Star God Soldier King Chapter 2190


Of course, if there is no continuous overdraft from Black Dragon Princess Oixia, it would not take so long for the elite Blue Dragon soldiers to recovered.

Now the battle appears to be a draw, but it’s actually the blue dragon Legion that loses.

If there is no continuous increase of Black Dragon Princess Oixia overdraft, it is estimated that the blue dragon elite soldiers will die more.

After all, both the Red Dragon and the Green Dragon share the same hatred and see death as their fate.

The Red Dragon Queen Hilda and the scarlet Dragon King Valenstadz, as well as the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis, and the Queen of Blades, all took the lead and rushed to the forefront of the battle between the two armies.

The strength of these leaders is enough to destroy a large part of the blue dragon soldiers who did not increase their strength.

If there is no Oyxia, this battle, it is estimated that it will only take an hour to completely end, and the result is that the Red Dragon and Green Dragon coalition forces are exchanged for part of the price. Ten thousand blue dragon elite soldiers were wiped out.

Therefore, although Black Dragon Princess Oixia is insidious and vicious, it also indirectly prevents the entire Blue Dragon Legion from being destroyed.

After everyone returned to Xiufeng Valley, they settled the wounded, and then the leaders gathered in the Emerald Temple for a meeting.

The Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis took the initiative to give up his throne and respectfully said to Chen Xing: “Lord Chen Xing, please take your seat.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This is the throne of your Dragon Clan, how can I be a mortal?”

Green Dragon said quickly: “No, although you are human, you have already won Respect from our Green Dragon family! The powerful Divine Force you unleashed in battle is highly respected by our Green Dragon family! I think everyone present will not oppose you sitting on this throne! Unless, you It’s the throne of our Green Dragon family that dislikes us.”

Red Dragon Queen Hilda also said with a smile: “Yeah, Lord Chen Xing! If I have a throne now, I must also let you The one sitting on it.”

The blue dragon queen Queldara also said with a smile: “Me too, Lord Chen Xing! Please don’t refuse any more, you are our leader, you deserve it !”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Chen Xing, if you don’t want to sit, then let me sit.”

Chen Xing said with a smile:” Okay, then you can go and sit.”

“Then I really do sit!” The Queen of Blades fluttered and flew to the Green Dragon throne.

The three Dragon Clan kings all craned their necks with nervous expressions on their faces.

To be honest, they actually only identified Chen Xing as the leader. Although the Queen of Blades is Chen Xing’s friend, this thing on the throne is not a mess.

The Queen of Blades hovered over the throne for a moment, and then laughed, “Come on, I’m not sitting! Sitting on this is a lot of responsibility and risk! I’m still standing obediently and honestly. Let’s go down, this will save you a lot of worry.”

After hearing the Queen of Blades say this, the Dragon Clan members suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hahaha! The Queen of Blades is right!”

“That’s right! Sitting on it is not just about prestige, it’s important to take responsibility!”


“Among us, only Mr. Chen Xing can take on such a heavy responsibility!”

“So, Mr. Chen Xing, please don’t refuse!”

Chen Xing sighed helplessly, “Well, let’s hurry up and talk about business.”

Chen Xing sat on the throne of Green Dragon.

The Green Dragon throne is very comfortable to sit on, and it seems that Sulis often sleeps on it.

Chen Xing sat up for a while, then stood up, took off the comfortable seat cushion, and sat on the hard metal.

Green Dragon closed his eyes with heartache. It seems that he really has to give up a comfortable and comfortable life in the future.

After Chen Xing sat down, he said to the other Dragon Clan leaders indifferently: “You should also sit down, especially you, the Red Dragon Queen, you are pregnant now, don’t be too much. Overworked.”

“Many thanks, Lord Chen Xing.” The Red Dragon Queen Hilda sat down cautiously with the support of her consort Valenstadz.

Chen Xing said: “Now that we know the true existence of the Black Dragon Princess, the Blue Dragon’s magic temple is in a very dangerous situation. We want to deal with Black Dragon Princess. Dragon Princess Oixia, and Nezulio, the Black Dragon behind Oixia, must first find a way to retake the Magic Temple.”

Queldara, Queen of the Blue Dragon Immediately said: “Yes, the Magic Temple is very important. The reason why I say this is not only because the Magic Temple is the territory of our Blue Dragon family, but more importantly, through the Magic Temple, we can also find the Bronze Dragon. The time and space where he is, so summon will return to the Bronze Dragon.”

β€œBefore, Black Dragon Princess Oixia did not use the magic temple summon to return to the Bronze Dragon, probably because she was afraid of revealing her identity early. , and now that she has torn off her disguise, her next move must be to use the magic temple for summon.”

“The only thing that makes her difficult is that she herself does not It’s not a blue dragon, I don’t know the real summon magic, her previous blue dragon disguise and blue dragon phantom are actually relying on our blue dragon magic essence! But even with the blue dragon magic essence, complex magic like Summoning Technique She still can’t use the skill.”

“So, she will definitely force the blue dragon people who can use this kind of magic to perform summon, and those who can use this kind of summon spell, in the blue dragon family, except for Besides me, there are three other high-level magicians.”

“Although I believe that the Blue Dragons are unyielding, the problem is that Black Dragon Princess Oyxia is a very sinister person. , she will definitely try her best to torture and threaten the three high-level magicians! And once a high-level magician succumbs to the threat of Black Dragon Princess Oyxia, then the Bronze Dragon Dragon King will definitely be returned by summon, and Oixia will surely grab the Bronze Dragon’s Time Essence!”

“In this way, Oixia can get the Blue Dragon’s Magic Essence and the Bronze Dragon’s Time Essence, Coupled with the essence of Black Dragon’s own strength, she has already collected three!”

Chen Xing frowned slightly: “Listen to you like this! That said, the situation is really urgent. If the Black Dragon Dragon King got three essences and knew that the remaining two essences were all in Xiufeng Valley, then he would definitely lead all the Black Dragon army and attack Xiufeng Valley with all his strength! Although our coalition can defend against ordinary enemies, it may not be able to defend against the elite troops of Black Dragon! So, we must stop Black Dragon Princess Oixia as soon as possible! “

The Queen of Blades sneered, “Tell me to tell you, don’t think about this plan or that method!” At this time, don’t play other things, just do it directly! The sooner the better! “

Valenstadz frowned and said, “Queen of Blades, why are you always like this?” Can’t listen to Chen Xing? “

Chen Xing was laughed, “Actually, this time I’m in favor of the Queen of Blades – just do it!” “

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