Star God Soldier King Chapter 2181


Seeing that several other City Lords did not follow their own wishes, the Volcano City Lord couldn’t help shouted angrily: “hmph! But you are treating them like donkeys and lungs! Good! I don’t care about you! If you are not afraid of death, you can go! When the time comes surrounded and destroyed by the three Dragon Clan, don’t blame me for not warning you! Anyway, I am Absolutely not, I’m responsible for the future of Dwarf Race! In this way, even if you all die, at least I and the Volcano tribe still exist, and Dwarf Race is not extinct!”

Finished, Volcano The City Lord directly interrupted the communication and disappeared in the Conference Hall.

Other City Lords whispered in horror.

The words of the Volcanic City Lord are threatening, and the Young City Lord has begun to back off.

Grian said solemnly: “Everyone, I, Grian, regard my Dark Iron Tribe as more important than anything else. I swear, Lord Chen Xing is really a Titan, and he and I I have formed an alliance, and I will never deceive us and deliberately lead us into any trap! Please calm down and think about it carefully, the red dragon family has been wiped out by the blue dragon family in half! If you are the red dragon family, you will Forgive the blue dragon clan? Will you unite with the blue dragon clan to attack other races that have been irrelevant for hundreds of years?”

The City Lords present could not help but nod slightly.

Grian sighed with relief, and then said: “I can use my own life to guarantee that I will never deceive you. I can even bring everyone from the Dark Iron Tribe, including the Black Iron Tribe. The Iron Guards, including the old and weak women and children of the Dark Iron Tribeโ€”because only with Lord Chen Xing, we will never be in danger! Lord Chen Xing, the Titan! If you miss this opportunity to witness with your own eyes, then you Why do you need to talk about your descendants of the Titans? Isn’t your future life just a lie?”

Hearing this, those City Lords who were hesitant at first finally made up their minds.

“Okay! Glenn! We believe in you this time!”

“Grann, you’ve always had a great reputation among the dwarves! So we don’t I suspect you!”

“We’ll go with you!”

“Yes, let’s go together! Let’s witness the moment when Lord Chen Xing turns into a Titan!”

“Okay!” Grian said excitedly: “Then, our eight City Lords will immediately assemble their armies and march to the edge of the battlefield in Xiufeng Valley!”


The Dwarf Races got into action right away.

This is the first joint operation of several City Lords in hundreds of years!

The Volcano City Lord, who hung up the communication, has been waiting for the news of other City Lord’s dismissal, but he waited and waited, and finally came the news of the joint action of other City Lords.

“Damn! These idiots! They are really act recklessly!” Volcano City Lord was angry and annoyed, and his heart was still a little unbalanced.

“Why can that Grian command other City Lords? Why!”

“Sir City Lord, since the other City Lords have joined forces, should we follow suit? Go take a look.” An officer of the Volcano Tribe cautiously asked.

“What? Are you even crazy?” the Lord of Volcano City shouted angrily.

The volcano officer said in a low voice, “No no no, it’s just… if there really is a Titan, if we miss such an opportunity, then we will regret it for the rest of our lives.”

The Volcano City Lord sneered, “Don’t be brainwashed by Grian! It is absolutely impossible for mortals to become Titans! Absolutely impossible! Tell all the people of the Volcano Tribe, stay obediently and honestly, and wait to see the jokes of the other tribes! “

“…Yes!” Volcano Officer sighed faintly.

At dawn.

The combined army of the Black Iron tribe and several other tribes has reached the edge of Xiufeng Valley.

Grian ordered all his subordinates to stop advancing and stand by in silence.

The place where they are located is more than ten kilometers away from Xiufeng Valley, which is a relatively safe distance for the Dragon Clan civil war.

“Grian City Lord, when can we meet the Titans?”

“Don’t worry, since Lord Chen Xing said he would let us meet, we will meet It’s here.”

“Should we get closer?”

“Not for now, we’ll make adjustments when the battle starts.”


On one side, the dwarf tribe is in place, and on the other side, in Xiufeng within the valley, the combined army of Red Dragon and Green Dragon is also ready.

Chen Xing walked to the coalition team and looked around calmly.

He saw Hilda, Queen of the Red Dragon, and his brother, Valenstadz, and Sulis, the Green Dragon, and the faces of the other Dragon Clan soldiers.

Chen Xing said loudly: “The warriors of the Red Dragon Legion and the Green Dragon Legion, the time has come for us to fight the Blue Dragon Legion! I know that some of you have always harbored strong feelings. There are some people who just want to live a peaceful and stable life. Itโ€™s not wrong to want revenge! Itโ€™s not wrong to want a stable life! Itโ€™s those who start wars and want to plunder and invade us! If we donโ€™t Fight back, don’t A Tooth For A Tooth, don’t let them be afraid! They’ll never back down! If you want to avenge your brother sister! Then fight bravely! If you want a stable life in the future, be brave Fight! Only by fighting bravely can you get what you want for yourself!”

“roar roar roar!”

The soldiers of the Green Dragon Legion and the Red Dragon Legion Their blood boiled.

Chen Xing pressed his palm and continued: “I, Chen Xing, although only a human being, I am willing to fight side by side with you until the final victory! The Red Dragon Legion is endless! Green! Dragon Legion Dreams are immortal!โ€

โ€œRed Dragon Legion is forever alive!โ€

โ€œGreen Dragon Legion Dreams are immortal!โ€

โ€œlisten to my orders โ€” โ€”Prepare for battle!”

Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, flew to the front of the line, followed by her consort Valenstadz, and Sulis, the Green Dragon!

The morale of the other Red Dragon soldiers and Green Dragon soldiers grew even higher when they saw that their leader had rushed to the forefront and fought with them.

“For the Red Dragon Legion! For the Green Dragon Legion!”

“We shall win! The Blue Dragon shall lose!”

All Green Dragon and Red Dragon The dragon soldiers were all ready to rush to kill.

Everyone’s emotions are so excited!

“The whole army strikes!” The Red Dragon Queen Hilda roared sharply, and then rushed out of Xiufeng Valley first!


The other Red Dragon and Green Dragon soldiers shouted loudly, rushing out from Xiufeng Valley like a raging wave!

The Blue Dragon Legion was also ready at this time, and tens of thousands of Blue Dragon soldiers lined up in a long line, waiting in strict formation on the plain outside Xiufeng Valley.

Seeing the Green Dragon and the Red Dragon mixed together, desperately rushing out of the Xiufeng Valley, every Blue Dragon soldier couldn’t help but feel fear in their hearts.

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