Star God Soldier King Chapter 2195


While the Blue Dragon Queen Queldara rescued her people, in the magic temple, the Black Dragon Princess Oixia Sitting on the throne of the Blue Dragon Queen with a frown.

The two wounded blue dragon magicians in front of her are trying their best to use the Summoning Technique, but the Bronze Dragon still doesn’t show up.

“Queen Your Majesty! We…can’t stand it anymore!”

“It stands to reason that our Summoning Technique Bronze Dragon is sensing it! But he didn’t accept the summon! Maybe Something happened temporarily!”

“hmph! Something happened temporarily?”

Black Dragon Princess Oixia said with a cold laugh: “It’s clearly you No making an all-out effort! If you make an all-out effort, how can the summon not come? Give me more summons! I won’t let you stop! You can’t stop!”

“But, Queen, Your Majesty! We’re all hurt! If you want us to spare no effort, at least let us heal the injury first!”

Oixia grimly Said: “Want to heal? Hehe, okay, then I’ll heal you!”

Speaking, Oixia charged, and a sharp dragon spear pierced directly The magician’s other leg made him scream loudly.

The other wounded magician was completely stunned, and he couldn’t understand why Your Majesty, the normally respected queen, was suddenly so very ruthless.

Oixia turned to another magician and said, “What about you? Do you also need me to help you heal?”

The magician shivered. Said: “no no no! Queen Your Majesty! I must spare no effort summon!”

Oyxia said with a smile: “You are so smart, you don’t have to suffer like this .”

The two magicians could only endure a strong sense of pain and fear, and continued to summon.

The space-time vortex above their heads is also getting bigger and bigger.

At this time, Oixia’s body wrinkled suddenly, and the dragon scales all over her body were tense together as if she was facing an enemy.

Oixia immediately realized something, she turned her head to the entrance of the Magic Temple, and said coldly with a smile: “Mortal, you came really fast.”

tone barely fell , and a huge sword force slashed straight.

Oyxia smiled coldly, and as soon as she raised her hand, a huge Black Dragon shield appeared, forcibly blocking the sword glow from Chen Xing!


The entire magic temple is shaking violently, almost collapsing!

The two blue dragon magicians were terrified!

They have never seen such a powerful sword qi, and they have never seen their own blue dragon queen Karis, who will use the power moves of the Black Dragon!

Oixia saw the two magicians stop in a daze, and then roared angrily: “Why stop? Don’t you want to die?”

Speaking, Austria Ixia raised her hand and sealed the two magicians with a black barrier.

“Only I can break the seal barrier of pure power! If you still don’t come to Bronze Dragon within ten minutes, then you will all be dead!”

“Queen Your Majesty…we…we’ll do our best!”

The two magicians had no other choice but to do their best to summon.

At this time, Chen Xing held the Sword of Judgment in his hand and slowly walked into Oixia’s field of vision.

Oyxia glanced at Chen Xing coldly and arrogantly, “Mortal, I have to say, it’s amazing that you can get to this step now. It’s just that, no matter how amazing you are, after all I’m just a mortal, but I am the Dragon Clan of aloof and remote!”

Chen Xing smiled coldly, “Since I crossed into your Dragon Clan world, the giant dragon that died in my hands , I can’t even count it myself. Of course, it’s different for you, after all, you are the owned Black Dragon Princess Oyxia.”



The two blue dragon magicians who were summoning were startled.

Oyxia coldly said: “you two, continue the summon with me!”

Then, Oyxia said with a sneer to Chen Xing: “Chen Xing, don’t think that you have friendship with those idiots of the Red Dragon clan, you can really fight against my Black Dragon clan, you simply don’t understand the true strength of my Black Dragon clan, and you don’t understand, we really Mission! My father is the great Black Dragon, Nezulio, who is the clearest mind in the entire Dragon Clan! Only he can bring about the great revival of our Dragon Clan! And you, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon , even including the Bronze Dragon hiding in time and space, you can’t understand the true mission of Dragon Clan in the entire universe!”

Chen Xing said with a cold laugh: “I don’t care about your Black Dragon clan. How much revenge, since you Black Dragon clan is my friend’s enemy, then it is also my enemy. Even more how, you conspired to kill the blue dragon queen, and you sent the crystal red dragon queen to deal with the old red dragon queen , almost wiped out the entire red dragon clan. Just because of your vicious behavior, I can’t tolerate you!”

Oyxia laughed heartily, “Chen Xing Chen Xing, I know you have a Titan form, but so what? The ones who fought with you before were at most low-level opponents like Morton and Quel’Dara. The power I gave them through the magic essence was at most only Only 50%! But you are facing me, Oixia Princess! I have the essence of magic in my hand! I am the mighty Black Dragon that combines magic and power! You, the impossible is my opponent! Since you are now bring about one’s own destruction, then I will complete you!”

Speaking, Black Dragon Princess Oyxia tore off her disguise, roared suddenly, and transformed into a giant dragon form!

Her dragon body is more than three times taller than that of the blue dragon!

It’s a total huge monster!

Even Chen Xing, who was mentally prepared, was taken aback.

Oyxia roared in a low voice: “hahaha! Chen Xing, do you know what you are afraid of now? It’s too late! In order to realize the great revival of the Black Dragon family, I am in the Blue Dragon Queen’s house. This tiny body has been in it for too long, and now I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! This feeling! It’s really great!”

Speaking, Oixia’s dragon throat changed. It got hot and approached, Oixia roared, and a raging flame of dragon breath like lava spit out towards Chen Xing!

The scope of this dragon’s breath is quite wide, almost covering the entire magic temple!

Chen Xing couldn’t avoid it, so he gathered his Divine Force and blocked the sword of judgment in front of him!

bang bang bang bang!

The fiery dragon breath rages on the sword of judgment, and the whole sword of judgment turns red and hot!

“Chen Xing! You can’t hold your sword! You can’t hold it!”

Oixia condensed her dragon’s throat again, and fiercely spit out a mouthful of flames past!

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