Star God Soldier King Chapter 2218


β€œBlade elder sister!”

After Chen Ying left the guest room of the Emerald Temple, on an open-air balcony of the Emerald Temple, I found the Queen of Blades who was leaning on a railing and looking into the distance, secretly fascinated.

“Little Ying, how did you run out?” the queen of blades frowned said: “You just woke up from your sleep, your body hasn’t recovered yet, the wind is so strong here, you hurry in!”


Chen Ying said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, I just want to talk to the elder sister of the blade!”

The Queen of Blades looked at Chen Ying’s blushing face, and immediately understood Come over, “So, that kid Chen Xing is finally enlightened? He proposed to you? Hahaha! I finally didn’t waste my pains! I was thinking just now, if the kid is not enlightened, I will rush over, okay Give him a few punches to make him understand.”

Chen Ying said gratefully: “Sister blade elder, you are so kind to me. Besides, you are as good as ever.”

The Queen of Blades still wanted to put on a cold face, but in the face of Chen Ying’s sincere eyes, she finally gave up the disguise.

“Ai, Little Ying, actually…”

“Blade elder sister, you don’t need to say more, I understand it in my heart. Although I can only call you blade elder sister now. , but in my heart, you will always be the amiable elder sister Mu Chen. You don’t want us to be grateful to you, and you don’t want us to feel we owe you, so you always put on such a picture to make people hate it. But do you know that we have never hated you, no matter if you live with the mentality of the elder sister of Mu Chen or the mentality of the elder sister of the blade. In our hearts, you will always be us My dearest one.” Chen Ying said emotionally.

The most sturdy city defense in the Queen of Blades was immediately broken.

She long sighed, “I’m sorry Little Ying, I didn’t mean to do this either. I just, I just feel that my inhuman state is not suitable for you to be friends anymore. I just want to help you in silence.”

Chen Ying said with a smile: “Elder sister, I can tell you a secret. This secret is my real life experience. My The real life experience is not only a member of Divine Race, but also the reincarnated queen of Divine Race.”

When the Queen of Blades heard this, she stared wide-eyed in horror, “What? Are you the reincarnated queen of Divine Race? Then, what about Alva, the Divine Sovereign?”

Chen Ying said with a smile: “He is just one of my commanders, nothing at worst. I don’t know why he plotted to usurp the throne, but Obviously, he made this series of conspiracies when I was reincarnated. And the reason why I tell you the secret of my life experience is not to show my supreme identity in front of you, but to want to Let me tell you, when Chen Xing was in the dream, he already knew my identity. He hesitated a bit when he proposed to me just now. What he was worried about was my identity as Supreme. He was afraid that he was a mortal. Identity cannot match my supreme identity. This is just like you are worried that your non-human and half-demon identity does not match our human identity. But the final fact is that Chen Xing bravely broke through this layer The nihilistic identity hindered me and proposed to me. So, you shouldn’t care about your non-human or half-demon identity, you are you, no matter your code name is Mu Chen elder sister or blade elder sister, you are our dearest People.”

The Queen of Blades was extremely excited, and tears welled up in her eyes, “Thank you, Little Ying, I, I understand.”

Chen Ying said with a smile: “Actually, I can feel that you love Chen Xing, and Chen Xing also likes you. Without me, you would be the perfect couple. So, if the blade elder sister you If we don’t dislike it, we can marry Chen Xing together.”

The Queen of Blades suddenly panicked, “no no no! No! No! I will not marry Chen Xing! Chen Xing is Dae Ying. Xiong, and I…”

Chen Ying sighed, “Look, blade elder sister, you still haven’t been able to overcome that hurdle in your heart. “

The Queen of Blades said with a bitter smile: “Yes, the hurdle on the road is easy, but the hurdle in my heart is very sad. Everyone understands the big truth, but if you really come across it, it’s really time to test your ability. I have to admit that I am not as strong as Chen Xing. I thought that the gap between us could be narrowed in terms of strength, but in fact, the gap between us in terms of strength has become wider and wider. The bigger the gap, the more I can recognize the distance between myself and Chen Xing. You say we have feelings between us? Yes, we do have feelings for each other. But fate is like this, not every emotional relationship will go together. Our world is different. Chen Xing belongs to you, Little Ying, you are the best match. He doesn’t belong to me, and I just want to bless you. “

Chen Ying opened his mouth and finally sighed sadly, “Blade elder sister, think about it again!” Don’t be in a hurry to reject me now, this invitation of mine has always been valid. No matter when you want to marry Chen Xing, I will fully support you! “

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Thank you, Little Ying, but I… make up my mind.” “

Chen Ying said quickly: “Don’t make a decision yet! “

The Queen of Blades laughed helplessly, “Okay, Little Ying, it’s windy here, you just woke up, your body is weak, let’s go, I’ll take you to other places in Xiufeng Valley.” change. To be honest, the scenery here is still good, but unfortunately, there was a war just now, but it can still be seen. “

Chen Ying said with a smile: “Blade elder sister, I must have missed a lot of interesting things after sleeping for so long. Why don’t we walk around and tell me about the Dragon Clan world?” what happened. “

The Queen of Blades said with a smile: “Okay, Dragon Clan world, let’s start with the time when you were in a coma. After you were in a coma, Chen Xing rushed to the ants on the hot pot.” The same, and Valenstadz said that the Green Dragon Dragon King has a way to help you get rid of the drowsiness, so we took the shuttle machine and entered the Dragon Clan world. As soon as we entered the Dragon Clan world, we were surrounded by a group of ferocious red dragon female guards, among them Captain, Hilda…”

The Queen of Blades walked slowly with Chen Ying , while telling Chen Ying what happened in the Dragon Clan world carefully.

Talking about the excitement, the blade wings behind the Queen of Blades stood up.

And Chen Ying also heard as if drunk and stupefied, with a rich expression.

Chen Xing wanted to find Chen Ying and told Chen Ying that he had to do something else first, but Seeing the two women talking so happily, he didn’t bother them anymore.

After he explained a few words to the Green Dragon Dragon King, he left Xiufeng Valley on his own and hurried towards the pillar of power in the Black Dragon territory. Fly away.

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