Star God Soldier King Chapter 2213


Chen Xing understood immediately, “Sulis, you mean, you release the spiritual essence outside and send me into Chen Ying’s dream, and then I also unlock the power of the spiritual essence in the dream, echoing you inside and out?”

Sulis said, “Yes Your Majesty, that’s what I mean. You know, having something like this The nightmare of self-protection consciousness, I can’t clean it up by myself, it must be two Green Dragon dragon-level characters to cooperate with each other. Originally this was impossible to achieve, but because of Your Majesty you now have the dragon crown, so This thing has become easier.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This is really good! Little Ying is finally saved now! Sulis, let’s get started!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

Soulis immediately gathered all his spirit strength and created a dream that was the same as Chen Ying’s comatose state.

“Your Majesty, now I’m going to send your soul into Miss Chen Ying’s dream, remember, the time in it must not exceed an hour, otherwise, you will be with Chen Ying. Just like the eldest lady, you can’t extricate yourself from being immersed in a dream!”

“Well, I understand.”

“Also, Queen of Blades and Crystal Fox, you must also be outside. Protect me, I must concentrate on helping Your Majesty find the breakthrough of the nightmare, without distraction at all.”

“Okay, got it.”

“Don’t worry Green Dragon old man!”

Seeing the very straightforward answers from the Queen of Blades and the Crystal Fox, the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis was completely relieved.

He pointed one finger at the sleepy Chen Ying and another at Chen Xing.

Chen Xing’s eyelids drooped immediately, and he was drowsy.

In less than a minute, Chen Xing completely collapsed on Chen Ying’s bed board, and the whole person’s soul escaped from the body and entered Chen Ying’s dream.

When Chen Xing opened his eyes consciously, he found himself in a huge palace on the cloud.

The to-and-fro here are all clansman, not as gloomy and terrifying as Chen Xing imagined.

A majestic Divine Race queen is sitting in the center of the great hall, and next to him stand several Divine Race heavyweights.

Unfortunately, Chen Xing doesn’t know anyone.

But she felt that the Divine Race queen was somewhat familiar.

He wanted to get close to see, but he didn’t know how to get close.

At this time, a startled voice came from behind him, “Chen Xing?”

Chen Xing looked back and said excitedly: “Little Ying! I I finally found you.”

The person behind him is none other than the Chen Ying he misses every day and night!

Chen Ying was also very happy to see Chen Xing, but as soon as she hugged Chen Xing, she immediately pushed Chen Xing away, “No, this is my dream, since you are in my dream , it means that you are not real.”

Chen Xing startled, and quickly explained with a smile: “No, Little Ying, I am real, I am the real Chen Xing. You have been in a coma for too long. It’s time, so I asked Green Dragon Solis to help me project my soul into your dreams.”

“Really? Chen Xing, is this really you?” Chen Ying fondly stroked Chen Xing’s face.

Although not real, the feeling of intimacy is so familiar.

Chen Ying’s tears suddenly fell, “It’s really you, Chen Xing…I’m sorry, I made you worry.”

Chen Xing softly persuaded: “Little Ying, you don’t have to say sorry, you’ve been taking the heavy responsibility that you shouldn’t have, it’s a pity that I didn’t find out sooner. Now that I’m here, you don’t have anything to be afraid of. All questions should be handed in Let me face it!”

Chen Ying leaned against Chen Xing’s chest, “Chen Xing, I knew, I knew you would come to save me, I knew. But, but I can’t go.”

Chen Xing held Chen Ying’s hand, “With me, no one can stop you from leaving, even if this is the creation temple of Divine Race, even if Alva Divine Sovereign appears in person, and can’t stop me from taking you away!”

tone barely fell , the surrounding clouds suddenly noticed the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, a huge Titan Grade Heavenly God with a cold face, appeared In front of Chen Xing.

“Who is it? Dare to call my real name?”

Chen Xing stopped Chen Ying behind him, coldly shouted: “So you are Divine Sovereign Alva, okay? , It seems that in Chen Ying’s dream, you are the ultimate nightmare, kill you, I can take Chen Ying out of the dream, and she can wake up in reality.”

Alva said in a low, muffled voice: “Mortal, I don’t know you, and I don’t know any Chen Ying! This is the Temple of Creation, and no one is allowed to defile it!”

said Then, Alva stretched out his big hand and fiercely fanned towards Chen Xing.

Chen Xing pushed Chen Ying away, “You avoid Little Ying, I’ll deal with him!”

Speaking, Chen Xing immediately transformed into Titan form, and the judge in his hand. Sword, fiercely slashed towards Alva.

Alva was startled and hurried to dodge.

“Mortal, you can actually transform into a Titan form? You can still use the Sword of Judgment? Who the hell are you?”

Chen Xing coldly said: “Remember, I It’s your uncle!”

Speaking, Chen Xing used all his strength to slash at Alva!

Alva couldn’t dodge, he could only cry out sadly, “Queen Your Majesty, save me!”

He called behind this Chen Xing, and behind Chen Xing Apart from Chen Ying, there is no one else.

Chen Xing didn’t think much, the sword of judgment in his hand turned into rays of light, and directly cut Alva’s figure into smoke, making it disappear into the dream.

Of course, this is only in Chen Ying’s dreams.

The Alva here is not the real Alva’s level, but the Alva’s level in Chen Ying’s impression.

This also made Chen Xing wonder: Could it be that, in Chen Ying’s subconscious, Alva Divine Sovereign, who was so powerful that the demons were so terrified, was so unbearable?

Chen Xing turned around and saw a dull-looking Chen Ying.

“Little Ying, I have already killed Alva, don’t be afraid, the nightmare will end soon.”

With that, Chen Xing wanted to pull Chen Ying hand.

Chen Ying dodged like an electric shock. While dodging, he said to Chen Xing sadly: “No! Chen Xing, hurry up, you can’t help me!”

β€œLittle Ying! Little Ying!”

Chen Xing tried his best to catch Chen Ying, but got nowhere.

By the time he reacted, everything was back to normal. He was still in front of the Divine Race Genesis Temple, and the Queen of Divine Race was still sitting high above the temple, but Chen Ying never again. Appeared from behind him.

“Little Ying! Where are you?” Chen Xing shouted eagerly.

He can’t stay in the dream for too long, otherwise, he will sink into the dream and cannot extricate himself.

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