Star God Soldier King Chapter 2208


β€œAttack! Attack!”

Black Dragon Nezulio roared sharply in the air: β€œIn the name of the Great Emperor , give me the fiercely attack that mortal! Whoever can hurt Chen Xing! I will immediately give him a three-level promotion! Of course, no one is allowed to kill him, his little life is my dragon Great Emperor Naizu Leo’s!”

The Black Dragon soldiers rushed towards Chen Xing frantically.

Chen Xing held the Sword of Judgment in his hand and said coldly with a smile: “The Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon? Nezulio, you really put gold on your face! You keep on saying Said that you are the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, what about your Demon Dragon Crown?”

This sentence hit Nezulio’s sore spot. On his head, that mighty power, even the owner, who claims to be the purest power, can’t bear it.

“hmph! Chen Xing! You a trifling mortal, still want to see my dragon crown! Stop dreaming! My army will devour you alive, I see how proud you are!”

While speaking, the Black Dragon army pressed down on Chen Xing.

Chen Xing did not panic, the Sword of Judgment in his hand burst into a dive light, and he rushed to the left and right to kill in the overwhelming Black Dragon army.

Those Black Dragon elite soldiers who had high morale, at first simply did not take Chen Xing alone in their eyes, but once they fought, they knew how far apart they were from Chen Xing.

The entire Black Dragon army screamed. Wherever the sword glow of the Judgment Sword went, the Black Dragons fell one by one!

Chen Xing didn’t show mercy at all, he had to use this opportunity to relieve the pressure of the coalition forces behind him as much as possible.

If you can kill one more elite Black Dragon soldier, the coalition will be less dangerous.

In less than 3 minutes, the formation of the Black Dragon troops was completely disrupted, and the number of Black Dragon elite soldiers killed and wounded reached several hundred!

This made Nezulio of Black Dragon hold breath cold air, “Chen Xing, didn’t expect, you are quite powerful. It’s no wonder, my most beloved baby Little Princess Ao Ixia, you will actually die at the hands of a trifling mortal like you. It seems that I really shouldn’t underestimate you. However, you really think that with your own strength, you can replace Xiufenggu The three dragon clans who are squatting in the back, are you blocking my Black Dragon army? Oh, this is absolutely impossible! I tell you, I am now the Great Emperor of the dragon, and everything in this world must obey Me! Anyone who dares to disobey me will be destroyed! You are the primary target, and those Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Red Dragon who help you deal with my precious daughter Ixia together are the secondary targets! Either the primary goal or the secondary goal, you all have to die! All Black Dragon soldiers obey orders, rush into Xiufeng Valley, and destroy the entire Xiufeng Valley for me! As for this Chen Xing, leave it to me to deal with it It’s over!”


The Black Dragon soldiers simply couldn’t fight with Chen Xing, and had long been waiting for Nezulio’s order.

Therefore, as soon as Nezulio’s voice fell, they all rushed towards Xiufenggu impatiently.

Chen Xing smiled coldly, the Star God gem in his chest turned faster, and the power of the star rune was poured into the sword of judgment, and the sword of judgment immediately burst out the rays of light of Life Essence, and reacted to Chen Xing’s. on the body!

In an instant, Chen Xing transformed into a 100-meter-high Titan Heavenly God!

His Titan form was only fifty meters at most.

Since absorbing the pure dragon power of Black Dragon Princess Oixia, Chen Xing has made a qualitative leap in both genetic level and full deification realm. The Titan form has naturally improved several grades.

As soon as the 100-meter-high Titan incarnation appeared, the first to feel excited and excited were the soldiers of the Dwarf Race.

“Long live Lord Chen Xing!”

“This is our real Titan leader!”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Our ambush!”

“Okay, okay!”

The soldiers of Dwarf Race controlled their excitement.

“What? Turning into a 100-meter-high Titan?” Black Dragon King Nezulio frowned, then said with a cold laugh: “hmph, that’s nothing at worst. I am the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, I don’t believe it, I can’t even handle you as a mortal Titan!”

Said, the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio flew towards Chen Xing past.

Chen Xing dealt with Nezulio while dealing with the Black Dragon soldiers.

He is not in a hurry to fight Nezulio as soon as he comes up. After all, this is Taniguchi of Xiufeng Valley. If he really fights his life here, Xiufeng Valley may also be affected.

In addition, Chen Xing also wanted to weaken the Black Dragon soldiers a little more, and hit them hard on morale.

In the next three or five minutes, Chen Xing always maintained such a fighting mentality. He avoided the attack of the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio, and even deliberately guided Nezulio. to attack the Black Dragon soldiers.

In such a scene, the Black Dragon soldiers lost a lot.

At the mouth of Xiufeng Valley, densely packed fell. A large piece of Black Dragon corpses fell, almost all of which could be built into a wall.

There are only a little more than half of the Black Dragon soldiers who were lucky enough to rush into Xiufeng Valley.

Of the 20,000 elites, only 12,000 or 3,000 were left, and the rest were all killed by Chen Xing and the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio.

This is definitely a very heavy loss.

But even so, the number of Black Dragon soldiers and their individual battle strength still holds an overwhelming advantage.

Those Black Dragon soldiers who rushed into Xiufeng Valley, Chen Xing ignored them and only killed the Black Dragon soldiers who had not had time to rush into Xiufeng Valley one after another.

When the interception was almost done, Chen Xing jumped out of the valley of Xiufeng Valley and ran towards the plain outside the valley.

The ground rumbles with every run, scared witless.

Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio attacked several times, but Chen Xing was not injured, but he killed many of his own Black Dragon soldiers, which made him very annoyed.

“Chen Xing! Do you want to run? You can’t run away!”

“Haha, Nezulio, it’s too crowded there, if we have the ability, we will Let’s fight here!”

“Okay! just to my liking!” The Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio grinned and rushed towards Chen Xing, the huge dragon claw with the powerful Black Dragon power, fiercely The wave towards Chen Xing!

And Chen Xing blocked with the sword of judgment, the rays of light of the sword hit the dragon claw and blasted out a big fire star!

Both of them deserve to be Heavenly Venerable powerhouses above level 100. The shock wave released by this move matchup is already fifteen times the Divine Force!

Chen Xing couldn’t help but take three steps back, and then stabilized his body.

And Nezulio also flew three steps backwards, stabilizing his body in the air.

The two calmed down a little, and then they met force with force again!

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