Star God Soldier King Chapter 2201


As soon as Cadiz said this, Nazulio couldn’t sit still.

He stood up with a whimper and rushed directly in front of Cadiz. A pair of big hands fiercely grabbed Cadiz’s almost weak shoulders and shook it desperately a few times, “What did you say? You have other things on your body. The essence of several races? Is this true? You’re not kidding? You’re not deceiving me?”

Cadiz frowned in pain, “I said, Nezulio, if you don’t let go, I will I’m going to be crushed to death.”

Nezulio let out a sigh, realizing that he had lost self-control, and quickly let go of his hands, “Aiya! Really didn’t expect! Deth Dragon King! You are so good to me! I thought we were not friends! didn’t expect to finally help me realize the great cause of revival of Dragon Clan, it turned out to be you Cadiz Dragon King!”

Cadiz rubbed his aching shoulders and said with a smile: “I said Nezulio, we are not really friends, I explained just now that the result of history is already written and destined to be No one can change it, and what I am doing now is just to speed up the process, because only by speeding up the process can the thousands of Formation worlds that we live in together be saved from extinction.”

Nezulio said with a laugh: “Destruction? No no no, Cadiz, if I become the Great Emperor, I will not violate other Formations, I will at most destroy It’s just the Titans. Now, hurry up and give me all your essence!”

Cadiz said with a smile: “Nezulio, what are you in a hurry? You place It’s too dull and depressing, can you remove your power barrier first?”

Nezulio rolled his eyes, laughed, “Okay!”

Said, With a big wave of his hand, he removed the power barrier that suppressed the entire pillar of power.

Although he was worried about Cadiz’s sudden escape, Cadiz was turned up without being invited. If Cadiz was treated like a prisoner, it would probably make Cadiz angry.

And when Cadiz gets angry, things get tough.

Nezulio said to the two Black Dragon guards who were kneeling shiver coldly on the ground: “What are you two still doing here? Get the hell out of here!”

“Yes yes Yes!” The two Black Dragon guards were relieved and prepared to leave cautiously.

“Stop!” Nezulio suddenly shouted sharply.

“Yes!” The two Black Dragon guards were drenched in cold sweat, standing in place and not daring to move.

Nezulio coldly said: “You two, you have a lot of credit! Go to my quartermaster to receive the reward!”

The two Black Dragon guards were instantly delighted Ruo Kuang kept bowing to Nezulio, “many thanks Dragon King Your Majesty! many thanks Dragon King Your Majesty! I wish Dragon King Your Majesty an early unification of Dragon Clan! A great revival!”

These few In a word, it is said that Nezulio’s heart has gone, making Nezulio very happy.

“Alright, alright! Hurry down, don’t get in the way of my business here!”

The two Black Dragon guards hurriedly left.

In the great hall, the pillar of power, only Nezulio and Cadiz are left.

Hey Nezulio said with a smile: “Cads, can you give me the essence of Dragon Clan now?”

Cads said with a smile smile: “No hurry, let me ask first, is your dragon crown ready?”

Nezulio slightly frowned, “You travel through time and space, don’t you know me Do you have to get the Dragon Crown?”

Cadiz said with a smile: “It is precisely because I have traveled too much time and space, so the timeline in my mind is a little confusing now – this time , you should have already determined the place where the Demon Dao Dragon Crown is buried, right?” Nezulio nods lightly, “Yes, I already know the specific location of the Demon Dao Dragon Crown, it’s just a short distance away from here. Not far from the Black Holy Mountain! But our Dragon Clan is not good at digging, so I caught some dwarf slaves to work for me. Originally, every time I dig a section of the road, I would kill a group of dwarf slaves , so they don’t know what I’m digging and looking for, and the news won’t leak out. But what I didn’t expect is that the nine dwarf tribes were originally hidden in their dungeons to drag out An ignoble existence, but now suddenly united, and also helped the red dragon clan to win a key battle! Fortunately, there is a volcano tribe that did not unite with other Eight Great Races, the patriarch of this volcano tribe, because it broke away The dwarf tribe was not accepted by the mortal Chen Xing, so he had to come to me. In this way, I have the slave diggers of the entire volcano tribe, and my progress in digging the Black Holy Mountain will naturally increase. Soon. I believe it won’t be long before I find the dragon crown that has been buried for hundreds of thousands of years! And when that happens, I’ll wipe out all those volcanic slaves!”

Cadi Si said with a smile: “The volcano dwarf tribe is not threatening, killing them or not has nothing to do with the process of history, but it is the dragon crown, must get it as soon as possible, according to the time node I cut back, it should be soon. There will be results.”

Nezulio said anxiously: “The other Dragon Clan essences…”

Cadiz said with a smile: “Nezulio said with a smile. Leo, don’t worry, you have to believe me, if I don’t have the essence in my hand, is it possible that am I tired of coming here courting death? “

Nezulio laughed, “That is, that is, but I still think that I have to look at those essences before I can be completely relieved, otherwise, my heart is always clutched. “

Kardis sighed helplessly, “Okay, then I’ll ask you to take a look.” “

Speaking, as soon as Cadiz raised his hand, two Dragon Clan essences of different light colors floated in front of them.

The first essence is the Red Dragon Essence. , suspended in midair, exuding a glowing red halo.

The second essence is the Green Dragon essence, next to the red dragon essence, exuding an emerald halo.

The third essence is the blue dragon essence, which exudes a magical blue halo.

As for the last time essence, Cadiz did not rush to reveal it.

After all, that But the Supreme Treasure of Bronze Dragon Legion is the key treasure for Cadiz to travel between different time and space. He naturally won’t take it out easily until the most critical moment.

Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio stared at him. When he saw it, he suddenly burst into anger, “Cads, are you making fun of me? These are indeed Dragon Clan essences, but the content of these essences is too low! In addition to the Blue Dragon Essence barely qualified, Red Dragon Essence and Green Dragon Essence, it is estimated that only one-tenth! Such an essence, how do you let me activate the Dragon Crown! “

The essence of the five clans is originally the essence of the dragon crown, and at least half of the essence is needed to activate the entire dragon crown.

Of course, the purer the essence, the better the magic. The effect of the Dragon Crown will be more powerful.

And now the essence of Cadiz is not enough.

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