be counted. Dragon soldiers, it is estimated that there are no more than 500 people!

This number of soldiers is really too small.

Even if it is the red dragon aliens that have been destroyed by half, at least they can get it now. 5,000 troops.

And the Green Dragon clan, who have never been attacked, is even worse than the red dragon clan whose homeland was destroyed.

Facing the red dragon Queen Hilda and Valenstadz looked surprised, Green Dragon was really ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “It doesn’t matter, although Green Dragon’s troops are not strong enough to show one’s face.

Many, but as long as the red and green clans work together, this battle will definitely be won. The advantage of the Green Dragon family lies not in frontal attacks, but in auxiliary attacks. So my suggestion is, every four Red Dragon soldiers, with one Green Dragon soldier, when the two armies are fighting, the Red Dragon soldier rushes in front to protect the Green Dragon soldier, while the Green Dragon soldier is behind the Red Dragon soldier, working hard The effect of using hypnosis. In this way, no matter how strong the Blue Dragon’s army is, it will be covered in dirt by us. And as long as we can stand up to 10,000 blue dragon soldiers on the frontal battlefield, then I will have a chance to fight the blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara. As long as I defeat Quel’Dara and destroy the dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Kalis, then we will win this war. “

Red Dragon Queen Hilda asked quickly: “What about us?” Mr. Chen Xing, will it be too difficult for you to deal with Karis’ dragon shadow and the strongest magician of the Blue Dragon clan alone? You must know that Queldara’s strength is definitely higher than that of the original Blue Dragon General Morton! “

Valenstadz also said worriedly: “Yeah! Let us fight with you! “

Sulis also immediately said: “As the Green Dragon Dragon King, I have mastered this spiritual essence, and I can also help you!” “

Chen Xing smiled and shook the head, “The 10,000 elite soldiers of the Blue Dragon Legion are definitely not that easy to deal with. If you all come to help me, then we will fight against the Blue Dragon Legion with the greatest military disadvantage, and use the unskilled coalition force of less than 7,000 people to fight the Blue Dragon elite of 10,000 people. Confrontation, I am afraid to sacrifice a lot of Red Dragon soldiers and Green Dragon soldiers. So, you all have to fight with your own soldiers, which will not only boost their morale, but also reduce our casualties. As for me, you don’t need to worry at all, I can now rely on the Sword of Judgment in my hand to transform into a Titan form and deal with the blue dragon Princess Queldara, which is enough. “

Queen Hilda then nodded lightly, “Understood, Lord Chen Xing.” “

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