Star God Soldier King Chapter 2197



The Queen of Blades had never seen Chen Xing struggling so hard, and her anger suddenly rose, “Oyi Kesia, you devil, what did you do to Chen Xing!”

Oixia coldly smiled, “What did I do to him? No, you should ask, is he right? What have I done! Humph, he is so arrogant that he dares to absorb my power! What an overestimate one’s capabilities! Now, the purest power of Black Dragon is in his body, and it is about to explode! you Two came just in time, just to see a very memorable scene! Hahaha!”

“Oixia! Come and let us fight to the death!” Blue Dragon Queen Queldara angrily roared , then showed his blue dragon staff.

Oyxia sneered, “You two, still want to fight with me? If I hadn’t lost my strength now, I wouldn’t be bothered to pay attention to you! However, even my current state, killing you two a nobody is as easy as the palm of your hand!”

Said, Oixia struggled to fly, over Chen Xing, the fiercely towards the blue dragon queen Queldara and The Queen of Blades pounced.

“You attack her left side! I attack her right side!” The Queen of Blades rushed forward.

“Okay!” The blue dragon queen Quel’Dara also rushed up immediately.

“You two! It’s not enough!” Black Dragon Princess Oyxia roared, scrambling with the two.

It stands to reason that with Oixia’s original strength, she can completely solve the Queen of Blades and Queldara with no difficulty.

However, most of Oixia’s Black Dragon power has been absorbed by Chen Xing, and the remaining power in her body is only enough to fight the Queen of Blades and Queldara.

On the other side, Chen Xing continued to work hard to absorb the power of Black Dragon, not letting the powerful Black Dragon power control his body and mind.

Black Dragon’s power is too overbearing and powerful.

Chen Xing’s fleshy body can no longer hold up!

He immediately injected the power of the star rune into the sword of judgment, and the sword of judgment immediately turned blood red!

The power of Life Essence shines on Chen Xing, who transforms into Titan form!

Titanic power evenly matched Black Dragon power!

Chen Xing let out a roar, using the Titanized Divine Force to force out all the Black Dragon power in his body! Towards the Sword of Judgment!


The huge sword of judgment burst into flames instantly!

This ancient Saint Artifact of the Divine Race is now active!

Chen Xing seized the opportunity to present the Dwarf Race with his Black Iron Essence splendor, tossed directly onto the blade of the Sword of Judgment!

The sword of judgment suddenly radiated rays of light!

Even the Queen of Blades and Queldara, who were fighting with Oixia, couldn’t help but stop and stared wide-eyed to watch!

Under the dual stimulation of Black Iron Essence Hua and Black Dragon power, the Sword of Judgment is instantly reactivated!

The power of the ancient Saint Artifact blooms on the Sword of Judgment, and the entire temple of magic is constantly shaking in this mighty force!

Chen Xing snapped angrily roared: “You guys get out of the way!”

Queldara and the Queen of Blades just woke up like a dream, and hurried from Black Dragon Princess Oixia Evacuate around!

Oyxia was instantly horrified, “no! This is impossible! I am the Black Dragon Princess! I will not die at the hands of a mortal! I…”


Before she could finish her sentence, the sword glow of the Sword of Judgment split the entire space and blasted directly at Oixia.

Oixia’s huge dragon body instantly turned to ashes!

The entire magic temple is also immersed in the rays of light of the sword of judgment, and it cannot be calm for a long time!

And the magic essence of the blue dragon reappears in this brief moment! Slowly fell on the hands of the blue dragon queen Queldara!

The blue dragon queen Queldara burst into tears with excitement, “Finally… the great revenge of our blue dragon clan has already been avenged, and the next step is Nezulio, the dragon king of the Black Dragon. !”

And at this time, the space-time vortex in the air slowly opened, and a giant dragon blooming with bronze rays of light came lightly!

“Bronze Dragon Cadiz!”

The blue dragon queen Queldara couldn’t help exclaiming.

She only saw the real Bronze Dragon when she was very young, didn’t expect to see the Bronze Dragon who was completely young and almost unchanged after so many years.

Bronze Dragon is in charge of time and space, he can travel in any time and space, so time is completely static for him, he can appear in front of the world at any age,

After the Bronze Dragon Dragon King Cadiz fell from the vortex, he first glanced at the blue dragon queen Queldara, and then turned his eyes to Chen Xing.

“Chen Xing, it seems that I came at the right time.”

Chen Xing has been maintaining the form of a titan, frowned, and asked vigilantly: “I know you very well. Is it?”

Cadiz laughed, “Oh, yes, I almost forgot, at this point in time, we are not too familiar, but in fact, we are indeed very familiar, I am you One of the most steadfast allies, I accompany you to win the battle of the Titans.”

Chen Xing asked suspiciously: “What? The Battle of the Titans?”

Cadiz said with a smile: “Of course you don’t know now, but we are indeed good friends. I came back this time to solve the Titan War from the root. It stands to reason that our time giant dragon has a clear rule, That is, no matter what happens, we will not interfere in the development of time and space, but the follow-up impact of this time is too great, I can’t sit back and watch Alva’s conspiracy succeed.”

Queldara couldn’t help it. Asked in astonishment: “Alva? The legendary new Divine Sovereign? But what does this have to do with our Dragon Clan? The real enemy of our Dragon Clan, but the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio!”

Cadiz sighed helplessly, “Ai, things are far more complicated than you think, and I don’t have time to explain so much. In short, I’ll take a step first, and when I really need me, I will naturally appear. Yes.”

“Your Majesty, the Dragon King of Cadiz! Please wait, we haven’t figured it out yet! Why did you leave now that you were summoned by the summon?” Queldara eagerly “Now, Nezulio, the Black Dragon, is gathering all his strength against our Blue Dragons, Green Dragon and Red Dragons! As the Bronze Dragon, and an ally of our Blue Dragons, shouldn’t you? Will you stay and fight with us?”

Cadex went to the head, “no no no, I have to help that Black Dragon Nezulio boy first.”

“What?” Queldara shouted angrily: “Kardiz Dragon King, you’re not kidding!”

Caddis said with a smile: “Of course not, actually, help him , just to help Chen Xing.”

Chen Xing frowned, “I am incompatible with the Black Dragon family.”

Cadiz said indifferently: “That’s not necessarily! Anyway, I’m going one step ahead! “

Said, Cadiz turned into a golden light, passed in front of Queldara, and then disappeared.

“Cadiz Dragon King!” “Quildara felt a coolness in his hand, and when he came back to his senses, the magic essence in his hand was gone!

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