Star God Soldier King Chapter 2212


β€œChen Xing brother!”

The scarlet Dragon King Valenstadz found Chen Xing before leaving.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Hehe, Laowa, you are still a good friend, no matter what my name is Your Majesty, otherwise, I really can’t stand it.”

Valenstadz laughed, “Calling you Your Majesty, that’s to respect you from the bottom of my heart, so they didn’t do anything wrong.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Oh , if you put it that way, you did something wrong? Didn’t you call me the magic dragon Your Majesty like them?”

Valenstadz said with a smile: “I told How can your previous feelings be expressed in one sentence “Your Majesty”? I think the word “brother” is more suitable. Whether I call you Your Majesty or not, you are the person I respect the most. You are the person I will follow in my life. Before you became the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, I had already made up my mind. So, whether you are Chen Xing now, or the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, it is the same in my heart. That’s right, brother!”

Chen Xing patted Valenstadz’s shoulder with a smile, “That’s right, my good brother. Tell me, you came to me, what’s the matter.”

Valenstadz said: “We Red Dragons are ready to start their journey home. I want you and Miss Chen Ying to go to our Red Dragon Territory with them. It’s just… only However, our red dragon territory has been destroyed in a mess. If you go now, I am afraid we will not be well entertained. Therefore, I was very hesitant for a while.”

Chen Xing laughed,” I understand what you mean, Laowa. To be honest, I also want to go to the Red Dragon Territory with you, but I’m afraid now is not the time. There are too many things here, I need to deal with it, I have to supervise the new The Black Dragon was born, and I have to accept his oath of allegiance. In addition, I also want to meet the Bronze Dragon Cadiz. And more importantly, Chen Ying has not woken up yet, I have to let the Green Dragon dragon. Use the power of the spiritual essence to fully awaken Chen Ying.”

Valenstaz’s heavy nodded, “You are right, Chen Xing brother, your own affairs here are far more than our red dragon. There’s more to the family, I shouldn’t be at this time to disturb you. “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “You don’t need to say such foreign words, when I finish the matter here, I will go to your place, I guess at that time, your life temple will also be It’s finished. I hope I can take the awakened Chen Ying to visit your temple of life together. “

Valenstadz said excitedly: “Okay! We must step up our work and build the temple of life earlier! Looking forward to the visit of brother Chen Xing and Miss Chen Ying! ”

Chen Xing shook hands with Valenstadz again and said goodbye to each other, and then Valenstadz left reluctantly.

Immediately, Red The Dragon Clan also left Xiufeng Valley grandiosely and headed towards their original territory.

When leaving Xiufeng Valley, every Red Dragon citizen knelt down in the direction of Chen Xing, respectfully. Respectfully kowtowed three times.

After the red dragons left, the blue dragon queen Queldara also came to say goodbye.

β€œYour Majesty, we have to leave too. Well, the people of the Blue Dragon are in shock now, I need to go back to appease them as soon as possible, and then I have to go to the territory of the Black Dragon family to select the new Black Dragon Dragon King. “

Chen Xing nodded slightly

, “Well, thank you Queldara for your hard work.” “

Queldara said quickly: “It’s not hard, Your Majesty!” Is there anything special you want to tell me? “

Chen Xing thought for a while, then said with a smile: “Before Black Dragon Nezulio died, he once said that he had captured Bronze Dragon Cadiz. “

Queldara nodded, “That’s true. Humph, this Cadiz helps Nezulio, we will never spare him! “

Chen Xing waved his hand, “No, don’t embarrass Cadiz, just let him stay in Black Dragon’s dungeon all the time. When I’m not busy, I’ll personally go see a man. meet him. “

Queldara blinked in surprise, “Your Majesty?” “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I have my own measure, you just execute it. “

Queldara said quickly, “Yes, Your Majesty!” “

After finishing speaking, Queldara also said goodbye to Chen Xing and left Xiufeng Valley with her army of blue dragons.

The originally overcrowded Xiufeng Valley immediately became It’s relatively deserted.

In addition to the original Green Dragon Legion, there are only Chen Xing, a few outsiders.

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis takes care of other trivial matters. After making arrangements, quickly came to see Chen Xing.

“Your Majesty, here I come! When can we wake up Miss Chen Ying? “

“Of course, the sooner the better. “Chen Xing said with a smile.

“Good! Without further ado, let’s go now and ask Your Majesty to show me the way. “

“Well, let’s go.” ”

Chen Xing took the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis to the place where Chen Ying stayed.

At this time, the Queen of Blades and the Crystal Fox were both guarding the sleeping Chen Ying Beside him.

Seeing Chen Xing coming, the crystal fox eagerly greeted him, “Chen Xing Chen Xing! I can’t wait! Hurry up and wake up Chen Ying little elder sister! “

Chen Xing said to Sulis: “Sulis, come take a look.” “

Sulis respectfully walked to Chen Ying’s bed, looked at Chen Ying’s face, then frowned and said, “Looking at the state of Miss Chen Ying, it doesn’t seem like she was being Mind control interfered, more like a subconscious protection mechanism that she triggered to avoid something. “

Chen Xing asked: “Is there a solution? “

Sulis frowned and said, “This… Your Majesty, it’s really hard to say.” I can only say that if you fall into a dream and cannot wake up, then there are only two situations. One is that the dream is too beautiful and the reality is too cruel, so you instinctively don’t want to return to reality, just like the state of our Green Dragon family before. Another is that the dream is too evil, and there is a powerful nightmare to suppress. Only by killing the nightmare can Miss Chen Ying wake up again. “

The crystal fox curl one’s lip, “first simply impossible!” The little elder sister loves Chen Xing the most. How could she fall into a dream and ignore the sweet reality? So, it must be the second situation. “

The Queen of Blades also said nodded: “Well, I think it should also be the second situation. “

Chen Xing asked: “If it’s a nightmare, how should it be killed?” “

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis said: “Theoretically, this requires two Green Dragon Dragon Kings with overnight spirit strength to cast spells together, and it is possible to defeat and eliminate the nightmare. One Green Dragon Dragon King needs to use spirit strength outside, and the other Green Dragon Dragon King needs to cooperate with spirit strength to enter Miss Chen Ying’s dream in a soul state. In this way, there is a chance to discover the nightmare, and overcome the nightmare to get rid of the nightmare. I am the only dragon king in our Green Dragon clan who knows how to use spirit strength, so logically, this method is untenable, but, Your Majesty, you are the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, and in your Demon Dragon Crown, there is spiritual essence! So, if the two of us cooperate, we can give it a try! “

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