Star God Soldier King Chapter 2204


A few minutes later, there is another space-time vortex above the great hall.

Bronze Dragon Cadiz, the dragon king, stumbled out of the second time and space vortex, in a state of embarrassment.

Obviously, the uninterrupted travel of time and space will also cause great harm to his body.

Traveling through time and space is Bronze Dragon’s strength.

It is conceivable that if it were another Dragon Clan, it would have been torn apart by the vortex of time and space.

Black Dragon Nezulio doesn’t care about Cadiz’s life or death.

He just wants Life Essence and Time Essence.

Seeing that the Life Essence and Spiritual Essence in Cadiz’s hands had reached the three-layer effect, Nezulio was instantly overjoyed.

However, he still pretended to be concerned, “Aiya, Dragon King Cadiz, you really worked hard this time! You did this for meβ€”no, for the revival of the entire Dragon Clan. I have made a huge contribution! After I become the Great Emperor, the first person to thank you is you!”

Bronze Dragon’s mouth turned into a mocking smile. , but then disappeared.

“Hehe, many thanks to the Dragon King of Nezulio. After you say that, I can’t rest anymore. I have to continue to serve the future Great Emperor.”

Nezulio said quickly: “no no no! I didn’t mean to urge you! Your health is important! Your health is important! Let’s take a break and talk about it!” He waved his hand, “It’s a relief for me to end it early!”

As he spoke, he continued to condense the power of the essence of time, and disappeared into the bronze halo in the blink of an eye. .

The wait for this time is longer than the previous two combined.

Nezulio waited, waited, waited, and waited for ten minutes before another time-space vortex opened above the great hall.

Ten minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you’re in a hurry, it’s even longer than ten years.

Kadis fell from the vortex, trembling all over.

The Life Essence and Spiritual Essence in his hands have reached the fourth layer. As long as he does this again, he can make the two essences reach the fifth layer, so that he can completely activate the Dragon Crown.

Nezurio was so anxious that he could only pretend to be very concerned at this time, and said hypocritically: “Aiya Aiya, Your Majesty, the Dragon King of Cadiz, I’m really distressed to see you working so hard. Ah, I seem to replace you and help you complete the last time travel! Otherwise, you can just give me your time essence first, and then you can rest completely.”

These words It sounded sincere, but in reality everyone knew what Nezulio really wanted.

Cadiz chuckled, “It’s okay, Nezulio, I can do it myself. Besides, you are not yet the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon. When you don’t activate the Dragon’s Crown, you are impossible. Knowing all five Dragon Clan skills has nothing to do with whether you have the essence of time or not. On the contrary, if I give you the essence of time and let you enter the vortex of time, it will be a pitfall for you. What! Now the time vortex has been superimposed on the Fourth Layer, the degree of time line confusion, and the multi-dimensional space tearing force generated when time corrects its own mistakes, is definitely not something that your Black Dragon family can bear, only me, the Bronze Dragon origin. Only the Dragon King can bear it.”

Naizulio finally nods Leo lightly, “Then, I can only wait patiently now.

Cadiz Aid with a smile. : “Yes, you have to be more patient.”

With that, Kardis closed his eyes, each minding their own business, and took a break.

Nezulio was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, but at this time, he could only quietly stay by Cadiz’s side.

After two hours like this, Kardis finally slowly opened his eyes, “I have almost rested. I hope this time, I can successfully break through the limit!”

Nezulio hurriedly encouraged: “Come on! Cadiz Dragon King Your Majesty! I believe in you, you can definitely do it!”

Cadiz chuckled, then condensed the essence of time, and then Disappeared in a bronze halo.

The wait that followed was definitely an extremely painful ordeal for Nezulio.

He walked up and down the great hall, his pillar of power, without stopping for a moment.

He only thought about the Dragon Crown, and he was no longer so sad about the death of Black Dragon Princess Oixia before.

Finally, after half a day in the past, the 4th time vortex appeared above the great hall, the pillar of power!

Cadiz fell out of the time vortex on the verge of dying, and the Life Essence and spiritual essence in his hand also came out!

“Essence! My Essence!”

Nezulio rushed forward eagerly, holding both Life Essence and Spiritual Essence tightly!

These two essences have achieved the effect of fifth layer!

Nezurio burst into laughter, “Hahaha! Good! Very good Cadiz!”

He impatiently put the Life Essence and the spiritual essence, all Placed on top of the Dragon’s Crown.

Five vertical thorns on the crown, now four have been lit up!

The entire Dragon’s Crown has a new look!

The last vertical thorn didn’t light up!

And the last vertical thorn is where the essence of time is located!

Nezulio grinned and walked towards Cadiz, who had collapsed to the ground and did not even have the strength to stand up, “Cads, hurry up and give me the essence of your time! With the essence of time, I can really realize my long-cherished wish and become the real Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon!”

Cadiz said with difficulty: “Nezulio, you… let me rest first. Come on, take a breath…”

Nezulio didn’t have so much patience, he grabbed Cadiz and coldly said: “Cads, you better not challenge at this time. My patience! To be honest, I have already got the other essences! You are the last one! With my strength, killing you and stealing the essence of time is as easy as the palm of your hand! Do you understand?”

Cadiz laughed weakly, “I understand, of course I understand, I have understood it very well from the very beginning.”

Nezulio said fiercely: “Then you Why don’t you give me the essence of time?”

Kadis chuckled, “Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

As he spoke, Kardis gathered his strength , and slowly send out the Time Essence in his bodyβ€”β€”

Nezulio stared at the Time Essence eagerly, and once the Time Essence got out of Cadiz’s body, he grabbed it!

“Hahaha! The essence of time! Finally! Finally got it!”

Nezulio threw the weak Cadiz on the ground and ignored it, clutching with one hand The essence of time, with one hand dragging his beloved dragon crown —

The combination of the essence of time and the dragon crown, the gloomy pillar of power, great hall, suddenly rays of light!

The Dragon Crown! Fully activated!

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