Star God Soldier King Chapter 2182


“It’s on.”

The frontline commander of the Blue Dragon Legion, the Blue Dragon Princess Quel’Dara, is on the front line In the center, the pretty face was full of solemnity.

Honestly, she doesn’t like war.

Especially don’t like the civil war between Dragon Clan and Dragon Clan.

However, as a blue dragon Princess, your first task is to obey your queen.

Since the blue dragon queen Callis wants her to attack the other two Dragon Clans, she can only do so.

She also hopes that in the future Dragon Clan history will not condemn her as the sinner who started the civil war, as mother said, history is written by the victors, so she only needs to win this war , just destroy the Green Dragon family and the Red Dragon family.

However, she was still very uneasy.

Not only because she was commanding such a battle for the first time, but also because, in her deep in one’s heart, she always felt that her behavior was wrong.

How many people will die in a war?

My own blue dragon, Legion, has 10,000 elite soldiers.

Look at the opponent’s Red Dragon Green Dragon coalition, there are about six or seven thousand.

This is definitely a life-and-death battle.

Even if your Blue Dragon elite soldiers are strong and have magic body protection and augmentation, if you want to annihilate the Green Dragon and Red Dragon Two Great Races, the Blue Dragon Legion will lose at least half of their elite soldiers. .

And this is still estimated according to the most optimistic situation.

If it is estimated according to the unoptimistic situation, it is very likely that all the blue dragon elites will be buried here.

So, the question remains – how many people will die in a war? How many more families will there be, to be torn apart by this? How many parents will lose their child? How many wives will lose their husbands? How many children will lose father?

Queldara’s heart sank at the thought of this.

Her mother is forcing her to do what she doesn’t want to do, and she has to do it.

“Her Highness the Princess, the enemy has entered our magic trap, please give instructions!”

A blue dragon officer said eagerly.

The expression on Quel’Dara’s face was even more painful.

“Her Highness the Princess!”

“Got it… start it up.” Quel’Dara sighed, closing his eyes slightly.

Two kilometers from her line, there is a magic trap. Once activated, it can freeze all creatures that pass through the magic trap, and as long as the enemy is frozen, their blue dragon Legion can easily Hit those fixed targets with long-range magic bullets.

That would be no different from a massacre.

Quel’dalla didn’t want to see the sight of the Green Dragon and the Red Dragon soldiers, she turned her head slightly as she issued the order.

“The magic trap is activated!” With the roar of the blue dragon officer, a huge magic pattern suddenly appeared on the ground.

Almost all the Red Dragon and Green Dragon soldiers were shrouded in this huge magic pattern, and then they all froze in place!


“These Red Dragons and Green Dragons are so stupid!”

“Who says no! They simply can’t fight! “

“I see, this war doesn’t need our Her Highness the Princess at all!”

“That’s right! We can win this in minutes War!”

The other Blue Dragon officers laughed heartily with pride.

Queldara frowned slightly.

A blue dragon officer roared directly: “All blue dragons, release magic bullets! Destroy all these fixed targets!”


In an instant, tens of thousands of blue dragon elite soldiers condensed their magical power at the same time, opened their huge dragon’s mouth, and spit out dazzling magic bullets from the dragon’s mouth.

Magic bombs hit the immobilized red dragons and green soldiers, shattering their dragon bodies!


“It’s that simple!”

“We won!”

“Huh? Wait! Why?”

After the smoke of the first round magic bullet strikes passed, the blue dragon officer was surprised to find that the shattered dragon bodies of the red dragon Green Dragon reappeared on the battlefield!

“Yes! There are some evil people!”

“Don’t worry about that! They are still in our magic traps! As long as our magic traps exist, they are unable to move !”

“All blue dragon soldiers are ready! Second round magic bullet attack!”


The blue dragon soldiers gathered their magic again Strength, opened his mouth, and desperately spit out new magic bullets.

The second round magic bomb accurately blew up the Green Dragon and Red Dragon’s camp, shattering the bodies of Green Dragon and Red Dragon!

“Yeah! It’s fun!”

“We…wait! What’s going on? It’s here again!”

“Yes! These Green How can Dragon and Red Dragon not be killed!?”

“Keep going! While the magic trap is still there!”

“This time I have to use all my strength, never There is a little reservation!”


The blue dragon soldiers were horrified, while condensing all the magic power, preparing for a full power attack β€”β€”

And at this time, a blue rays of light suddenly appeared from the sky!

Immediately afterwards, a group of huge blue dragon shadows descended over the entire blue dragon Legion!

“It’s the dragon shadow of Queen Your Majesty!” A blue dragon officer couldn’t help shouting.

“All stop!” The dragon shadow of the Blue Dragon Queen coldly shouted.

All the blue dragon soldiers present immediately felt that their eardrums were about to be shattered, and a strong sense of dizziness penetrated their dragon body. When they reacted, they only felt that they were sweating profusely. Dripping, as if just woke up from a nightmare.

In front of them, the original magic trap was empty!

The magic trap has naturally been activated by them, but there are no Green Dragon and Red Dragon soldiers in the magic trap!

The real Green Dragon and Red Dragon soldiers have long avoided the magic trap and are about to hit their front line!

And the two rounds of magic bullets they had just brushed past the heads of the real Green Dragon and Red Dragon soldiers! Simply no damage to Green Dragon and Red Dragon soldiers!

This is mind control!

Unconsciously, more than 10,000 elite soldiers in the entire Blue Dragon Legion were under the mind control of the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis at the same time!

The essence of the spirit is really too powerful!

If the dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Karis hadn’t appeared, breaking their mind control from the outside with extremely strong magical ability, I’m afraid it wouldn’t take five minutes, they would be unconscious. Under the circumstances, it was completely annihilated by the army of Red Dragon and Green Dragon!

Commander Quel’Dala broke out in a cold sweat!

She is so mean!

She only thinks that she has powerful immobilization magic traps and long-range magic bullets! But I didn’t expect that the mind control of Green Dragon is so powerful, it can silently affect tens of thousands of people across the battlefield!

Fortunately, there is a dragon shadow of the Blue Dragon Queen!

“Don’t be stunned! Prepare for hand-to-hand combat!” The dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Karis roared loudly.

“Yes!” The entire Blue Dragon Legion panicked.

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