Star God Soldier King Chapter 2199


On the other side, Bronze Dragon Dragon King Cadiz, with four essences, flew to the forbidden place of the power of the Black Dragon family, which was billowing with smoke.

The forbidden area of power is the place where the Black Dragon family lives, where the lava rises and the core of the earth is exposed.

The air pressure here is extraordinarily low, and there is a natural sense of depression before you get close.

Even a powerful time dragon like Cadiz, Sovereign, will inevitably hold breath cold air.

The two dragon shadows flew fast, and Cadiz even dodged.

Two huge Black Dragon guards brushed past Cadiz’s Bronze Dragon body.

If it was slower, Cadiz’s beautiful Bronze Dragon scales would probably be rubbed with a long bloodstain.

Although Cadiz is expensive as the Bronze Dragon Dragon King and the Guardian of Time, his own strength is actually very poor, and at best he can only play a tie with the Black Dragon guard.

Of course, even if the two Black Dragon guards can kill Cadiz at this point in time, Cadiz can still be resurrected in another time and space immediately.

The ability of time is beyond everything, and it is almost invincible.

The two Black Dragon guards saw that the Bronze Dragon was not strong, and immediately rushed forward with all their strength.

Bronze Dragon Cadiz immediately shouted: “Stop! I am your Black Dragon friend, Bronze Dragon Cadiz! I am here to give your Black Dragon Dragon Clan The essence is here!”

The two Black Dragon guards stopped immediately.

But the arrogant expressions on their faces did not lighten.

The Black Dragon clan is the most respectful of strength, without strength, even the Dragon King, they will not take it seriously, even more how, the opponent is another Dragon Clan’s Dragon King.

However, since the Bronze Dragon himself said that he is friends with the Black Dragon, these two Black Dragon giant dragons despised the Bronze Dragon and did not hurt him again.

One of the Black Dragon guards said gruffly: “Why haven’t we received an oral order from the Black Dragon King?”

Bronze Dragon King Cadiz said with a smile: “I, the Bronze Dragon King, guard the time, always sees the head of the divine dragon but not its tail, you Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio, of course I don’t know that I will visit him at this time, but you only need to As soon as it was announced that I had brought what he needed most from Cadiz, he would immediately be very happy! Maybe, he will reward you heavily!”

When he heard this, then The two Black Dragon guards were instantly refreshed.

“Okay! Come with us!”

“We’ll take you to the Pillars of Power first! Then go report Black Dragon Your Majesty! During this process, you must Obediently and honestly! Otherwise, we’ll kill you! Do you understand?”

“Hehe, I understand.” Bronze Dragon Cadiz didn’t have any air.

The two Black Dragon guards immediately sandwiched Cadiz and flew towards the Pillar of Power with Cadiz.

The Pillar of Power is the palace of the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio. This huge Black Dragon palace is built on a high dragon pillar, so it is called the Pillar of Power.

Bronze Dragon Cadiz flew upwards for a long time before finally reaching the entrance of this terrifying palace in the sky.

“Cadiz Dragon King, you wait here! Let’s report!”

“Okay, good work, you two.” Cadiz said laughter .

The two Black Dragon guards then flew into the palace to report to Nezulio.

At this time, Nezulio was flies into a rage on his Black Dragon throne.

“What? My favorite Little Princess Oyxia is dead? How is that possible! She is so powerful! So cunning! She has inherited all my goodness! She is my future The best heir to the throne! Now, you idiots, you actually told me that my Little Princess is dead! How is this possible! You must have said this to hurt me, to make me uncomfortable, to beat me! Isn’t that right!”

Nezulio’s roar resounded through the entire pillar of power, and the ground of the palace trembled slightly.

Kneeling under the throne are three other descendants of Nezulio.

These offspring are all male adult Black Dragons. In terms of strength, they are considered very powerful in the entire Black Dragon clan.

But no matter how good they are, it is difficult to get the favor of their father.

Their father’s preference for their little sister Oixia is well known among the Black Dragon clan.

Moreover, their little sister Oixia is indeed very capable. Otherwise, their father Nezulio would not easily deal with the other dragons. The heavy responsibility of Clan is handed over to Oixia.

Facts have proved that their little sister is just a little bit short, and they have really fulfilled their father’s long-cherished wish.

And if Oyxia fulfills their father’s long-cherished wish, their sons of the Black Dragon will have no place in the Black Dragon family.

So, Oixia’s death is undoubtedly good news for them.

Even if their father sat on the throne trembling and beating furiously, the mood of their kneeling on the ground was secretly refreshing.

Black Dragon Nezulio took a few rough breaths, but quickly calmed down.

He said in a slightly miserable voice: “So, Oyxia is really dead?”

“Yes, father.”

“Who killed my daughter? I’m going to make him pay ten thousand times the price.” Nezulio’s voice was flat, as if he was saying a very ordinary thing.

“It’s…a mortal named Chen Xing.”

“Mortal?!” Nezulio’s mood just calmed down, but he suddenly fell into a violent rage!

“You are insulting your little sister who died in a glorious battle! Or are you insulting my distraught father! My Little Princess is so powerful! How could it be killed by a mortal!”

Nezulio raised his palm and swept the three descendants kneeling down heavily, sending them all flying!

His three sons, in the Black Dragon clan, are all very powerful, but in front of Nezulio, they can’t even stand a slap!

“Get lost! Get lost! I don’t want to see you again!” Nezulio yelled frantically.

The three sons rolled and climbed to their feet, and they all hurried out before they even had time to salute.

After a while, in the entire eerie pillar of power great hall, only the Black Dragon Dragon King gasping for breath and the two Black Dragon guards who came in to report were left.

“You two, why don’t you get out? Do you also want to taste my wrath?” Nezulio roared sharply.

One of the Black Dragon guards took courage and said, “Report to Your Majesty, the Dragon King, that there is a guy outside calling himself Bronze Dragon who wants to see you, he said, he brought what you most want The thing!”

“Cads?! That old fart thing! It actually came to the door?”

Nezulio, the startled of fiercely, quickly stood up and asked “What about others?”

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