Star God Soldier King Chapter 2188


Hilda frowned, the Queen of the Red Dragon, pondered.

She knew that the blue dragon Princess Quel’Dara was right.

However, half of the people of the Red Dragon clan died at the hands of the Blue Dragon and Black Dragon allied forces. As the Queen of the Red Dragon, how could she easily forgive this hatred?

The Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis said in a low voice: “Queen Hilda, it is better to resolve the enemy than to tie the knot. Let’s put it this way, if you really plan to execute these weak blue dragons now, it is not only a little bit better. You are not martial, and you will form a feud with the blue dragon family! One day in the future, the blue dragon Legion will rise again, and then take revenge on your red dragon family! Your red dragon descendants will be with the blue dragon. The Dragon Sons fight endless wars! Unless you’re really cruel and wipe out the entire Blue Dragon family! But, can you really do that? No! You’re not the Black Dragon. So, forgive them, after all , they are also controlled by Black Dragon Princess Oyxia! Your real enemy is Black Dragon, it is Oyxia!” , but still no final decision.

β€œLord Chen Xing, what should I do?”

On the one hand, it is her own blood feud, on the other hand, this complicated situation, Hilda still wants to hear from Chen Xing mean.

Chen Xing smiled faintly, “You must repay your revenge. If you don’t even avenge your revenge, then your entire Red Dragon clan will be cowardly. Even if I help you now, your future will be yours. This kind of cowardice will also harm yourselves.”

Hilda was startled, “Mr. Chen Xing mean, let me kill these blue dragons?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “No, Hilda. Don’t worry, just listen to me and finish my words slowly.”

Hilda nodded.

Chen Xing continued: “An enemy must be avenged, but we must first identify who the real enemy is. Many innocent people of the Red Dragon clan were indeed killed by the combined forces of Blue Dragon and Black Dragon. Yes, but is the blue dragon really the enemy of your red dragon family? If the blue dragon queen is really the blue dragon queen, then there is no doubt about that. But if the blue dragon queen who gave the order is actually the Black Dragon Princess Oyxia pretends to be, so the Blue Dragon soldiers are actually just tools for the Black Dragon, and they are also the kind of tools that will be destroyed when they are used up! So Hilda, tell it yourself, you Who is the real enemy?”

Hilda fully understood, “My real enemy is Black Dragon Princess Oixia!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Then should you take revenge like a tool deceived by Oixia?”

Hilda immediately said: “no! I want to avenge Oixia! Only by killing Losing Oyxia is the real revenge for my people! Thank you, Lord Chen Xing! I completely understand!”

After finishing speaking, Hilda walked to the blue dragon In front of Princess Queldara, she took the initiative to extend the hand and put it on Queldara’s weak dragon body.

Queldara only felt a warm current penetrate into the dragon’s body, and the pain caused by the overdrawn power on his body also eased a lot.

“Thank you! Thank you for your magnanimity! Queen Hilda!” Queldara burst into tears with excitement.

Hilda said with a smile: “Queldara, as the Queen of Red Dragons, I hereby announce that we, the Red Dragons, have completely forgiven your Blue Dragons for the red dragons they once treated us. The crimes committed by the dragon clan. However, this matter will not end like this. After all, your hands are still stained with the blood of our red dragon clan! If you want to wash it off completely, you can completely gain the friendship and friendship of our red dragon clan. Respected, you must join our alliance and join us against the cunning Black Dragon Princess Oixia!”

Quel’dalla gnashing teeth said: “Red Dragon Queen! You don’t have to More to say! Black Dragon Princess Oyxia, not only hurt your red dragons! It’s the executioner who killed my mother! Even if you don’t ask, I must kill her to avenge my mother. Yes! I am the identity of my blue dragon Princess – no, since my mother is dead, then my first-in-line heir is the new blue dragon queen! I am Queldara as my new blue dragon queen I swear to you as my identity! Black Dragon Princess Oixia will surely die under my dragon teeth!”

“Okay! I believe in you, the Blue Dragon Queen Queldara! If we can If we work together to kill Black Dragon Princess Oixia, I promise that the friendship between our two tribes will last forever and never die!” Red Dragon Queen Hilda solemnly announced.

“Thank you! Queen Hilda!” Queldara said gratefully.

At this time, the other red dragon soldiers also put down their weapons and healed the wounds of the weak blue dragon soldiers around them.

The original scene of the battle of life and death became a little warmer in an instant.

Grian and other Dwarf Races have a headache.

You know, Dragon Clan and Dwarf Race are feuds.

Now, the three Dragon Clans have suddenly reconciled, so the Dwarf Races who rushed out from the halfway are in some trouble.

However, neither the Red Dragon nor the Green Dragon nor even the Blue Dragon showed any hostility towards Dwarf Race, not even a single contemptuous expression all.

This is a great pleasure for Grian and the others.

Their Dwarf Race is afraid of being looked down upon by others, and now they can be valued by the enemies of until now, they are happier than winning this battle.

Chen Xing stepped in front of Green and the others.

Seeing Chen Xing’s arrival, Grian immediately fell to his knees and respectfully shouted, “Long live the Titan!”

Chen Xing waved his hand with a smile , “Okay, they’re all old friends, so don’t be so vulgar, let’s all get up.”

Grian and the others bowed again, and then they all got up.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Grian, thanks to you this time, your Dwarf Race really impressed me and the three Dragon Clan!”

Grid Lean said proudly: “We are the descendants of the Titans! Although…cough cough, although we have been hibernating underground for thousands of years, the blood of the Titans is still flowing in our bodies.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Well, you are my allies, and I am an ally of the Red Dragon clan. If you don’t object, I can help you negotiate with Dragon Clan, and let Dragon Clan let it go. A living area is here for you. In this way, you don’t have to live underground.”

Grian stared wide-eyed immediately, “Of course that’s good! But, Dragon Clan…how can it be so easy Promise?”

The Red Dragon Queen Hilda walked over with a smile, “Why don’t you agree? Lord Chen Xing’s words are also a golden word for my Red Dragon clan! I think, Lan The Dragon Clan and the Green Dragon Clan will not object! And the Bronze Dragon has been living in a different time and space, and doesn’t care about this kind of thing at all. So, as long as we get the Black Dragon Clan, you Dwarf Race can be safe and secure Back to life on the ground.”

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