Star God Soldier King Chapter 2219


Not long ago, the blue dragon queen Queldara sent a message to Chen Xing, telling Chen Xing that the Black Dragon family and Naizu Leo’s blood-related remnants have all been cleaned up, and three candidates for the new Black Dragon Dragon King have also been selected, waiting for Chen Xing to decide.

And Chen Xing also wanted to end Dragon Clan earlier and return to his own Human Race world, so he flew to the pillar of power without saying a word.

It was a smooth journey.

After flying fast for two hours, Chen Xing arrived at the great hall, the pillar of power of the Black Dragon family.

The blue dragon queen Quel’Dara has long been waiting in the great hall.

Behind her, the Black Dragon throne is empty.

Besides her, there are three sturdy Black Dragon people standing with their hands down.

As soon as Chen Xing arrived, Queldara immediately went up to meet him, one-knee kneels fell to the ground: “Great Emperor Your Majesty!”

The three When the people of Black Dragon saw Chen Xing, they first started and then followed Quel’Dara to their knees.

Of course they knew that the Great Emperor was the one who killed their Black Dragon, Nezulio.

They have also heard that the real person who killed Nezulio was just a mortal.

But they’ve always been dubious about this claim.

How could a mortal become the Great Emperor, how could he kill the powerful Nezulio?

This simply doesn’t make sense!

But when I saw him today, Chen Xing was really just a mortal.

Although he is a mortal, Chen Xing has an imposing manner that shows no anger.

Rather than saying that these three candidates for the Dragon King fell to their knees with the blue dragon queen Quel’Dara, it would be better to say that it was Chen Xing’s domineering that made them involuntarily kneel to the ground. of.

Chen Xing was rude and sat down directly on the throne of Black Dragon before raising his hand, “Get up, Queen Queldara, you’ve worked hard.”


Queldara said respectfully: “Your Majesty, I’m not working hard. Oh, Your Majesty, I heard Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis say that you have just proposed to Miss Chen Ying! Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Chen Xing laughed, “This old Sulis, said it for me so quickly.”

Queldara said with a smile: “I think, Sulis is too happy for Your Majesty.”

Chen Xing nods with a smile, “Well, I understand, and I also appreciate your blessing. Well, let’s get down to business nowβ€” β€”These three should be the candidates you selected for the Black Dragon Dragon King, right?”

Queldara said: “Exactly, Your Majesty! I have already checked the life experience of these three. Now, the three generations of their ancestors are the extremely innocent Aristocratic Family, the family that did not join forces with Nezulio, and thus were exiled to the edge of the Black Dragon clan. Moreover, the people around them have never participated in it. The war against other Dragon Clan.”

“Well, not bad. As the new Black Dragon dragon king, it is very important to have a clean family background. As long as the family background is clean, we can communicate with other dragon kings normally in the future.”

Chen Xing looked at the three Black Dragon subjects carefully: “You all raise your heads.”

The three raised their heads cautiously.

Chen Xing took a look. From the faces of the three, they are indeed honest and honest.

However, Black Dragon’s cunning is also in the blood, so Chen Xing can’t determine who is more suitable to become the new Dragon King based on their appearance.

Chen Xing thought for a moment, then said with a smile: “You three, you all look pretty good. Well, I allow the three of you to choose a weapon each, and then kill each other, Whoever survives to the end will be the Black Dragon Dragon King.”

The three Black Dragon people exclaimed suddenly.

Queldara, who was beside him, smiled and said nothing.

She has fought several tough battles with Chen Xing, and she naturally knows that Chen Xing will never let the Black Dragon people kill each other for no reason. This is obviously just a test.

Of course, the scale of this trial is still up to Chen Xing to decide.

“Your Majesty! Isn’t that bad?” said one of the tall and mighty Black Dragon subjects, frowning.

Another tall Black Dragon citizen followed suit: “Yeah Your Majesty, we don’t want to kill each other!”

And the last little Black Dragon citizen , but tightly frowned, did not speak.

Chen Xing said with a smile while observing his words and expressions: “My order, for you, is the imperial decree. You have to do what I tell you to do! Even your lives are given to me by me. You, your throne, naturally have to be decided by me! So, whatever you think, even if you really don’t want to kill others, be prepared to be killed by others. Of course, in order to make this battle for the throne more To be more exciting, I will only give you three weapons. The first weapon is my sword of judgment!”

“wa!” The people of Black Dragon stared wide-eyed.

O sword of judgment!

That’s an ancient Saint Artifact!

It’s the ultimate weapon that kills Oyxia and Nezulio!

Just listen to Chen Xing continue: “The second weapon you can choose is the magic wand of the blue dragon queen Queldara. Her magic wand has the magic essence of 50% formidable power, Let the owner be invincible!”

There are already people among the people of Black Dragon who are eager to have a try.

Chen Xing smiled and said to Queldara: “Queen Queldara, borrow your magic wand first.”

Queldara immediately respected He put the wand in both hands, “Follow Your Majesty’s will!”

Chen Xing didn’t reach for the wand, but just a little bit in the air, and the whole wand with a magical light was suspended in the power. The top level of the column great hall.

Then, Chen Xing pulled out his sword of judgment, and in a dazzling halo, he suspended the sword of judgment at the height corresponding to the magic staff.

Chen Xing said with a smile: “One sword, one stick, three of you, one of you is destined to fight with your bare hands. Therefore, you have to use all your strength to fight. The one who wins, Get the Black Dragon Throne, the loser, die without a burial site.”

The three Black Dragon people all gritted their teeth, their whole body tense to the extreme!

Chen Xing carefully observed the expressions of the three, and then lightly said: “Are you ready? Then, let’s start!”

With his order, The mighty Black Dragon citizen took the lead in transforming into a giant dragon, roaring towards the sword of judgment.

The other tall man was obviously half a beat slower, but he also quickly transformed into a giant dragon form, roaring towards the magic wand.

Although the magic wand is definitely inferior to the sword of judgment, having a magic wand body protection is worse than having nothing in your hand.

And the last member of Black Dragon, who was relatively short in stature, also transformed into a giant dragon form at this time.

But instead of fighting for weapons with anyone, he opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and charged towards Chen Xing fiercely!

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