Star God Soldier King Chapter 2224



On the far side of the universe, in the creation temple of the Supreme God family, the Divine Sovereign Alva is gloomy face, sitting on a small side seat.

The supreme throne of the Queen of Divine Race is still empty at the top. Alva wants to sit on it, but before he officially ascends the throne, he must not interfere and desecrate the supreme throne of Divine Race. Throne’s.

If the name is not right, the throne will not recognize him and will shock him with trillions of volts.

This is something that even a quasi-Divine Sovereign like him can’t bear.

Before, he had never sensed the existence of the reincarnated queen. He thought that the reincarnated queen was either dead or completely reduced to a mortal.

No matter which of these two endings it is, it is very good for him.

He has persuaded the great generals in Divine Race. Some of these generals did not support him originally and were loyal to the reincarnated queen, but after waiting so long, some of them also Not sure if the reincarnated queen can really come back, coupled with Alva’s coercion and temptation, they all wavered.

It won’t take long for Alva to realize his long-cherished wish, from a genius next to a Divine Race queen, to a true Divine Race supreme Sovereigner.

Lead the Myriad Realms!

All authority is in one body!

What an exciting thing this is!

For this, the price he paid was far more than anyone imagined!

This is almost a sure thing, but what absolutely didn’t expect is that first there was a problem on the demon-like side, the sword of judgment reappeared in the world, and then, he also sensed a powerful Fluctuations of Divine Force!

This level of fluctuation can only be created by a real Divine Race reincarnated queen!

This also means that the reincarnated queen has awakened!

Even if the newly awakened reincarnated queen has not recovered enough terrifying strength to destroy the world, as long as she shows her identity, it will make those Divine Race heavenly generals who have been shaken to support the reincarnation. Queen’s!

Alva has put so much thought into it that this must never happen again!

He frowned, thought about it carefully, and then called out loudly: “Come on!”

“Yes! Lord Alva!” A Divine Race celestial general appeared immediately .

Alva ordered: “Send my word of mouth, saying that there are bad factors in all circles of the universe now, in order to prevent our Divine Race from also affecting us, so from now on in this brief moment, all Divine Race sources, all must be reviewed by myself before they can be released to the public.”

“Huh? This…” God will hesitate.

You must know that the Divine Race Queen has never given such an order in her previous reincarnations.

Alva shouted angrily: “Why, you dare to oppose me?”

“No! Dare, Lord Alva.” The heavenly general said immediately: “I immediately Just go and convey your order.”

“Well, in addition, let the Elemental Council of the Titan family prepare to meet me!” Alva said.


Day will turn away.

In a short while, a holographic projection appeared in front of Alva.

Alva cleared his throat and switched on the holographic projection.

The five supreme Heavenly Venerables of the Titan Council of Elements appeared in front of Alva.

These five Heavenly Venerables are all wearing pure elements rays of light, the first is the flame element Heavenly Venerable, the second is the air element Heavenly Venerable, the third is the earth element Heavenly Venerable, the third The fourth is the Holy Water Element Heavenly Venerable, and the fifth is the Thunder Element Heavenly Venerable.

These five Titans, Heavenly Venerable, are the supreme leaders of the entire Titan family.

They do not use one person to issue orders to the entire Titan family, but to issue orders to the Elemental Council, which is jointly run by five people.

“Lord Alva, any advice?” The earth element Heavenly Venerable is the most authoritative among the five Heavenly Venerables, so he was the first to speak.

Alva smiled slightly, “Titans Heavenly Venerable, it’s time to test your loyalty! Now, on the Dragon Clan world side, there is a conspiracy to overthrow the rule of our Divine Race, and they have found a human woman. , disguised as the Queen Reincarnation Body, such blasphemous and disobedient behavior is really intolerable to Divine Race! So, I want to send you to deal with Dragon Clan, and then root out that human woman Chen Ying! Do you understand? ?”

Several elements Heavenly Venerable frowned immediately.

“There’s still such a thing?”

“Why did I just find out?”

“Hehe, speaking of those Dragon Clan who believe oneself infallible , I’m afraid it’s not difficult to understand.”

“However, how can we be sure that the Human Race woman Chen Ying is indeed not Your Majesty, the queen of reincarnation?”

Elements Heavenly Venerable You talk about it in one word.

Alva snapped: “I know the Queen’s reincarnation, of course. Queen Your Majesty told me before that she already hates immortality life, so she doesn’t Choose reincarnation! And as her successor, in order to show respect for her, I didn’t immediately become Divine Sovereign! But didn’t expect, my approach has aroused the thoughts of some people with ulterior motives! So, I You have to hurry up! As for you, either obey the orders of my new Divine Sovereign and defend the dignity of the Divine Race! Or, you will not serve the Divine Race in the future!”

Heavenly Venerable said quickly : “Lord Alva, please forgive us for our rashness! We know what to do. However, war is not so easy to start, please give us more time, let us prepare everything, and then destroy the whole thing in one fell swoop. Dragon Clan world!”

Alva then smiled with satisfaction, “Remember, I don’t want a living person, I just want a dead person! That Chen Ying, and another human named Chen Xing, the two of them. You must die! Do you understand?”

The earth element Heavenly Venerable replied immediately: “I understand, Lord Alva.”

Alva then waved his hand and interrupted. Holographic communication.

In the Council of Elements, the titan Heavenly Venerables also immediately lost communication.

“This matter is a little out of the ordinary.”

“Yeah, if you really want to start a war, the Queen should give the king’s order, and although Alva is a The successor, but he has not yet ascended the throne after all.”

“At best, Alva is just another high-level general, and we should not obey the orders of the general.”

Earth Element Heavenly Venerable slightly frowned, “You may be right, but Alva is about to become the new Divine Sovereign. If we offend him, it will be extremely detrimental to the fate of the entire Titan family. .”

“Then we’ll have to fight Dragon Clan.”

“Well, then prepare for war.”

Five Elements Heavenly Venerable nodded to each other, making the final decision.

[“Dragon Crown” ends, “The Battle of the Gods” begins. “The Battle of the Gods” will be the last volume of this book, thank you for your support! ]

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