Star God Soldier King Chapter 2196


Chen Xing only felt that both of his hands were soaked in lava.

The burning pain was so piercing that even with all his Divine Force, he couldn’t stop it.

But he still insisted on gritting his teeth, holding the hilt of the sword of judgment tightly and never letting go.

Oyxia said sarcastically: “Mortal Chen Xing, you still haven’t transformed into a Titan form? Hahaha! Enough kind! Without a Titan form, how can you fight against me? I think How long can you support!”

Chen Xing was indeed almost moved, and was about to transform into a Titan form.

After transforming into Titan form, his power can be increased by more than five times!

With that kind of sky-defying power, he can naturally resist the lava spitting in front of him.

But the problem is, this is just Oixia’s basic attack.

If Chen Xing is only facing basic attacks, Chen Xing has to come up with his own killing move, and then he doesn’t need to fight again.

So, in any case, Chen Xing couldn’t use Titan form so easily.

The current situation is not necessarily good for Chen Xing, but it’s not too bad.

His fleshy body has reached the second great realm of deification, and the hot lava will at most cause him some nerve pain, but it will not really make his body The golden body is destroyed.

After all, Oyxia is only Dragon Clan no matter how powerful she is.

Although Chen Xing was born as a mortal, his level is already close to Divine Race.

And more importantly, in order to activate the Sword of Judgment, it must experience the breath of Black Dragon’s fury.

And, it has to experience the purest Black Dragon power.

Obviously, this isn’t Oixia’s strongest power yet.

If you can’t even withstand this kind of normal attack, this battle really won’t be fought.

Chen Xing gritted his teeth, worked hard to increase the full deification power within himself, and poured all his power into the Sword of Judgment.

The Sword of Judgment burst out with rays of light in the orange-red Black Dragon’s rage, blocking all the Black Dragon’s rage!

sparks flying in all directions, the surrounding temperature rises instantly, the entire Blue Dragon Temple is like a steamer, and the steam is boiling!

Oixia startled slightly, “Mortal Chen Xing, you really have two strokes! You can actually block my anger with a broken sword in human form. However, It’s just Small Scale Chopper, I haven’t really exerted my strength yet!”

Chen Xing said with a cold laugh: “Really? Me too.”

Oyk Thea felt that she had been greatly insulted, and suddenly roared with anger: “Go to hell, Chen Xing! Feel the true power of Black Dragon!”

Speaking, Oixia On the dragon’s body, suddenly there were two more ferocious dragon heads!

The entire dragon body also doubled in size out of thin air!

Three-headed giant dragon form!

Chen Xing was startled and hurriedly stepped back.

And the three giant dragons roared at the same time, spewing out three lava flames from their mouths!

The previous flame spewing move was already very powerful, and this time the three flames not only doubled in number, but also tripled the formidable power of each flame!

Chen Xing immediately condensed a dao divine force barrier, and at the same time concentrated all his power on the sword of judgment, and continued to use the hilt to block the anger.

The Sword of Judgment trembled slightly in the flames, and it seemed that it had already awakened, but it was still not enough!

The Star God gem in Chen Xing’s chest spun rapidly, constantly absorbing the hot energy from the surrounding impact!


Oyxia was horrified, only feeling that her Black Dragon power was being drawn away!

Her strength increases her attacks, but the more she does, the faster she loses her strength!

The power of the Black Dragon family is the purest power!

This kind of power is extremely overbearing!

Even more difficult to digest than the star rune power!

Star God gems are spinning faster and faster!

Chen Xing only felt that every nerve ending in himself was mobilized!

The entire body is digesting and accepting the Power of Black Dragon with all its strength!

Immediately afterwards, the black light on Chen Xing skyrocketed! His personal strength has also been directly upgraded to the Five Great Realms of the gods! The gene level has also been raised to level 100!

This is the first breakthrough in the history of human beings, the powerhouse of level 100!

It is also the first Heavenly Venerable in human history!

Oixia exclaimed in disbelief.

Her pure Black Dragon power is like a dry old well, which can no longer gather new power!

Her strength was absorbed by Chen Xing!

Even her other two faucets softened like shriveled balloons, and finally disappeared completely.

“How is this possible! How is this possible! You! You are just a mortal!”

Oyxia roared frantically.

This is something she never imagined!

She thought that with her magical essence and her own Black Dragon power, she could easily deal with Chen Xing, a mortal, but what she didn’t expect was that the final outcome was Chen Xing. Xing dealt with her very easily!

Seeing Chen Xing’s whole body glowing with black light, Oixia instantly understood.

“Damn! Chen Xing! You sucked my Black Dragon power! I don’t know how you did it! But you fleshy body mortal can’t bear it! You will self -destruct and die!”

Chen Xing turned a deaf ear to Oixia’s roar, and continued to digest the Black Dragon power in his body.

This force is really domineering!

Even if he has now reached the level of Heavenly Venerable, the full deification realm has also jumped to the fifth Great Realms, which is unbearable for a while.

His blood vessels are bursting, his muscles are tearing, he can even feel himself growing black and hard dragon scales – if this goes on, the Black Dragon power will backlash him , and let him incarnate into a Black Dragon!

And this, Star God gems can’t change.

The function of the Star God gemstone, to put it bluntly, is to transform the power of the outside world into the power that Chen Xing’s body can adapt to.

And when the external force is too great and Chen Xing’s fleshy body can’t adapt, then either the force will be detonated and the fleshy body will be smashed, or the nature of the fleshy body will be changed by oneself, so that the fleshy body Able to adapt to strong and domineering forces.

Changing into a dragon?

This is of course a good choice, but in that case, Chen Xing is no longer Chen Xing, it is equivalent to being controlled by the power of the Black Dragon, and it will capture the soul!

Chen Xing gritted his teeth and used his strength to resist the Black Dragon’s power.

Oixia said with a smile: “hahaha! Chen Xing, you are courting death yourself! I just watched, how did you end up in front of me!”

While they were talking, the Queen of Blades and Queen of the Blue Dragon, Quel’Dara, flew to the Magic Temple!

“Chen Xing!”

“Don’t…come here!” Chen Xing said with difficulty, his body trembling in the black light.

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