Star God Soldier King Chapter 2183


“Queen Karis, didn’t expect, you actually came to the scene in the form of a dragon shadow!”

Green Dragon Sulis rushed and shouted coldly.

If there is no dragon shadow of Queen Kalis, these ten thousand elite blue dragon soldiers will continue to be dumbfounded, and the whole battle will end soon. Green Dragon and Red Dragon soldiers will not casualties.

Of course, Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis himself knows that this is an impossible cheap thing.

He has tried his best to exert the power of the spiritual essence to the limit. In a distance of more than ten kilometers, he has controlled the spirit of tens of thousands of elite blue dragon soldiers.

But this level of control can easily be broken by external forces.

He had long anticipated that the blue dragon queen Karis would appear in the form of a dragon shadow and interfere with his group mind control.

However, in the process of mind control, he has already helped the Red Dragon and Green Dragon coalition to avoid magic traps and long-range magic bullets perfectly, and this wave is already quite profitable.

Although I didn’t have time to rush into the blue dragon camp, at least I forced out the dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Karis, so Karis could no longer use crafty plots and machining in the dark.

Therefore, in any case, in this round of duel, the Red Dragon Green Dragon has the advantage.

The dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Callis coldly smiled, “Sulis, it seems that you are very proud! Have you forgotten? How did you beg me like an Old Dog before? Now that I think about it, you are really insidious and cunning! You really colluded with the Red Dragon clan a long time ago!”

Sulis said with a sneer: “Karis, say whatever you want. I have no interest in explaining anything to you! The only thing I have to do now is to win this war for our Green Dragon clan! In this way, our Green Dragon clan can survive better! You call me Old Dog? Maybe Well! Maybe I used to be an Old Dog! All I could do was wag my tail and beg for peace! But now I’m not an Old Dog! My dragon teeth are just as sharp! Sharp enough to pierce the throat of any enemy I will use my dragon claw to make peace! And I will never wave my tail and beg for mercy! Because peace is never asked for!”

The dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen was surprised With a smile, “haha! Sulis, didn’t expect, you can think so clearly. I don’t think this is your level, you must be influenced by others! It’s a young red dragon. Queen Hilda? No, it shouldn’t be! That’s because of the influence of that mortal Chen Xing! He he he, it seems that this mortal is really not simple!”

Green Dragon Dragon King Su Liss said with a sneer: “Karis, we have a powerful ally, Lord Chen Xing, you are sure to lose this time!”

The dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Kalis said with a sneer: “Chen Xing is indeed a powerhouse, I have to admit it, but the power of my Blue Dragon clan is the power of Nezulio, the Black Dragon behind me. A mortal alone is absolutely impossible. to compare! Now, I will show you the true power of blue dragon magic essence!”

Said, Kalis Longying roared sharply, and directed at her blue dragon elite soldiers They spit out a mouthful of magical fury!

In an instant, the dragon bodies of all the blue dragon soldiers split into two!

“This is! Super magic mirror image!” Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, exclaimed suddenly!

The original 10,000 Blue Dragon elite troops were already difficult to deal with, but under the influence of the magic essence, the Blue Dragon troops were split into 20,000!

The alliance of Red Dragon and Green Dragon was already at a disadvantage in strength, and now the disadvantage is even more obvious!

“mother Your Majesty!” The blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara was also bathed in the power of the magic essence, and the blood of the entire dragon body was on the verge of boiling.

A chief magician like her is already very powerful, so there is no way to mirror a self with the same strength.

But the irradiation of this magic essence has also greatly overdrawn her magic power!

That’s right! This is overdraft! Not a normal boot!

The consequence of overdrafting will be the rapid depletion of one’s own magic power after the battle is over!

It can be said that this should be the only means that can be used when it is finally as a last resort!

And her mother, the Queen of the Blue Dragon, Karis, actually activated the magic overdraft as soon as she came up!

If this goes on, even if we can win this battle, all the blue dragon elite troops will be destroyed! It is even possible that they all become waste dragons!

Quel’Dara knew the downsides of overdrafting magic, but the other blue dragons were bathed in magical essence and completely lost in madness.

The Green Dragon and Red Dragon’s troops have already rushed up, and the two sides are fighting together in an instant, and the killing is inextricable!

The battle strength and strength of the Green Dragon and the Red Dragon Alliance are naturally not as good as the Blue Dragon elite troops, but their morale is brave, and the Red Dragon Queen and the Green Dragon Dragon King lead the charge, so when the two sides fight It didn’t even retreat half a point, and even maintained an offensive against the Blue Dragon troops!

“Queldara! Come on!” The dragon shadow of the blue dragon queen Karis ordered loudly to the blue dragon Princess.

Queldara said eagerly: “Mother! You should use the magic essence at this time! This will kill us all!”

Karis’s Long Ying said with a smile: “This is war! My daughter! To win! We must by fair means or foul! Now! Don’t talk back to me! Go and kill the red dragon queen Hilda!”

“But!” Quel’dalla looked pained.

Karis’ dragon shadow angrily roared: “What? Do you dare to disobey your mother Your Majesty?”

“no! mother…” Queldara bites Gritting his teeth, he let out a shrill roar, leaped into the air, transformed into a blue dragon, and charged towards Hilda!

Hilda was fighting with a team of elite blue dragon soldiers when she heard a roar above her head and hurriedly ducked.

Queldara’s magical dragon claw followed, wiping her dragon scales past, leaving a long, magical claw mark on her red dragon scales.

“Queldara!” Hilda exclaimed.

Queldara said bitterly: “I’m sorry, Hilda! We… must win this war!”

Hilda said with a smile: “Yeah , like you, I must win this war! Otherwise, not only will my Red Dragons be destroyed by you, but the Green Dragons will also be destroyed by you.”

Quelda Ra said in pain: “How can things turn out like this? I don’t want to, but I have to!”

As he spoke, the blue dragon scales on Queldara’s whole body bloomed with a magical halo. β€”β€”

Before she could fully release her magical power, a golden sword glow slashed across!


The huge Divine Force shock wave directly pushed Queldara out dozens of meters away.

Quel’dala managed to stabilize the dragon’s body in midair!

Chen Xing held the sword of judgment, stood in front of Hilda, and said with a sneer: “Her Highness the Princess, your enemy is me.”

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