Star God Soldier King Chapter 2194


No matter how angry Queldara is, and if she wants to kill Oixia, the Black Dragon demon, she must calm down in this brief moment .

In order to fight the overall strategy of the Black Dragon clan, they only came to three people this time. Chen Xing went to the Magic Temple to face Oixia, and the Queen of Blades led her away from most of the Black Dragon. guard.

Everyone has a task that everyone cannot shirk.

The task of the new blue dragon queen Quel’Dara is to save her own blue dragon people.

Now, no one can help her, only she can help herself.

Queldara immediately calmed down and shouted: “Blue dragon people, don’t panic! Let’s do it again!”

One of the blue dragon people is strong Courageously said: “Queen Your Majesty! It’s not that we don’t want to obey your orders! It’s just that the time just now was our full strength, and after that time, the Destruction Magic was activated! In case this time detonated directly Destruction magic, we are doomed!”

The other Blue Dragon people also responded in a low voice.

Queldara immediately angrily roared: “I am your queen! At this time, you must obey me! You think you are doing nothing, that evil Black Dragon Princess Oixia, Will she really let you go? No, she didn’t even let the blue dragon queen Karis go, so why should she let you go! Now only the best way is the way out for the entire blue dragon family! Continue for me Gather the magic power! Quick!”

“Yes! Queen Your Majesty!”

I don’t know if the blue dragon people were shocked by Quel’Dara’s roar, or if I really understood what Queldara said.

In short, they continued to gather their strength and aim at the previous position again.

Queldara knew that this time, if it was unsuccessful, the people of the blue dragon might really be killed by bombardment.

So, this time, no matter what the price is, she will never begrudge it.

She once again overdrawn her magical power.

The two previous overdrafts had made her almost stand on the brink of the cliff of death.

However, the two previous overdrafts were passively triggered by Oixia’s dragon shadow.

This time, it was she who took the initiative!

Even if she died, she couldn’t watch her people be surrounded by Oixia and killed.

She concentrated all the magic power in her body, and then poured the magic power into her dragon head!


With a roar, Quel’Dara slammed into the barrier with his faucet fiercely!

And the people of the blue dragon within the barrier have also completely released the concentrated magic power!


Two magic rays of light collided inside and outside, and the entire Blue Dragon Territory shook violently!

Queldara only felt herself being knocked out by a powerful force, and she couldn’t maintain a clear consciousness for a long time.

And at this time, the solid magic barrier was finally shattered, and a large number of blue dragon people flew out from the mouth.

After the last few blue dragon people flew out of the broken mouth, the destruction magic pattern of the magic square flickered even faster, and it was about to explode completely!

“Quick! Protect our Blue Dragon Queen!”

“It was the Blue Dragon Queen who saved us desperately! We must not abandon and betray our new Queen!”

The people of the blue dragon knew that they were impossible and flew away immediately, so they all rushed to Queldara’s side, forming a flesh and blood dragon wall in front of Queldara!


With an explosion that shook Heaven and Earth, the entire Blue Dragon Territory was blown up!

Fortunately, the magic barrier was not completely broken, and it also blocked at least half of the damage for the blue dragon people!

However, the blue dragon people were still sent flying by the powerful shock wave, and some old and weak blue dragon people were killed in this destructive explosion!

The injured Blue Dragon people are even more numerous.

But the result of this is already a fortune in misfortune.

After feeling the violent explosion, Queldara held breath cold air and instantly woke up.

“My people! My people!”

The people of the blue dragon surrounded their new queen and said with bitter tears:

“Queen Your Majesty! We’re alive! We’re alive!”

“Queen Your Majesty! Why is this happening?”

“Queen Your Majesty! Our army Where?”

Questions like that, flew towards Quel’Dara like snowflakes.

Quel’Dara understands the emotions of her people, but this is by no means the time to explain.

Queldara stood up with effort, “Don’t ask so much, first help my friends, kill all the Black Dragon guards in our magical territory!”

“Yes! Queen Your Majesty!”

The people of the blue dragon acted immediately.

Although they are not elite warriors, they still have basic battle strength.

When they were escorted to the square by the guards before, it was just to obey orders, but now that they knew that these guards were all pretending to be Black Dragon, they absolutely did not need to be polite.

The Queen of Blades led the Black Dragon guards to turn back. During the flight of the Black Dragon guards, the Queen of Blades also used insect swarms and long-range attacks to kill more than a dozen Black Dragon guards.

Now, there are fewer than 100 Black Dragon guards left in the entire magic domain.

Comparatively speaking, Quel’dalar and the blue dragon people have great advantages!

After some melee, all the Black Dragon guards and all the Blue Dragon people were killed!

The last Black Dragon guard gritted his teeth and said fiercely: “You bunch of… idiots…Princess’s plan is flawless! The great Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio will surely realize Dragon. The true rise of Clan!”

“Go to your dreams and rise!” Quel’dala twisted the head of the last Black Dragon guard with a dragon claw!

“Your Majesty, Queen! Please lead us to the magic temple together!”

“Yes! We’re going to kill Black Dragon Princess Oyxia! For the dead Your Majesty, Queen of the Blue Dragon, and the rest of the Blue Dragons take revenge!”

“Yes! We want revenge!”

All Blue Dragons Excited!

Queldara looked at her people excitedly, nodded with satisfaction, “My people, I have understood your thoughts. However, Oixia is not what you imagined. It is so easy to deal with. For your safety, you should leave this place of right and wrong first! Go to Xiufeng Valley and join the elite Blue Dragon soldiers! The Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty and the Green Dragon Dragon King Your Majesty of Xiufeng Valley will protect you. As for Oixia, then leave it to Lord Chen Xing to deal with!”

“But, Queen Your Majesty!”

“It’s nothing but an order. !” Queldara snapped.

“Yes, Queen Your Majesty!”

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