Star God Soldier King Chapter 2216


β€œLittle Ying! Are you alright?”

After returning to the original shape, the first thing Chen Xing did was run to Chen Ying’s side, Concerned inquiries.

At this point, Chen Ying has also returned to his original form.

Chen Ying bit his lip and said sadly: “I’m fine, I’m sorry, Chen Xing, I…”

Chen Xing took Chen Ying into his arms, He said comfortingly: “It’s okay, you don’t need to say anything, I already understand. Little Ying, you have taken heavy responsibility that should not have been taken by you, but don’t worry, now that I am here, I will help you to bear it together. .No matter if your future path is to lead to the Temple of Creation or to any other place, I will always walk with you, never betray you!”

Chen Ying leaned back excitedly. Chen Xing’s chest, “Well, thank you, Chen Xing.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Of course, you have to promise me, you have to stay with me in the future, Don’t scare yourself by dreaming.”

Chen Ying smiled sweetly, “Well, I’ll listen to you in the future.”

At this time, the dying Divine Race queen opened her mouth slightly. Opening his eyes, “Chen Ying…you…made a mistake.”

Chen Ying said with a cold face, “No, the only mistake I made was not facing you earlier, Didn’t face me earlier. I just can’t admit how hateful and cold I used to be!”

The Queen of Divine Race sneered, “No…Divine Race…of… Dusk…has…come. I thought I could pull strongly against a crazy tide…but…it’s late.”

With that, the Divine Race Queen was completely disappeared.

Chen Ying slightly frowned, still thinking about this remark of the Divine Race Queen, the entire Temple of Creation completely collapsed!

Chen Xing hurriedly embraced Chen Ying, protected Chen Ying, and tried his best to avoid the falling boulder.

Just as they were desperate, a green light path appeared in the sky directly above!

“Your Majesty! Miss Chen Ying! Please follow my green light path!”

Chen Xing understood immediately, this must be the Green Dragon Dragon King Suli The way out in the dream!

“Little Ying, are you ready?”

Chen Ying hugged Chen Xing’s waist, nodded heavily, “Ready!”

“It’s time to wake up!”

Chen Xing transformed into a dragon form, roared, carrying Chen Ying riding on his dragon’s back, and flying rapidly along the green light road!


The whole dream collapsed!

Chen Xing held breath cold air and suddenly opened his eyes.

He had escaped from the dream.

And Chen Ying was still lying on the bed with a soft face.

“Little Ying! Little Ying!” Chen Xing rushed over eagerly, shaking Chen Ying’s body gently.

Chen Ying opened his eyes faintly and yawned, “Sorry for worrying everyone, I’ve woken up.”

The Queen of Blades and the Crystal Fox All cheered happily.

The crystal fox put its head in Chen Ying’s arms, “little elder sister, I miss you so much! Do you know? During the process of your sleep, I was the only one, always Stay by your side to protect you!”

Chen Ying stroked the crystal fox’s head with a smile, “Really? Thank you so much, Small Fox.”

Crystal Fox was instantly satisfied.

Chen Ying said to the Queen of Blades again: “Blade elder sister, thank you.”

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Thank me for what? I’m not here to accompany you. You.”

Chen Ying said with a smile: “I understand everything, blade elder sister, I just want to thank you.”

The blade queen said indifferently: “Then you Whatever.”

Although he said so, he was very happy in his heart.

Chen Ying bowed slightly to the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis again, “You must be the Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis who just guided us, right?”

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis knelt down in fear, “In front of Lord Divine Race, the small dragon would never dare to call himself the Dragon King! The small dragon just did what it was supposed to do according to Your Majesty’s instructions! Miss Chen Ying can Coming out of the dream is all thanks to Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty?” Chen Ying looked at Chen Xing strangely.

Chen Xing explained with a smile: “While you were sleeping, we were in the Dragon Clan world, a lot of things happened.”

Chen Ying said with a smile: ” Yes, you have become Your Majesty, that is indeed a lot of things.”

The crystal fox said with a smile: “Chen Xing is now the Great Emperor Your Majesty! Rule the entire Dragon Clan, of course he is the Titan Heavenly God, the supreme leader of the Dwarf Race! According to this, Chen Ying, elder sister, you should be the queen, right?”

Chen Ying blushed, “What? Ah, people haven’t proposed to me, so how can I be named.”

Hearing this, Chen Xing immediately started.

To be honest, he never had time to think about the proposal.

However, the person he loves in his heart is Chen Ying, and he naturally hopes to marry Chen Ying very much.

However, through this dream, he made it clear that Chen Ying is the real Divine Race queen.

I am a trifling mortal, can I really marry the Queen of Divine Race?

The Queen of Blades couldn’t stand it any longer after such a stunned moment.

She pushed Chen Xing hard, and coldly said: “Chen Xing, why are you hesitating? is it possible that after you became the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon, you started to float? Still thinking of taking the three palaces The Sixth Academy is not successful? You and Little Ying younger sister came to this step only after suffering untold hardships, and now such a good chance to propose, you are still thinking about things?”

“I…” Chen Xing suddenly felt that his palms were all sweaty.

Usually fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, Chen Xing, who even dared to kill the “Queen of Divine Race”, was nervous at this time.

Chen Ying said with a smile: “It’s okay, of course I won’t agree if I want San Gong Liu Yuan, but if Chen Xing wants a blade elder sister, then I still agree with both hands. Yes.”

“Huh?” The Queen of Blades was going to continue to scold Chen Xing, but didn’t expect Chen Ying but said she could agree to Chen Xing wanting her, she panicked and blushed as she said: “No no no! What a joke! It’s too late for me to hate him! I don’t want to marry him! Don’t let me, an innocent passer-by, be affected by the affairs of the two of you? Go first!”

Said, the Queen of Blades rushed out of the room, even her wings were hanging on the door frame, she ignored it.

It’s almost a run away.

Chen Ying said with emotion: “Chen Xing, have you seen it? The blade elder sister still has you in her heart. Unless you dislike her current fairy form.”

Chen Xing smiled wryly, “Little Ying, don’t say it anymore. I love the Queen of Blades and Li Muchen from the bottom of my heart, but that’s just love, not love. The only person I love. , it’s just you. I…”

Everyone present pricked up their ears, waiting for Chen Xing to say the words of marriage proposal.

Even Chen Ying was looking forward to it.

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