Star God Soldier King Chapter 2225


Chen Xing and the others spent only one night in the Red Dragon Territory.

In the early morning of the second day, they said goodbye to Valenstadz, left the red dragon territory, and went to the entrance at that time.

Valenstadz had been sending Chen Xing and the others to the shuttle, and he was reluctant to return after seeing the shuttle pass through the Formation crack.

After returning, he accelerated his combat preparations and waited for a new decisive battle.

After Chen Xing and the others returned by shuttle, the first stop was to return to the base of the alien world.

The alien generals, the Human Race generals, the mixed race generals, all come together to celebrate the return of Chen Xing and the others.

The entire Frontier Sector, under the governance of Scarlett, has already grown quite large.

And the hybrid Sector, under the governance of the hybrid leader Gosling, thrives.

As for the aliens, Dekenia’s work is even better.

Chen Xing kept nodding while listening to the reports of these subordinates.

After everyone reported, Chen Xing said with a smile: “Everyone did a great job! It’s worth commending!”

Scarlett said with a smile: “There are more things to be commended than this! Mr. Chen Xing, during the time you were away, the intelligent AIAzure Dragon deciphered some of the scientific research notes left by Lin Rou Academician for us, and we successfully built two Battlestars. Now add the previous Battlestar, you now have a total of three Battlestars!”

“Really?” Chen Xing needs these ultimate weapons to deal with the Titan army, listen Scarlett’s words made me extremely happy!

“Very good! This Azure Dragon is still very helpful. Zhang Zhenting!”

“My subordinates are here!”

“You send orders immediately! All the troops that can fight, gather together, bring all the supplies and ammunition, and then prepare for the battle!”

“Yes! Wait! Lord Chen Xing, the battle? Who will we fight? Demon-like? “Zhang Zhenting couldn’t help asking.

The only enemy they can think of now is another Demon-like army of Formation.

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “The demons are nothing to be afraid of, even more how, they won’t even think about passing the Formation crack in a short time. The enemy we are fighting against is a more dangerous enemy. Of course, Before dealing with more dangerous enemies, I have to go back to the Human Race world first, and first get rid of the Empire of Awakening Lions and the Empire of Xianglong.”

Zhen Ting immediately said: “Then let my Vajra The skeleton mercenary team will go back with you.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Alright, just a few of them are enough, as for the others, let’s prepare actively. Oh, yes By the way, bring me the Azure Dragon too.”


Chen Xing once promised Azure Dragon that once the Sword of Judgment is activated, the Judgment will be executed. The sword was lent to Azure Dragon One.

Since Azure Dragon One has been helping him build his army, he should indeed keep his promise and lend Azure Dragon the Sword of Judgment.

Chen Xing took Chen Ying and the others to a new shuttle and flew towards the Dark Portal.

The operator of this new shuttle is the Divine Grade intelligent AIAzure Dragon.

After seeing Chen Xing, Azure Dragon exclaimed in amazement: “Lord Chen Xing, I can’t see your strength any more! It stands to reason that I can already have a strength within 100 levels. Detected! Could it be that your current strength has exceeded level 100?”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Yes, I am already a Heavenly Venerable level powerhouse.”

Azure Dragon said with emotion: “It’s amazing! It’s amazing! With the fleshy body mortal body of a human being, you can reach such a level. You are definitely the Number One Person of the since ancient times!”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Azure Dragon, there are no outsiders here, you don’t have to compliment me, and I don’t want to go around in circles with you. Don’t you want the sword of judgment? Well, I can lend it to you, but, you At least tell me, what are you going to do with the Sword of Judgment? If I lend you the sword and you do something wrong, then I absolutely won’t allow it.”

Azure Dragon quickly said with a smile: “Lord Chen Xing, please rest assured, I will never use the ancient Saint Artifact to do evil, I really want to save a person, even a world.”

Chen Xing said: “Then you should tell me who you are dealing with. Only in this way can I help you better.”

Azure Dragon sighed, “Lord Chen Xing, please don’t blame me, I really can’t say it right now, only when I do this will I fully explain it to you, and at that time, no matter how you treat me, I can accept it calmly.”

Chen Xing frowned, “Well, since you refused to say it, and I promised you, then I can only bear it for a while. The sword of judgment is given to you, you can take it! I’m going now I will go to you in one day at most, and at that time, no matter if your work is completed or not, you must give me an explanation!”

Azure Dragon is excited Said: “Please rest assured, Lord Chen Xing! I will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation!”

Chen Xing slightly nods, and then unlocks the sword of judgment and handed it over to The hands of Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon holds the sword of judgment in both hands, and exhibits one’s feelings in one’s speech with excitement.

The shuttle quickly passed through the Dark Portal.

Azure Dragon also said goodbye to Chen Xing and the others, and disappeared into the vast Star Sea with the sword of judgment.

“Chen Xing, are you really at ease to hand over the Sword of Judgment to Azure Dragon?” The Queen of Blades frowned and asked, “Would you like me to follow him secretly to see what he’s up to? ?”

Chen Xing smiled and looked at the head, “The Azure Dragon guy should be different from other intelligent AIs. If he doesn’t say it, he naturally has his own hidden secrets. We will give him this opportunity. , let him handle it himself.”

“Okay.” Queen of Blades nodded.

Chen Ying said: “Chen Xing, I miss Xiaolong and the others! Can we go back and see them?”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I also want to I have a good disciple, and I don’t know how his younger sister Xiaofeng is now. But we have to settle the Empire of the Lions and the Empire of Xianglong first. The Empire of Xianglong is simple, mainly the Empire of the Lions. Let’s face it directly. To Edgar, Marshal of the Lion King Empire. The internal disputes within Human Race should have been settled a long time ago.”

“Okay!” Chen Ying nods with a smile.

The shuttle immediately changed direction and flew in the direction of the Lion King.

At this time, the national strength of the Lion King Empire has long since declined.

In the past, the Xingshi Empire was the second most powerful country, and it was the second only to the existence of the Xianglong Empire.

And now, under the joint double-team of the other three countries, the Xingshi Empire’s economic situation continues to deteriorate, and it has become the worst country.

On the contrary, it was the Zhulu Empire, which jumped to become the first powerful country, then the Xianglong Empire, and then the Benwolf Empire.

For fear of being attacked by the military, the Lion King Empire has always maintained a state of high vigilance.

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