Star God Soldier King Chapter 2203


Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio couldn’t wait, he almost rushed down and grabbed the treasure box in the hands of the Volcano City Lord.

Volcano City Lord is led by the Black Dragon guards, step by step towards the Black Dragon throne direction.

The Black Dragon guards offered to help him get the treasure box, but the Volcano City Lord firmly refused.

This is a good opportunity for their Volcano tribe to turn over, how could he let a little-known Little Black Dragon guard take the credit?

He was ostracized by the entire dwarven clan, and now he has no choice but to turn to the Black Dragon, Nezulio.

As long as he can gain Nezulio’s favor, then he has the opportunity to defeat several other dwarf City Lords and become the only dwarven tribe that exists on this world!

Humph, by that time, see if Green and the others can still laugh!

The Volcano City Lord thought triumphantly as he moved on.

The great hall, the pillar of power, is already tall and grand, and the distance from the entrance to the Black Dragon throne is at least three-four hundred meters away.

The Volcano City Lord walked for two minutes before walking to Nezulio’s face gasping for breath.

Just as Nezulio was about to urge, the Volcano City Lord respectfully knelt on the ground and said aloud: “Your Majesty, the great Black Dragon! Now, we Volcano Tribe have finally unearthed a treasure! On behalf of all our Volcano Tribes, I present this treasure to the great Black Dragon Nezulio Your Majesty! May you reign throughout the ages! Never annihilate!”

Nezulio was furious, but the Volcano City Lord’s words were compliments after all, and he wouldn’t have a direct attack for a while.

He said eagerly, “Alright, alright, you’ve done a lot of credit, give me the treasure box!”

The Lord of Volcano City heard “great credit”, and immediately With joy on his face, he said, “Dragon King Your Majesty! Excavation is the strength of our Dwarf Race. It’s hard to say credit. In fact, we just want to follow the Dragon King Your Majesty togetherβ€””

Naizu Leo couldn’t hold it any longer, and immediately roared, he rushed towards the Volcano City Lord. With a dragon claw, he shot the chattering Volcano City Lord to death and snatched the treasure box in his hand at the same time!

The poor Volcano City Lord thought he had made a great contribution this time and found a big backer, so he doesn’t have to worry about anything in the future, didn’t expect to be with the king like a tiger, especially Nezulio Such a ruthless Black Dragon Dragon King, if he disagreed, he directly took his life.

The Bronze Dragon on the side of the dragon king Cadiz tsk tsk shook the head, and did not interfere with Nezulio’s atrocities.

He is a bystander of time, and if he doesn’t intervene, he will never intervene.

even more how, a betrayer like the Volcano City Lord was already doomed to such a fate.

Nezulio can’t wait to open the treasure boxβ€”β€”

I saw a more exquisite treasure box inside the treasure box.

This must be because the Volcano City Lord deliberately added an extra layer of luxurious containers to express his sincerity.

Nezurio roared angrily and smashed the Second Layer Treasure Box with one palmβ€”

I saw that the Second Layer Treasure Box was also covered with a more For a beautiful treasure box.

Nezulio was about to get mad.

It turned out that time was wasted in such a place by the Volcano City Lord!

Nezulio can’t wait to pick up the Volcano City Lord and kill it fiercely again! To vent the hatred in my heart!

But he really doesn’t want to waste a second of his time now!

He continued to open Third Layer’s exquisite treasure box, and finally, a rusted dragon crown appeared in front of him and Cadiz.

Nezulio held breath cold air and said with a slight trembling: “So…this is the dragon crown of my yearn for something even in dreams!”

He cautiously He held up the rusted dragon crown, and said with a little disappointment: “Unfortunately, this Demon King crown is so dilapidated.”

Cadiz said with a smile: “Nezulio, treasure will always be treasure. As long as it is activated, it will be able to reproduce the splendor of the Great Emperor’s duel with the Titan Heavenly Venerable.”

Nezulio was instantly elated. , “That’s right! Cadiz! Now, I have got the Dragon Crown, next, should you activate it?”

Cadiz said with a smile: “Of course, Now that the Dragon Crown has appeared, it’s time for me to speed up the process of history.”

Speaking, Cadiz stood in an open area, and the time essence on his body suddenly burst into a bronze light. faint.

In the blink of an eye, Cadiz was disappeared.

Nezulio’s heart sank, worried that if Cadiz left like this, he would never come back.

But before he could think about it, a space-time vortex appeared in the air, and then Cadiz stumbled out of the space-time vortex.

He seems to have suffered a lot, and his mental and physical state is completely different from when he left half a minute ago.

In his hands, the effects of Life Essence and Spiritual Essence have also increased to 20%!

Nezurio was overjoyed, “hahaha! Cadiz! You didn’t deceive me! Well done! Three more times and I might activate the Dragon’s Crown!”

Cadiz gasping for breath and said: “Yeah, three more… It seems that I have to break through my limit state today.”

After finishing speaking, Cadiz took a deep breath, the bronze halo on the body erupted again, and the whole person disappeared into the bronze halo.

The disappearance of this time is longer than the last time.

However, Nezulio wasn’t worried at all.

While Cadiz went to other time and space to get the essence, Nezulio placed the blue dragon magic essence that had reached more than 50% effect and placed it in the vertical column on the far left of the dragon crown. Thorn on.

The blue dragon magic essence lit up immediately, as if it had finally returned after wandering.

Nezulio was even more delighted in his heart, and quickly took out his own strength essence and placed it on the vertical thorn in the middle of the Dragon Crown.

The Dragon’s Crown was lit up again, and most of the original rusty traces had disappeared.

Now, it’s time to wait for the three remaining Dragon Clan Essences – Life Essence, Spiritual Essence, and Cadiz’s own Time Essence.

As long as all three Dragon Clan essences are placed on the Dragon Crown, the Dragon Crown can be fully activated, and as long as the Dragon Crown is worn, all the powers of the Dragon Clan can be obtained! Become a cosmic True Paragon powerhouse!

By that time, let alone the Elemental Throne of the Titans, even if the Divine Race comes in person, it may not be the opponent of his new-generation Great Emperor!

Thinking of this, Nezulio couldn’t help laughing hahaha.

“Chen Xing, wash your neck and wait!”

“When I am crowned, the first person I will kill is you!”


Nezulio’s fiercely roar.

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