Star God Soldier King Chapter 2211


In less than half an hour, the battlefield in Xiufeng Valley was cleared.

Tens of thousands of Black Dragon soldiers were all tied up, waiting for the release of the new dragon, the Great Emperor Chen Xing.

The interior of Xiufeng Valley, after experiencing a war, also looks a bit broken.

But that doesn’t matter.

Able to win this war, whether it is for the Green Dragon family, the Red Dragon family, or the Blue Dragon family and Dwarf Race, it is an extraordinary new life.

After Chen Xing regained his human form, he joined several leaders.

When Hilda and the others saw Chen Xing coming, they all came up to them excitedly, and fell to the ground together.

“Long live the new dragon Great Emperor!”

Everyone shouted in unison.

Chen Xing smiled and waved his hand, “Okay, all of you are my old friends, don’t be so out of touch.”

Hilda still knelt Can’t afford it, “Great Emperor Your Majesty, the dragon, unless you accept our allegiance, we will never rise.”

Chen Xing smiled helplessly, “Well, anyway, the dragon crown is still there. It must stay on me, none of you can control the power of the dragon crown, so it seems that this dragon Great Emperor, I can only keep doing it.”

Hilda and the Others said excitedly: “Thank you Your Majesty for accepting our allegiance! Our Red Dragons! Blue Dragons! Green Dragons! All swear allegiance to Your Majesty!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Okay. Okay, now you can be flattened?”

Hilda said: “Your Majesty let us flatten, we naturally dare not refuse.”

Chen Xing said with a smile : “Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and flatten! Especially you, Hilda, you are pregnant, and you are not allowed to bow down when you see me again.”

“Ah This…” Hilda hesitated.

After all, the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon is the Supreme Existence to the Dragon Clan. If he fails to keep his etiquette in front of the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, it will definitely be a sully against the Dragon Clan’s rights.

Valenstadz on the side said with a smile: “My Chen Xing brother… No, the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, since you are not allowed to kneel and worship, you have to be obedient. .”

Hilda said with a smile: “Yes! Follow the will of the Great Emperor Your Majesty.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This is How about the damage in the next battle?”

The blue dragon queen Queldara said respectfully: “Tell Your Majesty, our coalition lost more than 2,000 people, including 800 Dwarfs. Race warriors. The opponent’s Black Dragon Legion has lost tens of thousands of elite soldiers, and the rest have surrendered, waiting for Your Majesty’s decision.”

Chen Xing slightly disapproved, “It turns out, Dwarf Race is a reliable ally. So, here, as the Dragon Clan Great Emperor, I declare that Dwarf Race is welcome to survive in the Dragon Clan ground world. And as long as my Great Emperor is there, the two races will never be able to Attack each other! Do you understand?”

The City Lords of Dwarf Race said excitedly: “I understand! Thank you Titan Leader!”

Of course they wouldn’t Calling Chen Xing the Great Emperor, in their minds, Chen Xing is always the Titan Heavenly God, their leader.

As for the Great Emperor, it is just another incarnation of Chen Xing.

“By Your Majesty, how are those Black Dragon soldiers punished?” asked the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis.

Chen Xing thought for a moment, “The Black Dragon family has a very bad influence on the other Dragon Clans. How to punish these Black Dragon soldiers who surrendered, I would like to hear the red first. Dragon Queen Hilda’s opinion.”

In the entire Dragon Clan civil war, the Red Dragons suffered the most damage.

Almost half of the people of the Red Dragon were mutilated by the Black Dragon, and even the Sanctuary of Life was destroyed.

There is of course the responsibility of the Blue Dragon, but the Blue Dragon is controlled, and the Black Dragon is the culprit.

Hilda faintly sighed, “To be honest, I can’t wait to tear out every Black Dragon and watch them scream and die. However, the hatred in my heart has already followed this time. The end of the great decisive battle is over. There is a saying, there is no king in the world, and there is no king on the coast of the land. Now the culprit, the Black Dragon, Nezulio, and his sinister and vicious daughter have died. Now, the entire Black Dragon Dragon Clan belongs to the Great Emperor Your Majesty. That is to say, all the Dragon Clans alive now are Your Majesty. The new era of Dragon Clan has come, We can’t kill each other anymore. As for hatred, just go with the wind, we Red Dragons just want to look forward.”

Chen Xing nodded slightly, “Hilda, it seems that you have become A real queen. You will be better than all the red dragon queens.”

Hilda said with a smile: “Thanks for Your Majesty compliment.”

Chen Xing thought for a while, “Well, all Black Dragons who are blood related to the Black Dragon Dragon King Nezulio will be executed without any future troubles. Then, the Dragon Kings of you will work together to make the young Black Dragon young. From the generation, choose a person who is good enough and has no misfortune to serve as the new Black Dragon Dragon King.”

“This is a good way!” Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis and Blue Dragon Queen Quill Dara, all nodded agree.

“In addition, the red dragon clan can also return to their own red dragon territory and rebuild the temple of life. If the other dragon clans have the strength, they will help a lot.” Chen Xing said.

“Yes! We will do our best to help the Red Dragon clan.”

“We, the dwarf clan, will also try our best to help! What kind of stone is needed, or something about digging? You can talk to our Dwarf Race about things.”

“Thank you so much!” The Red Dragon Queen Hilda was about to cry with excitement.

The red dragon family has been swaying in the rainstorm for so long, and now they can finally return to their homeland.

This news will make all the Red Dragon people cry.

Chen Xing added: “As for the captured Black Dragon soldiers now, since the Red Dragon Queen has given her favor and will not pursue their crimes, let them return to the Black Dragon territory. After that, whether they are willing to continue to serve the new Black Dragon Dragon King, or not be Black Dragon soldiers, it is up to them.”

“Yes!” Life.

Soon, everyone was on their way.

The Red Dragon family was beaming and ready to leave and returned to their original homeland, while the Green Dragon family was busy releasing Black Dragon soldiers with the Blue Dragon family.

The entire Xiufeng Valley was busy and excited.

Those released Black Dragon soldiers, like a dream, set foot on their way home in a daze.

They thought they were going to die, didn’t expect that the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon actually forgave them.

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