Star God Soldier King Chapter 2217



Chen Xing talked about me several times in a row, but didn’t say what Chen Ying wanted to hear Come.

Chen Ying felt a little lost.

Of course she knew that Chen Xing loved her, and she was 100% sure that she loved Chen Xing.

If she had to choose between her own life and Chen Xing’s life, she would definitely give up her own life without the slightest hesitation.

She believes that Chen Xing is the same.

If Chen Xing had to choose between his own life and her Chen Ying’s life, then Chen Xing would definitely give up his life without hesitation.

If this is not love, what is love?

However, she can also understand why Chen Xing is so nervous and worried.

She is the Supreme Queen of Divine Race.

A new generation of reincarnation’s Supreme Queen.

This identity also empowers her to return to the Temple of Creation and regain her rights to prevent the Divine Race from collapsing, which in turn leads to the chaos of the Myriad Realms and the destruction of the universe.

This is her job.

In other words, she is going to return to the highest throne after all.

And what Chen Xing worries about is, how can a Supreme queen marry a mortal?

Such a marriage will surely become a stumbling block on their way of love.

Chen Xing is not running away, but thinking too much.

Chen Ying really wanted to grab Chen Xing’s hand and pressed his big hands tightly to his chest, so that Chen Xing could feel his sincerity.

She also wanted to tell Chen Xing that she was not afraid of anything, she was just afraid that she would not be able to be with Chen Xing.

However, she knows Chen Xing.

If Chen Xing doesn’t want to make it clear, then everything will be meaningless.

At this time, I saw Chen Xing sighed heavily.

“Little Ying, I once said that I will stay with you in this life. If you have difficulties, I will share them with you, and if you have joys, I will also share them with you! We are supposed to be one, and I really shouldn’t let the relationship between us divide because of worrying about your Divine Race status!”

Chen Xing took a deep breath and said loudly: ” Little Ying, I love you! So please marry me!”

Chen Ying originally thought that Chen Xing would not propose to her for the time being, did’t expect Chen Xing to remove the heavy obstacles in his heart , really proposed to her!

The sudden joy made Chen Ying froze in place, tears of happiness swirling in his eyes!

After getting along for so long, this love wish will finally come true now!

Seeing Chen Ying, the crystal fox didn’t speak for a long time, anxious like an ant on a hot pot, “Aiya! Aiya! Little elder sister! Little elder sister! It was Chen Xing who was stunned just now, now what? You are stunned again! Promise! Promise! Otherwise, I can promise for you! Cough cough! Chen Xing, listen carefully, I, Chen Ying, agree to your proposal. I hope you will treat the crystal fox well in the future. Treat him like your best friend!”


The excited Chen Ying suddenly couldn’t help laughing, “Small Fox, you go away! This is my important moment! Don’t make trouble!”

The crystal fox rubbed his little paws with a smile and said, “Aiya, I’m really worried for you two.”

Chen Ying pursed his lips and turned to Chen Xing with a blushing face. Said: “Chen Xing, I… I accept your marriage proposal, we will walk together in the future. not born on the same day same month and same year, but wished to die on the same day same month and same year. No Seeking reincarnation, just wanting to embrace each other.”

Chen Xing was shocked.

As Chen Ying, it is the absolute eternal Sovereign.

Even if you live to the age limit of Divine Race, you can be reincarnated by bathing in crystal energy.

For Chen Xing, even if he can change the physique of mortals and live for 10,000 years, he will eventually be reincarnated and reborn.

But now Chen Ying said this remark, the meaning is very obvious, that is to accompany Chen Xing to walk through every section of the road in life.

When Chen Xing died, she would also give up reincarnation and die with Chen Xing.

This is probably the first queen in the history of Divine Race who did not choose samsara reincarnation.

Chen Xing opened his mouth and was about to object, but Chen Ying said with a smile: “Okay, I have finished what I have to say, and neither of us can go back. Now, as you The legal fiancee, you can come and kiss me.”

Chen Xing laughed, no longer entangled in the matter of reincarnation, he walked up to Chen Ying and grabbed Chen Ying’s waist, He kissed Chen Ying’s lips deeply.

The two kissed very affectionately and for a very long time.

It’s been so long that the big light bulb Green Dragon, Sulis, who is standing aside, is a little sorry to watch it any longer.

After a while, Chen Ying pushed Chen Xing away with a blushing face, “Okay, okay.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “It will be like this every day from now on. Just kiss it, this is my right as your fiancΓ©.”

“Hate!” Chen Ying broke free from Chen Xing’s arms, “I’ll go to the elder sister!”


“Little Ying! Don’t run around!” Chen Xing said with concern.

“I see!” Chen Ying said, and ran out with a smile.

“Wait for me, little elder sister!” The crystal fox also hurriedly followed.

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis said with a smile: “Congratulations to Your Majesty! Congrats to Your Majesty! I wish Your Majesty can bloom as soon as possible and give birth to strong and excellent offspring! In that case, no matter what It’s a great blessing for us Dragon Clan, Divine Race, and even Human Race!”

Chen Xing laughed, “Okay, many thanks to your blessings! , Sulis.”

Sulis said quickly: “Your Majesty! As the saying goes, it is better to hit the sun than to pick up the sun, since Your Majesty has proposed to Miss Chen Ying, then it is better to just Can we hold the wedding directly in our Xiufeng Valley?”

If the wedding of the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon can be held in Xiufeng Valley, then the faces of the Green Dragon family will be full of rays of light. .

Chen Xing said with a smile: “No, we don’t hold the wedding here.”

“Huh?” It makes sense, after all, the best relationship between the Great Emperor of the Demon Dragon is the scarlet Dragon King Valenstadz of the Red Dragon family. If the wedding is really going to be held in the Dragon Clan, it will also be held in the New Life Temple of the Red Dragon family.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Sulis, don’t be disappointed, I am not targeting your Green Dragon clan, and I will not hold a wedding in the territory of the Red Dragon clan. Chen and I will not be married. Ying, as a mortal, lives in the Human Race world, so our wedding must go back to the territory of Human Race. Of course, when we get married, I will send someone to send you invitations , let you all come to participate.”

Sulliston said excitedly: “That’s very good! Very good! Congrats to Your Majesty again!”

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