Star God Soldier King Chapter 2185


“Grian, your beliefs…that’s right, but…that’s Dragon Clan’s civil war! We Dwarf Race fighters Entering the battlefield can only be trampled by Dragon Clan!”

A City Lord blushed.

Ashamed, but it’s true.

Grian let out a sigh of relief, “Just ask your heart, think about it, why we Dwarf Race have been living underground for so many years. It’s not because Dragon Clan is powerful, It’s not because we didn’t meet Titan, but because we are too cowardly! You, everyone, just think of Titan as a Divine Idol, but don’t really worship him, believe in him, otherwise, How can you not fight for your beliefs! I used to think that people without beliefs are very sad, but in fact, those who have beliefs but only use beliefs to anesthetize themselves are really sad! , you don’t want to fight for your beliefs, I can’t force you! But I will fight for my beliefs! Those who are willing to follow me! Are willing to help Lord Chen Xing with me, brothers who live and die with the Titans, Just stand up and come with me!”

Grian’s words pierced deeply into the hearts of every Dwarf Race.

For thousands of years, the Dwarf Race has been living in hiding underground, waiting for the Titans to appear, and then back to the surface, living proud and self-respecting.

However, thousands of years have passed, and the Titans have appeared, but their courage has been worn away.

They were immediately ashamed.

Grian looked around, “Is there no one? Well, I’ll go up by myself!”

With that, Grian picked up his huge black iron Tomahawk comes, turn around and go.

“Sir City Lord! Wait for me!”

Grian looked back and saw his son-in-law, Magni of the Dark Iron Tribe, also standing up.

Immediately afterwards, more black iron soldiers also stood up!

“Okay! Good!” Grian was extremely excited and said with great pride: “It really deserves to be my Grian’s people! The death of the body does not terrify, it is a race that terrifies. Courage no longer exists! If there are no heroes, there is no race in the true sense! Today, even if all my Dark Irons die in battle! Our deeds! Will encourage and inspire more Dwarf Race awakening! For Dwarf Race! For us Faith!”

“For Dwarf Race! For our faith!” The Dark Iron Guards shouted loudly, holding their weapons high, under the leadership of Grian and Magni, Rush bravely towards the giant dragon’s battlefield!

Their battle strength, compared to the giant dragon, is indeed a big gap!

However, the Red Dragon Green Dragon coalition and the Blue Dragon’s elite troops have been inseparable, and now any outside help will tilt the Scales of Victory!

It can be said that the entry of the Black Iron Guards! Just right!

Watching countless dwarfs rush into the battlefield, Queen Hilda first started and then shouted loudly at her subordinates: “Don’t hurt those dwarves! They are allies of Lord Chen Xing! “


The attacks of the Green Dragon and the Red Dragon soldiers all avoided the Dark Iron Guard!

And the Dark Iron Guards only attacked the Blue Dragon soldiers, and never touched the Red Dragon and Green Dragon allied forces!

Although there is an irreconcilable feud between Dwarf Race and Dragon Clan, in this battle situation, both sides have secretly reached a tacit understanding!

Chen Xing said with a smile while fighting the mad Queldara Princess: “Hehe, the Dark Iron Dwarf clan is still very good!”

Blue The dragon shadow of the Dragon Queen Karis roared angrily: “It’s just a group of dwarves, what winds and waves can they create? Kill me! Kill them all! No matter what the price!”

said With that, the Blue Dragon Queen once again spewed out the power of magic essence, recklessly increasing all the Blue Dragon elite soldiers!

The magic power of those blue dragon elite soldiers had already been overdrawn twice, and this time the magic essence has tripled their overdraft!

The elite blue dragon soldiers were immediately plunged into absolute madness!

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis roared eagerly: “Queen Hilda! You must be careful! This blue dragon queen Karis is crazy! She has already destroyed everything she has. Elite Blue Dragons!”

“I know! Dragon King Sulis! You must be careful too! We must withstand this wave of attacks! Lord Chen Xing will definitely defeat Quel’Dara! ‘ the red dragon queen Hilda growled.

While she was talking, a blue dragon magic hit her, causing her to fall from the air.

“Hilda!” Valenstadz, who was fighting, rushed to Hilda’s side regardless, and protected his beloved wife with the dragon wings of his scarlet dragon king.

“Are you okay Hilda!”

“It’s okay…” Hilda gasped, “I can still fight!”

Valenstadz quickly checked Hilda’s body, and after confirming that Hilda had only suffered some superficial wounds, he sighed in relief: “No! You can’t fight like this anymore! , and the future of our Red Dragon clan!”

Hilda pushed her husband away angrily: “If we don’t win this battle! We have no future! I am the Red Dragon Queen! I It’s the red dragon flag on the battlefield! If I fall! My people will have no morale!”

Valenstadz started and said excitedly: “Yes! My queen! We are willing to fight to the death for you!”

Hilda gritted her teeth, struggled to support her body, and tried to fly, while shouting sharply: “My people! Fight for me. Fight for the Red Dragon Clan! Red Dragon Legion! Endless life!”

Said, Hilda roared, and all the Red Dragon soldiers were greatly encouraged, even the scars on their bodies, It also quickly recovered completely in a very short period of time!

This is the true strength of the Red Dragon clan!

The Green Dragon Legion was naturally inspired, and roared, and went into battle!

The original crazy blue dragon dominated the situation, and it was restored to the balance in an instant!

The two sides continue to fight hard!

“What? Three times the magic power overdrawn, can’t kill these garbage?” The blue dragon queen’s dragon shadow became extremely violent.

She really wanted to use the power of magic essence to trigger the battle strength of the elite blue dragon soldiers, but through the dragon shadow, she could only use 50% of the magic essence.

To use more magic essence, unless she is on the battlefield!

At this time, she could only pin her hopes on the blue dragon Princess Queldara, who was in a state of madness caused by her.

Queldara kept launching desperate attacks on Chen Xing in Titan form, but Chen Xing blocked them all one after another, and kept fighting back against Queldara!

The two killed indistinguishably!

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