Star God Soldier King Chapter 2202


Faced with Nezulio’s fury, Cadiz just laughed.

“Nezulio, why are you in such a hurry, since I travel through time and space, can I not know about the effect of the essence?”

Cadiz said with a smile: “Just let it go. A hundred hearts are healed, and of course I have a solution.”

Nezulio asked angrily: “How are you going to solve it?”

Cadice was helpless sighed, “I can travel through time and space, that is to say, I only have a little bit of Dragon Clan essence in my hand, I can repeatedly take it from another same time and space, and then all converge in our present time and space, so that , one can give birth to two, two can give birth to three, three can give birth to four, four can give birth to five, isn’t five enough?”

Nezurio stared wide-eyed in shock, “What? Can you still do this?”

Cadiz said with a smile: “How about, feel the power of the giant dragon of my time?”

Naizu Leo exclaimed: “It’s amazing! No wonder the Black Dragon family is so powerful that they dare not call themselves invincible, but you Bronze Dragon family dare to call yourself invincible.”

Cadiz was disappointed He said: “Invincible is also very lonely. My Bronze Dragon clansman, at this time, is almost extinct, except for me who has the essence of time and can travel through time at will. If I want to see my clansman, I can only Back to the upper reaches of time.”

Nezulio was not in the mood to listen to Cadiz’s heartfelt words, and quickly waved his hand and said: “Cads, since you can let these essences One gave birth to Two, then hurry up and start it! It’s better not to only have five, it’s better to have ten, so that when I wear the dragon crown, I will be the real dragon. Emperor! Hahahaha!”

Cadiz chuckled, “Nezulio, you also imagined me to be too powerful, although I can travel through time and space, but three times in a row, it is already me The limit is reached. In order to reach five in my life, I have to travel at least four times! If I am not careful, I will be torn apart by the vortex of time. It doesn’t matter if I die, but if I die, the essence of time in my body will also be destroyed. Then disappeared into the vortex of time, when the time comes you won’t have time to cry!”

Nezulio startled slightly, “Then you… can’t you leave the time essence first?”

Cadiz sneered, “Stay? Then what do I rely on to travel through time and space? By in Cantation? “

Nezulio held breath cold air, “Okay, I see.” I don’t ask for a lot now, I just want to make these essences achieve more than 50% effect, and I can activate the Dragon Crown. So, when are you going to start? “

Cadiz said with a smile: “No hurry, I’ll start when the dragon crown is in place. “

Nezulio was so anxious that he wanted to force Cadiz to start immediately.

However, in this case, Cadiz couldn’t force it, in case of a card Diss was annoyed, and disappeared from the vortex with the essence, then it would be difficult to do.

Nezulio could only accompany them with a smiling face and said: “Okay, just follow the instructions. Come on, let’s wait for the Dragon Crown to see the light again. ”

Nezulio returned to his Black Dragon throne and called for Cadiz to move a seat, and the two chatted with each other.


“Cadiz, I’m so grateful you’ve come back to help me this time. However, there is one thing I don’t understand. Since you have already seen that I will become the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon and reinvigorate our Dragon Clan, you can also give birth to Two by traveling through time and space, so why didn’t you show up earlier? “

“Hehe, Nezulio, your question is very good. Of course, I already know the result, but I have to find the most suitable entry point before it can appear.” If I show up too early, I risk shaking the entire timeline, and if I show up too late, I might not be able to do anything. “

“So, now is the right time?” “

“Well, so to speak.” “

“However, I don’t think this timing is very beneficial to my Black Dragon clan?” On the contrary, my precious Little Princess Oixia was just killed by that mortal Chen Xing. Nezulio said sadly: “Cads, since you are a prophet who travels through time and space, then your words must be very accurate. You said, is it possible for my baby Little Princess Oyxia to be re-created?” What about resurrection? “

Cadiz chuckled, “This, it really doesn’t work. “

Nezulio said sadly: “Even if I become the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, can’t I bring back the life of my precious daughter?” You know, the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon possesses five essences, including the Supreme Sovereign of Life Essence! “

Cadiz said with a laugh: “That doesn’t work either. Oixia is dead, impossible is alive. “

Nezulio sighed, “Then tell me, what’s so special about the timing of your appearance? “

Cadiz laughed, “There’s really nothing special about it, it’s just that the time has come. Of course, you can use this timing as an opportunity to avenge your baby girl. It is impossible for Oixia to survive, but when you become the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, can’t you avenge her? “

Nezulio nodded heavily, “That’s right! Cadiz, you are so right! When I become the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, anyone who has participated in the fight against my precious daughter Oixia will be swallowed by my anger! Especially that Chen Xing! “

Cadiz said with a smile: “That’s right! Especially that Chen Xing! “

Nezulio asked: “Between me and Chen Xing, there must be a duel, and the result of the duel must be my victory, right?” “

Cadiz was laughed, “haha – this time, the dragon crown should be here, right?” I’m not wrong about the time. ”

Nezulio had a bad feeling in his heart, he just wanted to continue to ask Cadiz about the result of the decisive battle, suddenly, a Black Dragon guard rushed in. .

“Report Your Majesty, the Dragon King! “

“Say! “

“The patriarch of the Volcano Dwarf clan is here to meet!” “

“oh?” Nezulio suddenly felt ecstatic, and he forgot to continue to ask Cadiz the result of the duel, “very good! Dragon Crown! Cadiz, your predictions are not wrong at all! It’s really the Dragon Crown! quick! Let that disgusting dwarf in! “

“Yes! ”

The Black Dragon guard eagerly stepped back, and after a while, he walked in with the patriarch of the volcano tribe.

The patriarch of the volcano tribe was holding a huge The treasure box of Dwarf Race is quite strenuous to walk. Obviously, the huge treasure box in his hand is not light – after all, Dwarf Race’s arms are also very strong, making it difficult for Dwarf Race to hold it. things, that is naturally very heavy.

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