Star God Soldier King Chapter 2192


“Someone! Somebody!”

Black Dragon Princess Oixia quickly stabilized her mind and headed outside the temple the guard shouted.

Immediately, two fully armed blue dragon guards rushed in.

These two blue dragon guards are obviously much larger than the other blue dragons, and their eyes are full of sternness.

In fact, not only the two Blue Dragon guards, but also the guards in the entire temple who were responsible for protecting the Queen had already replaced Oixia with her own, that is, her own Black Dragon guard.

It’s just that these Black Dragon guards are still wearing the magical skins of the Blue Dragon guards to hide from the public.

The two guards rushed in with heavy and powerful steps, “Queen Your Majesty, please order!”

Black Dragon Princess Oyxia said angrily: ” There is no one else here! You don’t need to hand me Queen Your Majesty!”

The two guards started, one of them said cautiously: “But, Queen Your Majesty, you once said that as long as you are still in the blue In the dragon’s territory, as long as you haven’t taken off this layer of magic dragon scales, you must be called the queen, so as not to be seen by others…”

Oyxia said angrily: “I My identity has been seen through! Now, all the elite Blue Dragon troops, as well as the Red Dragon clan and the Green Dragon clan, know that I am the Black Dragon Princess Oixia! And the hateful thing is, I calculated The perfect conspiracy of hundreds of years has been destroyed! The Green Dragon family has suffered some losses, but the foundation is still there! And the Blue Dragon family has not fought with the Red Dragon either the fish dies or the net splits ! Therefore, our plan must speed up!”

The guard immediately said: “Yes! Great Her Highness the Princess! We will assemble all Black Dragon guards immediately!”

Oixia ordered again: “go! Arrest those three magicians who know the summon spell and bring them to me! Also, gather all the Blue Dragon people together! Prepare for a unified execution! “

“All the blue dragon people? Well, that will take a lot of time…”

“Do as I say!” Oixia shouted angrily .


The two guards immediately bowed and left.

In a short time, three blue dragon magicians with confused expressions were escorted to the magic temple by guards.

“Queen Your Majesty! May I ask what we have done wrong? Why are you treating us like this?” asked one of the older male magician in exasperation.

In the magic temple, Oixia’s blue dragon queen disguise has not been torn off, so the blue dragon magicians still think that Oixia is their queen Callis.

Oyxia smiled coldly, “You three, bring the Bronze Dragon summon over for me immediately.”

The blue dragon magicians are all startled.

“Your Majesty, summon Bronze Dragon?”

“Bronze Dragon is our ally, he is free in time and space, until it is a last resort, we You can’t sum him up. May I ask Your Majesty, what’s the reason why you have to let us sum him up?”

Oyxia said with a sneer: “hmph, I’m you My queen, I want you to summon, do you dare to disobey me?”

The blue dragon magician frowned and said, “Even if it is your order, the queen, Your Majesty, then the summon ceremony should be held by you in person. Yes, this can show our blue dragon family’s respect for the Bronze Dragon Dragon King. To take a step back, even if you don’t personally summon, it should be hosted by Queldara Princess who is higher than us!”

The other two blue dragon magicians nodded in agreement.

Oixia’s patience has been exhausted, she roared angrily, and suddenly grabbed the defenseless older magician!

Her strength is very strong, and she can grab the magician’s chest with one claw!

The magician didn’t have time to do anything, was flabbergasted, and collapsed in a pool of his own blood in great confusion – dead.

The other two blue dragon magicians suddenly exclaimed, and the Black Dragon guards behind them quickly shot, two dragon spears pierced into the legs of the two blue dragon magicians, causing the two There is simply no escape!

The whole thing happened so fast!

The two magicians have no idea why they were so murdered!

Oixia ruthlessly sat up from the Blue Dragon Throne, “I hate Rory’s wordy people! I don’t want to explain anything to you two anymore. I’ll only give you two now. Choice, first, just like the blue dragon magician just now, I was pierced to death! Second, obediently use the Summoning Technique, and give me the Bronze Dragon king summon back from the chaotic time and space! Choose for yourself!”

The two blue dragon magicians looked at the unexplained colleagues who died on the ground, looked at each other in pain, and finally nodded helplessly.

“Queen, you don’t have to be angry, we’ll just do it.”

“It’s just that the Bronze Dragon is more difficult to find, so the two of us must use the Summoning Technique together, We also ask Your Majesty, the Queen, to give us some time and space.”

Oyxia glanced at the two of them coldly, “Okay, I forgive you and don’t dare to mess around. Guards, you guys Let go of them first and retreat.”

“Yes!” The two guards immediately drew their dragon spears and stepped back with heavy steps.

“Let’s begin.” Oixia sat back on the blue dragon throne.

The two magicians stood up, supporting each other, then stood facing each other, mutter incantations in their mouths.

In a short while, a complex summon magic pattern appeared under their feet.

At the same time, right above the magic pattern, on the ceiling of the temple, a vortex like a Space-Time Tunnel appeared.

The vortex keeps spinning, but the Bronze Dragon is not found.

The two blue dragon magicians then accelerated their magical search.

No matter how anxious Oixia was, she could only wait patiently.

At the same time, a teleporter Magic Talisman text lights up outside the Magic Temple.

Three seconds later, the Magic Talisman text disappeared, and Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades of Queldara appeared outside the Magic Temple.

Queldara gasped heavily, almost all of her magical power being consumed by the teleportation.

“Queldara, are you okay?” Chen Xing asked.

Queldara heavily nodded, “I’m fine!”

The Queen of Blades flew into the midair and observed it vigilantly, “The blue dragon guard is escorting the blue dragon. The people went to the square in front of the Magic Temple. It seems that Oixia wants to slaughter the entire blue dragon family.”

Queldara was angrily roared with an eager face: ” This bastard! I have to save my people!”

Chen Xing said calmly: “Well, Queen of Blades, you accompany Quel’Dara to kill those Black Dragon guards who are disguised as blue dragons. I Go to the Magic Temple by yourself and meet Oixia for a while.”

Queldara asked worriedly: “Lord Chen Xing, can you really do it alone?”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “No problem.”

Queldara gritted his teeth, “Okay! We’ll join you after we’ve dealt with those Black Dragon guards!”

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