Star God Soldier King Chapter 2187


Seeing the angry expressions of everyone, the dragon shadow of Black Dragon Princess Oixia became even more proud.

“Yes, I’m just so arrogant! What can you do to me? My real body did not appear on the battlefield, but only created a dragon shadow through the essence of magic! Even if you can kill all Blue dragon elite, you can kill that idiot in Quel’Dara, but you can’t kill me at all! Besides, the blue dragon soldiers have been driven crazy by me, they will perish with you!”

Oixia’s dragon shadow impudent mad said with a smile: “hahaha! The Black Dragon family will be invincible! Soon, the essence of the five Dragon Clan will be concentrated in the hands of my father Nezulio! Dragon Clan There will be a real revival!”

“Oixia, you are too happy!” Chen Xing smiled coldly, and the Divine Force in his body erupted!

“Oh? Chen Xing, do you think it’s really difficult to deal with when you’ve become a Titan? He he he, let me tell you, if you want to win the war, you can rely on it. It’s not brute force, it’s wisdom! Take ten thousand steps back, even if you can win, it’s just a tragic victory! You have all the people in your hands with me, and I, the Black Dragon clan, have lost nothing. What are you using to fight me? Hahahaha!”

Chen Xing smiled coldly, “Do you think I really can’t kill Queldara who was driven crazy by you?”

Oyxia’s dragon shadow slightly frowned, “Why, are you still talking big to me at this time? Since you can kill, then you can kill! She’s not my own daughter, I don’t I don’t feel bad at all!”

Queldara used her remaining consciousness to control her dragon body, she didn’t want to be influenced by Oyxia anymore, so she confronted Chen Xingβ€”β€” It’s pointless and something both sides suffer!

Chen Xing said with a cold laugh: “Oyxia, I’m not talking big words. In fact, with my strength, I can completely kill the first hand. Drop Queldara. However, when I first met Queldara Princess yesterday, I felt something was not right! So, when I played Queldara today, I deliberately kept one My heart. When I see your desperate overdraft of the blue dragon’s elite magic power, I am even more convinced that you are simply not the real blue dragon queen!”

Oyxia sneered, “hmph, what you say now is just an afterthought!”

Chen Xing said with a sneer: “That’s not necessarily! Now that you have shown your true colors, and you have used the last The ultimate trick, then I can rest assured and bold!”

Oyxia sneered: “Go ahead! Kill everyone here! Otherwise, what else can you do? ?”

Chen Xing no longer answered Oixia’s frigid irony and scorching satire, but lowered his heart, and the Star God gem in his chest quickly spun.

The invisible ripples of power spread out immediately, filling the entire battlefield in an instant.

Everyone on the battlefield felt a powerful force, but couldn’t see it or grasp it.

These Star Spirit Powers completely avoid the soldiers of the Green Dragon and Dwarf Race, and only target the soldiers of the Blue Dragon who are affected by magical and gigantic powers.

And, of course, there is a surviving blue dragon, Princess Quel’Dara, of course.

The Star God gems continue to absorb the power of those overdrafts, and gradually cool down the boiling blood of the blue dragon soldiers and Quel’Dara!

“What, what’s going on?” Black Dragon Princess Oixia didn’t think of it at all.

One by one, the blue dragon soldiers began to regain their sanity, and their size and strength also declined rapidly.

“No! Attack! You attack me!” Oixia yelled at the bewildered elite blue dragon soldiers.

The soldiers of the Red Dragon and Green Dragon also became nervous immediately, and their weapons were all aimed at the Blue Dragon.

“Stop it all!” Of course, Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, didn’t want the battle to worsen, so she promptly ordered the Red Dragon soldiers to stop.

The Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis also immediately aborted the battle order!

Grian’s dwarf tribes naturally stopped attacking.

The entire battlefield fell silent.

Chen Xing worked hard to absorb the power that he expended, especially the evil power in Quel’Dara.

Queldara’s consciousness gradually recovered, and her body shape gradually returned to normal.

And Chen Xing’s Titan body, because of the infusion of power, has become extremely powerful!

He was originally only ten meters tall, but instantly became fifty meters tall!

“Wow! Lord Chen Xing is really a Titan among Titans!”

Grian raised his head, but he could no longer see Chen Xing’s face, so he could only sincerely Make a sound of emotion.

After Chen Xing absorbed all the overdraft power, he roared and slashed at Oixia’s dragon shadow with a sword!

“Damn! Chen Xing! The battle between us is not over yet!”

After Oixia’s dragon shadow shouted, the whole body was completely covered by Chen Xing. Annihilation between the Divine Forces nearly fifty times!

The entire space trembled violently.

Everyone present felt a faint fear in their hearts.

Such a powerful Titan, let alone defeating Oyxia, even destroying everyone present is a matter of minutes.

Chen Xing’s pupils burst out with frantic power rays of light, but soon, the Star God gems digested and transformed all the overdraft power he absorbed.

Chen Xing calmed down immediately, and his titan form ended.

This war, which should never have happened, came to an abrupt end!

Quel’ldala, who has regained his sanity, has lost the slightest strength.

The blue dragon soldiers under her were also weakened by the strong overdraft.

If at this time, the Red Dragon and Green Dragon choose to retaliate, then Queldara and all the Blue Dragon elites will be killed with no difficulty.

Queldara gasped and said, “Lord Chen Xing…Queen Hilda…please, don’t hurt my innocent people…we…we all suffered from Oik Thea’s deception.”

The red dragon queen Hilda transformed into a human form, frowned and said: “Quel’ldala, my people have suffered heavy losses because of your mistakes! How can you ask me not to What about revenge?”

Queldara said painfully: “I know that our blue dragons have committed an unforgivable crime, but the root of this crime, the essence of evil, is not us, but Yes… Black Dragon Princess Oyxia! Oyxia not only wants to destroy the red dragon clan and the green dragon clan, but also our blue dragon clan! If… if the red dragon queen refuses to forgive If we have to take revenge, we blue dragons really have nothing to defend ourselves! But if we blue dragons really die because you don’t forgive us, wouldn’t that be right on the Black Dragon Princess Oik Was Thea instigated?”

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