Star God Soldier King Chapter 2193


Immediately afterwards, Queldara and the Queen of Blades quickly flew towards the square, while Chen Xing rushed directly to the Temple of Life .

At this time, most of the Blue Dragon people were gathered on the Magic Square.

There are others, who are being escorted by the “Blue Dragon Guards”.

The entire square was rubbing shoulders, and all the Blue Dragon people were stunned, not knowing what was going on.

And those “Blue Dragon Guards” surrounded all the Blue Dragon people with extremely cold expressions on their faces.

“Not good!”

Queldara couldn’t help but let out a low voice when she saw all this from a distance.

The Queen of Blades comforted: “It’s okay Quel’Dara, everything is too late! Those Black Dragons disguised as blue dragon guards are not many, and the two of us can completely kill them.”

Quel’Dara said eagerly: “no! Queen of Blades! The problem is not the number of Black Dragon guards, but the position of the Blue Dragon people! I can feel that in them Under his feet, there is a devastating magic explosion rune! Once this magic Magic Talisman text is detonated, the blue dragon people here will all die!”

The Queen of Blades immediately wrinkled when she heard this. He frowned, “Quel’Dara, I’m going to divert those guards, you go and get your people out of the square!”


The Queen of Blades fluttered her wings When Gao Fei flew to the top of the square, he shouted loudly at the heads of the Black Dragon guards who were disguised as Blue Dragon guards, and shouted loudly: “Hey, you bastards with blue hair! Yes! I mean you! You guys! These blue-haired idiots, if you have the ability, come and catch me!”

Why do you call “Blue-haired”?

The Queen of Blades is not stupid at all.

She knew, of course, that the true identities of these guards were Black Dragon guards, but if the truth was told at this time, it would only be unclear.

In this time of urgency, there must be no ambiguity.

All she wants to do is to cause “public outrage”!

As long as these guards are angry, and even the entire blue dragon people are angry, her purpose of attracting hatred has been achieved.

In this way, Quel’Dara will have the opportunity to come and take her people, and bring the people of the blue dragon to safety.

Sure enough, when the Queen of Blades shouted, the Black Dragon guards suddenly became furious, grabbed the sharp dragon spears, and charged towards the Queen of Blades.

And some young blue dragon people in the square also roared angrily, wanting to attack this uninvited guest with the guards.

But as soon as they flew up, they were violently intercepted by the guards.

More guards go after the Queen of Blades.

The Queen of Blades flew fast, constantly turning back to provoke her.

Most of the Black Dragon guards are drawn away by the Queen of Blades, and they are getting farther and farther away from the square.

At this time, Queldara flew over covertly, and used a dragon claw to tear the throat of a Black Dragon guard.

The Black Dragon guards who were suppressing the flying Blue Dragon people suddenly exclaimed when they saw it.

It never occurred to them that Queldara Princess was back, and, when she came up, she was murderous-looking.

As Black Dragon disguised as a Blue Dragon guard, they are naturally a little guilty.

Queldara was not polite at all, rushing left and right to kill among these Black Dragon guards, killing dozens of Black Dragon guards in an instant!

The blue dragon people present were all stunned.

In their impression, their blue dragon Princess has always been gentle and virtuous, but now it is completely red-eyed.

No one could figure out why Her Highness the Princess would attack her own guard.

Queldara snapped, “People of the Blue Dragon! These guards are all in disguise as the Black Dragon! Our Queen is dead! Now sitting on the Blue Dragon Throne is the Black Dragon Princess. Oixia!”


All the Blue Dragon people exclaimed, unable to believe what they heard.

Quel’Dara roared eagerly: “Now, there is no time to explain so much! You must follow me and leave this dangerous place together! Under your feet, is the destruction magic pattern! Once If you activate it, you are all finished!”

The Blue Dragon people lost one’s head out of fear, eagerly transformed into the giant dragon shape, and spread their wings high.

However, they only flew to the in midair, and they were blocked by an invisible force. No matter they hit their heads or spit magic bullets, they couldn’t blast them away!

“Damn it! Magical barrier was used!” Queldara gritted his teeth, trying to condense his magic power.

Her magical power was doubled by Oixia’s Dragon Shadow during the battle with Chen Xing, although Hilda, the Red Dragon Queen, helped her heal after the battle. Part of it, but wanting to fully restore her magical powers is simply impossible.

Queldara is the most outstanding magician of the blue dragon family. If her magical power is not lost, then it should not be a big problem to destroy this magical barrier.

But with the current situation…

Quel’dalla roared loudly while condensing his remaining magical power: “Don’t panic! Listen to me! Listen to me!”

Although her voice was loud, she was trapped in the magical barrier and would soon be smashed by the destruction magic to the blue dragon people. At this time, she lost one’s head out of fear, simply can’t calm down.

Queldara hissed and roared, and the sound of dragon’s roar was domineering and unparalleled, quite like the old blue dragon queen Callis.

The blue dragon people who were present suddenly became quiet.

Queldara shouted sharply: “It’s all good for me! Our blue dragon queen Kalis is dead! Now our entire blue dragon family is also facing a huge existential crisis! At this time of crisis, I am the new blue dragon queen! You must obey me! Now, all the people don’t panic! Concentrate the magic power in front of me, we should work together and work together! This will definitely break the magic barrier! Do you understand!?”

The blue dragon people immediately replied respectfully: “I understand! Queen Your Majesty!”

Queldara shouted sharply: “Okay! Concentrate your strength now!”

All the blue dragon people concentrated their strength and aimed at the location designated by Quel’Dara.



Countless blue dragon power brilliance gathered, heavy strikes on the magic barrier, so that the entire magic square followed Shaking violently.

However, after all the strikes this time, the magic barrier only swayed a few times, not even a single crack!

What’s worse, the Destruction Magic under the Magic Square was activated because of this shock! The scary blue light pattern keeps flashing!

“Damn! Black Dragon Princess Oixia knew I was coming back to save the Blue Dragon people, so she set such a trap on purpose!”

Quel’dalla was all over the place. Going crazy, “This Black Dragon demon just wants me to activate the Destruction Magic and watch all my people get blown up! Oyxia! I must kill you!”

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