Star God Soldier King Chapter 2223


Chen Xing was very satisfied to see all the Dragon Clan leaders stand up with impassioned expressions.

Facts have proved that these Dragon Clan brothers are indeed reliable and can fight side by side.

At this time, Chen Ying stood up and said: “Thank you! Thank you for your support! Speak frankly, I was not a brave person before, I only knew to stand behind Chen Xing and seek Chen Xing’s protection. However, now that I know my own identity, I must stand up bravely and do what a supreme queen should do! I will fight side by side with you to defend this which belongs to us world!”

“Long live the dragon, Your Majesty! Long live the Divine Race Queen!”

The Dragon Clan leaders all shouted excitedly.

Chen Xing pressed his palm, signaling everyone to be quiet first.

“It is useless for us to be determined and to shout slogans. From now on, we only have a month at most, or even less time, to train our troops and replenish our combat items. This will It’s an uphill battle, so our training and combat preparations must be carried out to the highest standards!”

“Yes!” All Dragon Clan leaders replied in unison.

Chen Xing went on to say: “As for the dwarves, they are descendants of the Titans, so I won’t ask them to fight the Titans. Of course, I also don’t allow you to ask the dwarves to fight the Titans. Do you understand?”


If the dwarves want to remain absolutely neutral, we will allow them to stay in the Dragon Clan world, if they want to help the Titans If it is a family, then we will give him time to evacuate this Dragon Clan world first. Of course, if the dwarves want to stay and provide us with tactical resources, then we are more welcome. But these three options are all on the dwarf tribe itself! “

“Yes! Got it, Your Majesty! “

Chen Xing went on to say: “In addition, while preparing for the battle, I have to temporarily leave the Dragon Clan world for a while. “

“Huh? “

“What? “

“Your Majesty is leaving?” “

“So what can we do?” “

With Chen Xing around, they, Dragon Clan, fear nothing in Heaven or Earth, and their backs are stiff.

But once Chen Xing leaves, they will immediately I’m in a situation where there are no gods.

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Everyone, don’t be nervous, I’m not leaving, I’m just leaving for a while, and after finishing the internal affairs of my Human Race, I will send Human After the Four Great Empires of Race were completely unified, I immediately brought the Human Race army to the Dragon Clan world. “

“Human Race army? Your Majesty, the strength of Human Race… doesn’t seem to be enough, right? “Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis said in a low voice.

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “The individual strength of Human Race is of course not comparable to Dragon Clan, but don’t forget, Human Race has Advanced technology, and the quantitative advantage of Human Race is also very obvious. If we’re dealing with Alva’s titan army, or a demonic army, the mobility and technology of the Human Race will naturally be of great use. “

Green Dragon Dragon King Sulis heavily nodded, “Good! As long as humans are willing to fight alongside us, we warmly welcome! “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This point, you can naturally rest assured that the human army is my direct subordinate, and only they can fully understand and execute my tactics. Well, that’s all I want to tell you, and the rest, all of you Dragon Clan, must prepare for the battle with all their strength. “

“Yes! Your Majesty! “

All the Dragon Clan leaders bowed and saluted.

Chen Xing stood up from the throne, “Lao Wa, we have to leave the Dragon Clan world and return to the human world. I plan to take you back to see it, but you shouldn’t be able to leave now. The life temple of your red dragon family is still under construction, and Hilda is still pregnant. Many things in the red dragon family require you to do it yourself, so I will not take you back this time. . However, we can go to your red dragon territory to take a look first. First, we have to leave from the old position where we came in. Second, it happens that the City Lord of the Dark Iron Dwarf, Grian, is also in your red dragon territory. Nearby, I have to explain to him before I leave. “

Valenstadz immediately said, “Excellent!” Your Majesty! We, the Red Dragon family, welcome you very much! “

In front of other dragon kings, Valenstadz still has to call Chen Xing Your Majesty, and only when there are no outsiders will he call Chen Xing Chen Xing brother.

“It’s not too late, let’s go now. “

Chen Xing took Chen Ying’s hand, and the Crystal Fox and the Queen of Blades followed.

Several people flew up from the Emerald Temple and flew away in Valence. Under the guidance of Taz, head to the Red Dragon Territory.

“Congratulations to the Great Emperor Your Majesty! Congrats to Your Majesty, Queen of Divine Race! “

A respectful farewell from the other Dragon Clan leaders.

Valenstadz and Hilda are especially happy.

Because anyone can see it , the dragon Great Emperor Chen Xing has a very unusual relationship with them.

Soon, the entire group reached the territory of the red dragon.

All the people of the red dragon saw After Chen Xing, they all stopped their work and greeted them excitedly.

“Long live the Great Emperor! “

“Long live the absolutely years old!”

Such cheers are heard one after another.

Chen Xing frequently nodded greetings, and finally walked from the enthusiastic double-team to the temporary great hall.

The City Lord of the Dark Iron Tribe has been waiting in the great hall for a long time.

“Grian, do you know the purpose of my visit?” Chen Xing asked straight to the point.

Grian hurriedly replied: “Yes, the leader of the Titans! Hilda, the Queen of the Red Dragon, has already told me! Please rest assured, the leader! The three choices you gave us, we resolutely choose to help! Although we can’t fight the Titans, we are willing to work with the leaders to defend our Divine Race queen and defend our world! We are willing to provide all material help!”

Chen Xing heavy nodded , “Okay! Just what you said, I’m relieved. Besides, in addition to needing you to strengthen the Defensive Array lines of the major Dragon Clans, I also want you to do one thing for me.”

Grian immediately said: “Leader please say, I will do my best!”

Chen Xing said: “I hope you can serve as my envoy and go to the Titan family’s domain to see their The Supreme Ruler, the Supreme Heavenly Venerable of the Titan Elemental Council.”

Grian suddenly held breath cold air, “What? See the Supreme Heavenly Venerable? Me? No no no! How can I have this ability? Ah!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Of course you don’t have it now, but after the war starts, the Titan army is frustrated, and the guys from the Elemental Council will naturally look at you highly.”

Grian gritted his teeth, “Okay! As long as it’s the leader’s order, I’m willing to go through water and tread on fire, no matter what!”

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