Star God Soldier King Chapter 2215



I saw the Divine Race queen impudent laughing, “Chen Ying – I tentatively call you Chen Ying , although the name of this mortal reveals the connotation everywhere, but since you don’t care about it, I don’t need to care about you.”

Chen Ying raised his head and said: “My life is What you say is given by mortals, not by you, so I love my own name, and I think this name is more noble than your title.”

The Queen of Divine Race sneered, “Isn’t your life given to me? Chen Ying, did you tell your mortal lover that you were originally the reincarnation of my Divine Race queen? In other words, the current me is the original you! You should hate it very much. What I’m doing right now? You wouldn’t dare admit that you destroyed civilization after civilization with your own hands and turned them into crystal energy that made the entire Divine Race immortality?”

Chen Ying’s face suddenly became painful.

That’s right, this is exactly the problem she is most reluctant to face and admit!

After she activates the Divine Race power within herself, her past life memories are also opened.

She knew right away that she was not an ordinary Divine Race member, but the Supreme Divine Race Queen in the entire universe!

Although she still can’t remember what went wrong during her reincarnation process, which caused her Divine Force to be completely lost, and she almost became a sacrifice to a demon, but she knew clearly. Remember how, during her tens of thousands of years as the Queen of the Divine Race, she continued to suppress other civilization races with thunderous brutality, and destroyed many civilizations into crystals to supply and maintain the life of the Divine Race and reign of eternity.

She also finally understood why she was so reluctant to use crystal energy in the real world.

Because, those crystals were once alive.

She remembered these cruel things, but she didn’t know how to explain it to Chen Xing.

Therefore, she subconsciously escaped, not wanting to wake up in a dream.

And over time, her memory strengthened, forming a powerful nightmareβ€”that is, herself, or more accurately, her former self.

Standing face to face with his former self, Chen Ying is like standing in front of a skyscraper.

The Queen of Divine Race can make Chen Ying the soul fly away and scattered with just one finger!

But Chen Ying bravely stood in front of the Divine Race queen.

She can escape at any time.

But never escape at this time!

If she escapes at this time, then her lover, Chen Xing, will die here, in her own dream!

No way!

Chen Ying held firm belief, raised his head, coldly said: “In my past life, I made unforgivable mistakes, so, in this life, I have suffered from reincarnation and experienced the hardships of Mortal World. . I will go back to the Temple of Creation, take back my own authority, and rebuild a better Myriad Realms world!”

“Hahaha!” The Divine Race Queen seemed to hear a Like a big joke, the impudent laughed.

“Listen! Listen! Chen Ying, do you know what you are talking nonsense about? Unforgivable mistakes? The suffering of reincarnation? Please! You are the supreme Sovereign of this universe! This world makes mistakes. , but the Queen of Divine Race will never make mistakes! If the Queen of Divine Race is wrong, it is also the fault of the world! This world is just your appendage. A real queen should maintain her dignity as a Sovereigner! Otherwise!divine might What is it? Cruel, cold, heartless, Only I Am Supreme! That’s the nature of the Divine Race Sovereign! Without that, how can you protect the Divine Race? If you’re so weak that you can’t even protect the Divine Race, then the Divine Race The world that created the rules will collapse completely in a short time! Do you think you are giving kindness to the world? No, you are harming all the civilized races in this world!”

Chen Ying was cold With a cold smile: “Queen of Divine Race, you may be right. If I can return to the Temple of Creation, I will slowly learn how to be a qualified queen. However, a qualified queen is by no means ruthless. The queen of her, but a queen with the least amount of love. This kind of love includes not only love for her lover, but also love for friendship, love for family, and love for all things in the world. This is a true love. The characteristics that a real Sovereigner should have. Before Chen Xing broke into my dream, I didn’t have the courage to face you, but now for Chen Xing, I have the courage! If you don’t let Chen Xing go, I will fight hard In the end!”

The Divine Race queen hahaha laughed, “Just you? I can kill you with one finger! OK! I’ll deal with you first, and then deal with it later. Your lover!”

Speaking, the Divine Race queen slapped her hands and slapped Chen Ying fiercely.

“Little Ying! Leave me alone! Let’s go!”

Chen Xing’s whole body burst out with blue veins, struggling hard, but he couldn’t break free.

Chen Ying closed his eyes slightly, and his body was bathed in strange crystal rays of light.

The slap of the Queen of Divine Race came over, but was blocked by this strange crystal rays of light!

“What?” The Divine Race queen couldn’t help startled.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Ying’s figure has become extremely tall, and it is exactly the same as the figure of the Divine Race Queen!

Chen Ying stretched out a finger towards the Divine Race Queen, “Let go of Chen Xing!”

The Divine Race Queen gritted her teeth, “I don’t believe it, I even deal with you No! I’ll kill your sweetheart first, let’s see how long you can last!”

Said, the Divine Race Queen slapped Chen Xing in the air.

Chen Ying raised his hand and completely dispelled the power of the Divine Race Queen.

The pressure on Chen Xing disappeared immediately!

Chen Xing roared, turned into a dragon, opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and slammed into the chest of the Divine Race queen fiercely!

The Queen of Divine Race shouted angrily: “defeated, you dare to make trouble!”

Speaking, the Queen of Divine Race wanted to repeat the old tricks and disintegrate Chen Xing , again on the ground!

But this time, as soon as she made a move, she felt something was wrong!

Chen Xing’s dragon body is clearly covered with a layer of Divine Force crystal energy!

And the attack of the Queen of Divine Race could not break this layer of Divine Force crystal energy!

“No! Impossible! I am the dignified Queen of Divine Race, impossible was killed by a mortal!”

The Queen of Divine Race shouted in horror, but it was too late to dodge.

Chen Xing’s dragon body fiercely inserted into the front of the Divine Race Queen’s chest, and then pierced through the back of the heart.

The Queen of Divine Race fell heavily to the ground, and the entire Temple of Creation began to collapse.

The Divine Race heavenly generals who were present all fled in horror. When this danger came, their performance was not much better than that of mortals.

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