Star God Soldier King Chapter 2205


β€œhahahaha! hahahaha!”

All of a sudden, the great hall was filled with the laughter of Black Dragon Nezulio impudent .

The conspiracy he has been running for so long, he thought it was all over with the death of his baby Little Princess Oyxia, didn’t expect, but in the end every cloud has a silver lining!

Now, the Legendary crown of the Great Emperor is in his hands!

As long as you wear this crown, you can become the new Great Emperor of the dragon and gain all the power of the five clans!

When the time comes, all Dragon Clan will bow down to him!

The thought of this made Nezulio full of pride!

In the rays of light, he brought the dazzling dragon crown on his head.

In a short time, five powerful Dragon Clan powers poured into his body!

The powerful force made him feel a little unbearable immediately!

He held breath cold air in horror.

I totally didn’t expect myself to be so powerful, yet I still can’t control the power of the Dragon Crown!

He hurriedly took off the dragon crown, and said in a self-deprecating manner: “Hehe, such a powerful dragon crown must be used in the most critical battles, as for other times, I still don’t want it. Wear it, so as not to get the crown dirty!”

Cadiz said with a laugh: “Nezulio, you can’t even bear the power of the Great Emperor, can you?”

Cadiz lay bare the truth with one remark, Nezulio was a little embarrassed, “Cads! Since you know everything! Why do you do this? Could it be that you came to see me? Are you embarrassed?”

Cadiz said with a smile: “That’s not it, Nezulio, as I said, the outcome of history is already doomed, and I’m here to speed up the process of history to avoid The delay is too long, causing all the formations in the universe to collapse.”

Nezulio gritted his teeth and shouted angrily: “There is a question, you have not answered me! Now that you know the result , then you must also know that next, I will go directly to Chen Xing, the abominable mortal to settle accounts and take revenge! After killing Chen Xing, I will also go to deal with the Elemental Throne of the Titans! Then you tell me, I will follow In the battle between Chen Xing, who wins and who loses?”

“Is there any need to ask?” Kardis chuckled, “Of course Chen Xing won, you lost.”

Nazulio thought Cadiz would say he would win, but didn’t expect Cadiz in a small circle, saying that Chen Xing would win!

Nezurio stared wide-eyed in horror, “What did you say? I am the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon now! Are you kidding about your Great Emperor?”

Cadiz said with a smile: “If you can’t wear the crown, you are not the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon.”

Nezulio rattled his teeth with hatred, and wished he could immediately put the weak Bronze Dragon The Dragon King is torn to shreds.

“How dare you laugh at me? You mean to say that Chen Xing will win, right? With my power, even if I don’t use the Dragon Crown in my hand, I can still kill Chen Xing! How can I Maybe lose to him?!”

“Sorry, this is doomed history, if you fight him, you will definitely lose to him.” Cadiz said quite easily.

Nezulio fiercely grabbed Cadiz’s neck, “You talk nonsense again, believing or not I’ll just break your neck?!”

Cadiz said with a smile: “You can’t kill me, you forget that I, as the Bronze Dragon, have a body in any time and space, you kill my body in this time and space, and I still have many, many bodies. , which is what the near invincibility of my Bronze Dragon clan means.”

Nezulio angrily shouted: “Okay! I won’t kill you, but don’t even try to escape from my hands. It’s gone! Someone! Someone!”

“What are your orders from Your Majesty!”

Two Black Dragon guards hurried in.

“Get this bastard for me until I come back after killing Chen Xing!”


The two Black Dragon guards Cadiz was immediately arrested.

Nezulio said with a smile: “Cadiz, don’t you claim to be traveling through time and space? Don’t you claim to be a prophet? Wait a minute, I’ll let you know, what you call The prophecy is worthless! I will definitely kill Chen Xing, and when I arrive with his head, you will know who is the real master in this world.”

Having said that, Nezulio held the dazzling dragon crown, and flew out from the great hall of the pillar of power with a big laugh, and went to assemble his Black Dragon army urgently.

And Cadiz looked up, laughed heartily.

“What are you laughing at?” a Black Dragon guard shouted angrily: “You’re going to die soon, laughing!”

Cadice laughted: “No, The one who is about to die is not me, but your Black Dragon. I just speed up his death process. Wait for Chen Xing to kill him and get the dragon crown, combining the power of the Titan and the power of the dragon into one One, the universe we live in truly has a Guardian God.”

Those two Black Dragon guards, look at me, I look at you, none of them understand what Cadiz said. .

The two then shoved Cadiz and escorted him to the dungeon where the Pillars of Power held prisoners.

Cadiz didn’t care about the harsh environment of the dungeon. As soon as he entered the dungeon, hu hu fell asleep.

He is indeed too tired, and he has spent most of his energy and physical strength by traveling through time many times in a row.

Of course, he didn’t give all the time essence to Nezulio, but kept 50%.

As a giant dragon who can travel through time at any time, if he wants to go, he can leave at any time.

However, he didn’t need to leave at all.

Because, the result is already doomed, he is only waiting for Chen Xing to see him now.

During this period, the only thing he wanted to do was to take a good rest, conserve strength and store up energy.

Because, in the future, he will work with Chen Xing to create an unprecedented history.

Thinking of this, the Dragon King of Cadiz was full of joy.

At this time, the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio has also assembled all his elite power.

In order to boost morale, he also took out the dazzling dragon crown in public, and endured the huge tearing feeling, and pressed it on his head for a while.

Sure enough, this effect is very shocking, the entire Black Dragon elite troops, all morale is boosted, the voices of “Long Live the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon” come and go!

Nezurio’s heart was instantly satisfied.

After boosting morale for a while, Nezulio took off the crown on his head and waved his hand, “Go! Attack Xiufeng Valley! Let the one who killed my baby Little Princess Oixia. Murderer Chen Xing, pay the price in blood!”

“Kill Chen Xing! Kill Chen Xing!”

“Avenge Oyxia Princess!”

“Long live the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon! Absolutely old!”

More than 20,000 elite soldiers of the Demon Dragon Force took the shape of Dragon Transformation and flew towards the Xiufeng Valley in blackness!

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