Star God Soldier King Chapter 2184


Chen Xing drove back the blue dragon Princess Queldara with a sword, then turned his head slightly and said to the red dragon queen Hilda: ” Hilda, go and fight for other soldiers, I’m here.”

“Okay! Lord Chen Xing!” Hilda had already discussed with Chen Xing the specific tactical division of labor, in order to reduce casualties of ordinary soldiers , she and the other leaders have to fight with the soldiers, and the most important enemies Queldara and Karis Dragon Shadow will be left to Chen Xing to deal with.

Hilda glanced at Quel’daala regretfully, then quickly fluttered her wings and rushed to other combat areas.

Leave a two-kilometer-square battle area around Chen Xingβ€”no blue dragon soldier wants to be blasted to death by the shockwaves of Chen Xing’s battle with Quel’Dara.

Queldara has played against Chen Xing once, and she naturally knows how powerful Chen Xing is.

“Mortal, why are you helping the Red Dragons and Green Dragons? What benefits did they give you? Treasures? Or status?” Quel’Dara couldn’t help asking.

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Because of friendship.”

“Friendship?” Queldara looked incredulous.

Chen Xing said lightly with a smile: “Yes, it is friendship. Valenstadz is my good friend, we are born and die together! Now, his race is in trouble, I am his friend , how can you stand idly by?”

Queldara said with a cold laugh: “That is to say, you help the Red Dragon family and the Green Dragon family, it has nothing to do with justice or evil, you It’s just helping your friend.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “To be honest, I’m surprised you would say such a thing, why, justice and evil are very important in your heart Is it?”

Queldara said sternly: “That’s right! Because I want to win this war, and I don’t want to be an evil person.”

At this time, Card Liz’s dragon shadow roared angrily: “Queldara! What are you talking about? Can you defeat your enemy just by chatting?” A mouthful of magic essence spit out onto Quel’dal’s dragon body!

Queldara’s dragon scales were instantly dazzling, and Queldara’s eyes also glowed with a strong blue light!

“mother! No! I’m… painful!”

Quel’Dara worked hard to suppress the magic power in her body, not wanting to let them drain too much, but the magic essence The power is too strong, she can’t resist at all!

Her body became incomparable gigantic and her eyes became crazy and confused!

“Chen Xing! You must die! This is the will of the mother!”

Quel’Dara’s voice also became a mixture of several voices, which sounded send cold shivers down one’s spine!

She swung towards Chen Xing with a dragon claw, and the dragon claw was accompanied by a powerful wave of magic!

The scope of the air wave is so wide that it fills the entire battlefield. Even if it can avoid the slam of the dragon claw, it is absolutely impossible to avoid the attack of the magic air wave!

Even Chen Xing couldn’t help but sigh in his heart!

This blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara really deserves to be the chief magician of the blue dragon clan!

Her own magical power is already quite strong, and now she is overdrawn by the magic essence. If she is allowed to go crazy like this, even if Chen Xing can handle it, everyone else on the battlefield β€”β€”Including the Red Dragon Green Dragon coalition, and even the Blue Dragon’s own elite soldiers, will be destroyed by the mad Queldara.

Chen Xing was even more suspicious in his heart, that the blue dragon queen Kalis, simply had no good intentions towards Queldara.

If it is really the mother and the daughter, how can the mother betray her daughter by fair means or foul, and let her daughter destroy everything that their blue dragon originally had?

Chen Xing frowned slightly while activating the rune power of the Star God gem!

Immediately afterwards, the sword of judgment burst into dazzling rays of light!

β€œLife Essence?”

Karis’ dragon shadow shouted in horror, β€œThe red dragon family, they handed over their Life Essence to a human? He he! Damn it! Damn it! In order to revive the entire Dragon Clan, the owner of our Black Dragon has begged for your Red Dragon clan many times. Handed over to a human! This really pisses me off! Quel’Dara! I want you at any cost! Even with Chen Xing perish! Have to kill him! I want that sword! The sword of Life Essence, must belong to me!”

“Yes! My mother!” Quel’Dara roared in a frenzy.

At this time, under the activation of Life Essence, Chen Xing’s whole body’s rune strength has been rapidly increased!

Titan Form!

The entire body instantly grew to a height of ten meters!

His Sword of Judgment blocked the first move magic dragon claw attack of Quel’Dara firmly!

The powerful physical impact of the dragon claw is completely negated!

And the magic power still shook the entire space violently!

Chen Xing couldn’t help holding breath cold air, his huge body stood firm in the shock wave!

There is still a certain gap between his height and Queldara’s augmented dragon body.

Queldara has fallen into a state of madness. Her entire dragon body has reached 20 meters in height, and her body length has reached 50 meters in length!

With such a body comparison, Chen Xing’s Titan form has no advantage at all!

Before Chen Xing could make a move, Queldara attacked frantically!

The entire battlefield is murky heavens dark earth, just like the end of the world!

“Really a Titan! Really a Titan!”

At this time, ten kilometers away from the battlefield, the City Lords of the dwarves were all excitedly watching the Titanization Chen Xing.

“Grian! You really didn’t deceive us!”

“We didn’t miss this opportunity! Really didn’t expect! We actually saw the Titan and the giant dragon. The duel!”

“But! Lord Chen Xing seems to be at a disadvantage! That blue dragon is really too huge!”

“Yes! If we can’t defeat the giant dragon, then what hope do we dwarves have?”

Watching the fierce battle in the distance, the surprise that the City Lords had just emerged, instantly dropped to freezing point.

Grian stood up and said, “City Lords, brothers, I want to ask you, what is our belief?”

“Is there any need to ask? Of course it’s a Titan!”

“That’s right! Our belief is a Titan, and now, the real Titan is right in front of us, and in danger! Are we believers just talking about it? Talking about faith and worship, and standing by and doing nothing while our faith is fighting?” Greene asked.

“Grian? You mean…we’re going to fight too?”

All the Dwarf Races present were stunned.

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