Star God Soldier King Chapter 2210


Chen Xing smiled coldly, “Okay, then you can just stand there and watch the fun.”

After finishing speaking, Chen Xing smiled. He concentrated his mind and projected all the power of the Star God gem on the dragon crown in his hand.

In a short time, the Star God gem started to run at an extremely fast speed, and the invisible ripples of power quickly spread to all directions!

Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio wanted to sneak attack Chen Xing at this time, but under this invisible wave of power, he couldn’t even move!

Chen Xing, with the power of the Star God gem, constantly absorbs and transforms the essence of the dragon crown.

This is a rather complicated process.

He must first let the power of the Dragon Crown enter his Star God gem without any hindrance, and then use the power of the Star God gem to transform the power of the Dragon Crown into something that he can control. After the transformation is completed, this improved power will be returned to the Dragon Crown.

Therefore, the dazzling rays of light of the Dragon’s Crown flickered in Chen Xing’s hands, just like breathing.

The power of the Dragon’s Crown is indeed incomparable.

It’s no wonder that even Nezulio, the Black Dragon, can’t control it.

Moreover, Nezulio has also made a very serious mistake, that is, he has been using his Black Dragon power to suppress the power of the Dragon Crown, and the more suppressed, the more the Dragon Crown’s power is. The more power will make him crumble.

And Chen Xing’s method is completely different.

Of course, there is one thing Nezuglio was right about.

The power of the Demon Dragon Crown is so strong that no one can control it except the Great Emperor himself.

Chen Xing is also able to hold the Dragon Crown because he has the Star God gem that can transform all power for his own use.

In this way, five minutes have passed, and Chen Xing has basically completed the transformation of the power of the Dragon Crown!

Under the horrified gaze of the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio, Chen Xing slowly raised the Great Emperor’s crown above his head! Put it on your head!

For a moment, the dragon’s crown golden light shines in all directions!

Hundreds of times brighter than the most dazzling star!

Nezulio’s eyes widened in disbelief, “How could this, this be possible… a mortal… a titan incarnation, how could it be possible to wear my Dragon Clan’s supreme treasure dragon crown!? No! This is absolutely impossible! Dragon Clan and the Titans are absolutely irreconcilable! How could it be possible for a mortal to take all of them!? I don’t believe it! I will never believe it!” Surging, the Titan body is also uncontrollably trying to deform!

That’s the feeling of being a dragon!

Chen Xing also almost turned into a dragon in the previous duel with Black Dragon Princess Oixia, but the two feelings are different.

Black Dragon Princess Oixia’s powers are completely coercive, an overbearing force that borders on taking control of his body.

And the power of the dragon crown has been transformed by the Star God gem, so the impact on Chen Xing is not to take control of his body, but more like adding a form to him that can be incarnated That’s it.

As a result, Chen Xing no longer controlled his mind, but gave his mind completely to the Star God gem.

His 100-meter-high Titan body flashed a few rays of light, and then turned into a colorful giant dragon!

“Dragon…how, how is this possible?! How can a mortal be transformed into a giant dragon while being transformed into a Titan?” Nezulio was completely mad.

It stands to reason that Nezulio’s dragon body is already one of the very best in Dragon Clan, but Chen Xing’s giant dragon form, compared to Nezulio, is more Three times as tall!

Chen Xing roared, and the entire Dragon Clan world trembled for it!

Chen Xing swept the dragon claw on Nezulio’s body, and immediately swept Nezulio up, and then fell heavily to the ground!

Just this one blow, and Nezulio was seriously injured! Can’t fight back anymore!

“This, this is really the power of the Great Emperor! How can this happen! How can this happen?!” Nezulio roared in despair.

Chen Xing walked up to Nezulio without mercy, “Nezulio, the Dragon Clan dispute you caused should now come to an end.”

“no! Chen Xing! No, the Great Emperor! Please let me follow you, I will definitely…”

Chen Xing slammed the dragon claw away before he could finish his sentence. , cut Nezulio’s throat directly.

This wild ambition Black Dragon has been planning for hundreds of years, but didn’t expect it to end like this.

Chen Xing fluttered and roared in the air.

In the Xiufenggu battlefield, the armies of both sides were fighting fiercely. Suddenly, they heard the roar of the Great Emperor, the demon dragon. Everyone stopped their fight and looked up at the sky in horror.

The hearts of both parties were extremely tense.

The soldiers of the Black Dragon clan had never seen such a huge multicolored dragon, and they were not sure that the colorful dragon was their Black Dragon, Nezulio.

And the coalition side is even more uncertain, because their leader, Lord Chen Xing, obviously only has the form of a titan and will not transform into a dragon.

But no matter which side of the colorful dragon, as long as it appears, it means the end of this great decisive battle.

Chen Xing flew over Xiufeng Valley and roared sharply: “Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio, I have already killed him! All Black Dragon soldiers surrender immediately! I will let go of the past! Otherwise, you will be Fight against the Great Emperor!”

The Black Dragon soldiers present suddenly exclaimed!

And also horrified, there is the Red Dragon Green Dragon Blue Dragon Alliance!

They also didn’t expect that this dragon, the Great Emperor, would actually be their leader, Lord Chen Xing!

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Yes, how could our Titan leader, Lord Chen Xing, become the Great Emperor?”


“Then, should we still follow Lord Chen Xing?”

“Of course we must! Lord Chen Xing will always be our Titan leader, this giant dragon form. , just another incarnation of him!”

“That’s right! This also shows how powerful our leader, Lord Chen Xing, is!”

“That’s right! It is a blessing for us in Dwarf Race to have such an almighty leader!”

The soldiers of Dwarf Race were excited.

And the soldiers of the Dragon Clan coalition are even more happy. They have always respected Chen Xing very much, but Chen Xing is not a dragon after all, so they have no way to say allegiance to Chen Xing, but now, Chen Xing has turned into a powerful dragon! They can finally pledge their allegiance to Chen Xing!

β€œLong live Lord Chen Xing!”

β€œLong live the new Great Emperor!”

The Dragon Clan allied troops raised their arms and shouted.

Those Black Dragon soldiers raised their hands and surrendered one by one, daring not to make any more mistakes.

The appearance of the Great Emperor, the Great Emperor, means the arrival of a new era of Dragon Clan!

These Black Dragon soldiers are nothing more than scumbags in the new era. Who dares to go against the tide?

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