Star God Soldier King Chapter 2207


“Half an hour…”

Hilda held breath cold air, “This will be an extremely difficult battle. However, please don’t worry, Lord Chen Xing, we will definitely be able to hold on. It’s just…”

Hilda hesitated.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Hilda, say whatever you want, just say it, it’s fine.”

Hilda said with a smile: “It’s not that I don’t believe in your strength, Lord Chen Xing, but please, Lord Chen Xing, don’t underestimate the strength of the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio! Nezulio is the only one of our Dragon Clan who stepped forward very early. The Dragon King who has reached the Heavenly Venerable level! If he also has the Dragon Crown, it will be very difficult to deal with! So please, Lord Chen Xing, please be careful!”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, ” He has the Dragon Crown and I have the Sword of Judgment. His Dragon Crown is the Ancient Saint Artifact and my Sword of Judgment is also the Ancient Saint Artifact. His Dragon Crown is activated and so is my Sword of Judgment. In In the one-on-one situation, I am not too disadvantaged. So, you don’t have to worry about me here, as long as you can resist the Black Dragon army, you will win.”

Hilda sighed. , “That being said, it’s just Lord Chen Xing, your sword of judgment is only formidable power, while the Dragon Crown can control five different powers.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Well, I see, I will pay attention.”

Hilda was nodded.

At this time, the Red Dragon female guard came to report again: “Your Majesty! The Black Dragon elite troops are approaching quickly, and they are less than ten minutes away from our frontline position!”

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis said in astonishment: “So fast? Are these Black Dragon soldiers taking mad drugs?”

Queldara said solemnly: “Lord Chen Xing , we should set up magic traps immediately.”

Chen Xing said lightly: “Don’t panic, you blue dragon clan, first divide half of your troops and half of the dwarf clan, hide outside the valley, the others People are all back within the valley.”

“Huh? This…” Hilda fiercely’s startled.

Sulis also said with a puzzled face: “Lord Chen Xing, we have very few troops, so we should concentrate more, how can we spread it out? This is not just for the Black Dragon Legion to take us Do you want to kill each other?”

Chen Xing lightly saying: “What Nezulio of Black Dragon wants to kill most is me, so he won’t care about some Dwarf Races behind him, he will only let My own troops rushed into Xiufeng Valley desperately, and when their army all entered Xiufeng Valley, the dwarf tribe and the blue dragon soldiers will bet on Taniguchi for me!”

Hilda is a little bit Understand, “Oh! It turned out to be a siege tactic!”

Sulis also thought about it for a while, “Returning to fight in Xiufeng Valley will naturally greatly improve my mental control. Yes, but, in this way, the fortifications outside the valley that we have worked so hard to build will be in vain?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “It’s not in vain, at least, we can make Black The Dragon soldiers thought we were afraid of them, and the more proud they were, the better our battle would be.”

Hilda asked in confusion, “Then why did you fight the Blue Dragon for the first time? When Legion was fighting, Lord Chen Xing didn’t set up an ambush in Xiufeng Valley?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Setting an ambush in Xiufeng Valley will inevitably damage Xiufeng Valley, so I don’t think so. It is a strategy that will never be adopted when it is as a last resort, but now it is time to be as a last resort, so it can’t be considered so much.”

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis heavily Nod, “That’s right! Even if it destroys my entire Xiufeng Valley, as long as we can win this decisive battle, then our Green Dragon family is willing to do so!”

“Okay!” Hilda said immediately: “Then we will shrink the front and invite the enemy to enter the urn! Quel’Dara, you set up the magic trap!”

“Okay!” At Taniguchi of Xiufeng Valley, a magic trap has been set up.

After the formation was shrunk and the magic traps were almost arranged, Chen Xing asked Queldara to ambush with half of the blue dragon soldiers and dwarves.

Queldara said worriedly: “Lord Chen Xing, I don’t have the blue dragon magic essence in my hand, so the traps are very rough. I’m worried that the traps at this level simply can’t hurt Black. Dragon King’s.”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Well, it doesn’t matter, if we can restrict some Black Dragon soldiers, our goal has been achieved.”

Queldara this Only relieved, nodded, “Yes, Lord Chen Xing! In this battle, please also be careful.”


Queldara bowed to Chen Xing Salute, and then quickly leave with the soldiers.

For a while, in a huge Taniguchi, only Chen Xing and the Queen of Blades were left.

Chen Xing looked at the Queen of Blades, “Go back to the valley too.”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Why don’t you go in?”

Chen Xing replied: “I have to lead that guy Nezulio to fight on the plain outside. If Nezulio is allowed to enter Xiufeng Valley, our tactics will be useless, the two of us can do whatever we want. In a duel, Xiufenggu will be smashed.”

The Queen of Blades was laughed, “That’s true.”

Chen Xing said: “Little Ying and Crystal Fox are still there. In the Emerald Temple of Xiufeng Valley, if Xiufeng Valley is bombed, they will be in big trouble. So, no matter what, I have to bet Nezulio on the outside. As for the inside, it’s all up to you. .”

The Queen of Blades thought for a moment, “Are you so relieved to let those Dragon Clan and Dwarf Race take care of Chen Ying?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: ” Of course I’m not at ease, but isn’t it still with you? I know that with you there, Chen Ying will have no problem.”

The Queen of Blades smiled helplessly, “I really don’t know, Why should I listen to you. Well, I’ll just go in, but…you have to be careful yourself.”

Chen Xing nodded with a smile, “Well, I see.”

The Queen of Blades then turned around and fluttered, returning to Xiufeng within the valley.

At the entrance of Xiufeng Valley, only Chen Xing was left, standing there alone.

A few minutes later, there was a rumbling tremor throughout the space.

Twenty thousand gigantic Black Dragons, flapping their wings, came in flight covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

And the largest Black Dragon headed by it is the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio!

He saw Chen Xing first, and then roared, and the entire Black Dragon force rushed towards Chen Xing with his roaring sound!

A great decisive battle to decide the fate of Dragon Clan world is about to begin!

In the face of such an oppressive shock, Chen Xing just smiled faintly, and stretched out his hand to draw the sword of judgment from behind himβ€”β€”

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