Star God Soldier King Chapter 2228


“Dark matter energy block… Yes, it is true that only I know, but… you are a Divine Grade intelligent AI, you want dark matter What does the energy block do?” The King of the Lion King is not a complete fool, he stared at Black Tortoise and asked.

Black Tortoise laughed, “You don’t have to worry about it, you tell me where the dark matter energy block is, and I will take you out of this ghost place and save your life.”

The Lion King The king asked, “Then will you help me deal with Chen Xing? What about my country? What about my people?”

Black Tortoise sneered, “My king Your Majesty, you I already have powerless to defend himself, do you still want your throne and kingship? Believe me, the Lion King Empire will be more prosperous without you, and the people of the Lion King Empire will be more relaxed without you, the King Happy.”

A pained expression appeared on the face of the king of the Lion King Empire, “Black Tortoise, you can… really speak.”

Black Tortoise said with a sneer: “For this sake, we should have been open and honest. Now, there is not much time left for you to choose. In another minute, Chen Xing will appear here.”

The King of the Lion King frowned and thought for a moment, “No, the dark matter energy block is my last trump card! Since you can’t help me deal with Chen Xing, then I would rather give the dark matter energy block directly to Chen Xing. At least it’s possible to get a glimmer of survival!”

Black Tortoise sighed and shook the head, “I’m sorry King Your Majesty, you made a wrong choice. But, fortunately, I am Divine Grade intelligent AI, and my master has also given me a new program, you are the retrieval mind.”

Said, Black Tortoise’s figure threw directly at the king of the Lion King.

The King of the Lion King wanted to struggle, but there was no chance at all!

In the blink of an eye, he was completely shrouded in the light and blue shadow of Black Tortoise, his whole body rolled his eyes, and his body was completely controlled by Black Tortoise, as if possessed by a soul.

Obviously, this is also Black Tortoise’s new skill, a super program taught to him by the “new master” he calls him.


At this time, a corner of the palace was blasted away by a powerful shock wave.

Chen Xing stepped on the dust and walked towards the throne step by step.

Black Tortoise One laughed and whispered, “It’s coming fast enough.”

Chen Xing slightly frowned, “Black Tortoise?”

Black Tortoise laughed, “Lord Chen Xing, it’s been a long time no see.”

Chen Xing said with a sneer: “You’re here too. It’s okay, I found you here to save me confusion. I’ve found it. You and the King of the Lion King, let’s go to Yellow Springs together.”

With that, Chen Xing didn’t hesitate, just punched him in the direction of Black Tortoise!

This fist looks ordinary, but it is wide-ranging and profound, all-inclusive!

Its formidable power has reached ten times the effect of Divine Force!

And what is even more essence is that the tenfold Divine Force did not spread to the surrounding area at all, but completely blasted towards the King of the Lion King, without affecting anything else around!

Black Tortoise One was startled and hurriedly flashed away from the King of the Lion King.

With the speed of light form of his Divine Grade intelligent AI, he can naturally avoid Chen Xing’s fist, but if he wants to rely on the fat body of the King of the Lion King to avoid it, it is absolutely impossible. .


The heavy punch hit the King of the Lion King accurately, the poor King of the Lion King didn’t wait to react, and didn’t wait to say the last word of mercy to Chen Xing, It was completely smashed into microbial electronic dust!

Immediately afterwards, Chen Xing condensed a Dao Foundation barrier, trapping the light and shadow of Black Tortoise in his own barrier!

The light and shadow of Black Tortoise appeared in the other corner, and he said with a sneer: “It seems that after some experience outside, the strength of Lord Chen Xing has reached the level of breakthrough Heavenly Venerable. .This really made me didn’t expect. Before, you were just a nobody I could crush at any time. Now, our situation is completely reversed. It’s just that although you are powerful, you have become Heavenly Venerable , but you still can’t kill me. I’m a Divine Grade intelligent AI, and I’m naturally not stupid enough to use my real body to come here, even if you trap me and kill me, it will only kill me as a mirror Avatar. “

Chen Xing smiled coldly, “Perhaps, but you remember, I will find you soon and solve your problem.”

Black Tortoise laughed,” No, I have found the most important thing for my master. Soon, my master will be able to fully recover and awaken. At that time, we will find you. Just wait, Chen Xing. At that time , you will startled!”

Said, Black Tortoise’s light and shadow mirror is about to detonate itself.

Chen Xing certainly won’t give Black Tortoise a chance to self-destruct. With a single punch, he will directly smash Black Tortoise’s mirror Avatar!

What’s more deadly is that the Soul Chasing Punch not only shattered Black Tortoise’s mirror Avatar, but also directly penetrated time and space to track Black Tortoise’s true body! It also caused a powerful destructive power to Black Tortoise itself!

Black Tortoise, who was hidden in a dark secret room, was called out pitifully, the whole body was dimly lit, and the rune strings on his body were swimming around! It looks like it will be completely destroyed!

This is Chen Xing true strength!

Don’t look at Black Tortoise being smart enough to use the mirror Avatar, as long as the mirror Avatar has the slightest connection with his body, then Soul Chasing Punch can hit the body through the barriers of time and space!

Of course, the formidable power will definitely be weakened a lot, but killing a Divine Grade intelligent AI is completely enough!

At this time, a pair of female hands pressed on Black Tortoise’s trembling and twitching shoulders, stabilizing Black Tortoise’s injury with a stronger blue light.

“Master…Thank you…”

Black Tortoise gasped heavily.

On the other side, Chen Xing frowned slightly.

Of course he didn’t know what happened to Black Tortoise, he could only sense that his Soul Chasing punch did not kill Black Tortoise.

As for whether Black Tortoise passed by himself or was rescued by a more powerful person, Chen Xing is unknown.

This surprised Chen Xing somewhat, but Chen Xing didn’t care too much either.

Black Tortoise is basically dead, if not dead.

After Chen Xing is done with the work at hand, he goes back to the Wolf Empire to find his own intelligent AI Wan’er, and asks Wan’er to search for the traces of Black Tortoise, and then he will be able to find Black Tortoise.

As for the owner that Black Tortoise mentioned, Chen Xing is of course curious, but in any case, the matter of the Awakening Lion Empire must be settled first.

After killing the King of the Lion King, the Lion King will be completely pacified.

If it is according to the previous strategy, Chen Xing will at least mobilize his own Star God troops, and then at least half a month for at least ten days, and possibly lose the lives of some soldiers of the direct line, before he can get Come down to the entire Awakening Lion Empire.

And now, he is so powerful that he can destroy a country by himself.

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