Star God Soldier King Chapter 2229


After the collapse of the Lion King Empire, Chen Xing was not polite and directly announced that he would take over all the military and political power of the Lion King Empire.

Although the King of the Lion King is dead, there are still several successors in the Lion King Empire.

Theoretically, these Princes are the new heirs of the Lion King Empire.

But at this time, none of these Princes dared to walk up to Chen Xing carefree and let Chen Xing hand over the throne of the Lion King to them.

They can’t protect themselves.

As soon as Chen Xing announced his takeover of the Lion King Empire, the Princes all fled.

Chen Xing was worried about no chance to clean them up, so he just made an excuse for not obeying the control, and let the Queen of Blades catch up with them and kill them all.

If it’s not in extraordinary times, Chen Xing may wake up a few lions and Prince show mercy to them.

However, these are extraordinary times.

If you keep these lions, Prince, and lead the elite troops to fight on the front line, then it is difficult to guarantee that these Princes will not play tricks in the back garden.

The final great decisive battle will affect the whole body.

Don’t be cruel to these Princes at this time, it will cause huge hidden dangers in the future!

Chen Xing must not let the soldiers fighting on the front line sacrifice their blood in vain because of his kindness.

So, he doesn’t care what people think of him later.

When it’s time to shoot, shoot like a man!

After the death of Prince who could inherit the throne of the Lion King, Chen Xing took over as the Regent King of the Lion King and handed over the control of the Lion King to Zhulu Empire.

As for the Dragon Empire, let alone.

The national strength of the Xianglong Empire is very strong, but the Xianglong Empire itself has no king, only two princes are in charge.

The king of the Xianglong Empire was the City Lord of the alien fringe Sector long ago, and now all the fringe Sectors are under the rule of Chen Xing, so the Xianglong Empire naturally belongs to Chen Xing.

The coalition council also reached a consensus immediately, and the old speaker Alfred elected Chen Xing as Human Race Great Marshal to lead all the armies of Human Race!

At this point, Chen Xing has completely completed the unification of Human Race!

Four Great Empires, Edge Sector, Alien Star Domain, and Dragon Clan world, millions of armies, including unmanned mechanical troops, are under the control of Chen Xing alone!

With such a force, it was barely able to compete with the Titans.

At this time, Chen Xing’s heart was also slightly sighed in relief.

He returned to the Human Race world, fought a unified battle and became the official Human Race leader, which took three full days.

The battle is not difficult, but taking over the Lion King Empire, taking over the new Human Race Great Marshal and becoming the leader of the Human Race, is a rather cumbersome process.

He originally planned to use only one day, and then he would find Azure Dragon to get his sword of judgment back, but now he can only wait until the fourth day.

This also makes Chen Xing quite helpless.

And at this time, an old man in ragged clothes, carrying a giant sword wrapped in rags on his back, slowly walked into the city of Aurora City of the Ben Wolf Empire.

Aurora City is where Shen Xiaolong and Shen Xiaofeng are located, and where Chen Xing’s intelligent AI Waner is located.

After a long period of training, Wan’er has been promoted to Divine Grade intelligent AI, but her overall strength is still not as good as other Divine Grade intelligent AIs, and even not as good as the original Vermilion Bird.

However, with such logical computing power, it is no problem to deal with general business programs.

The ragged old man walked towards the official residence of Aurora City. His pace was slow but extremely firm.

A gust of wind blew through, making his tattered hood hu hu hu hu, but it didn’t show his face at all.

“Old man! This is the forbidden area of the official residence, you can’t enter!” Two Star God troop guards raised their hands to stop the old man.

The old man chuckled and smiled hoarsely, “Please two adults, please tell me this old fogey, and say I’m here to find my old friend.”


“Old friend?” One of the Star God guards asked gently: “Old man, what’s your friend’s name?”

The old man said with a smile: ” Wan’er.”

“Oh! You are a friend of Wan’er God!” The Star God guard’s expression suddenly became more cordial.

“Then please wait here for a while, we will report to the goddess Wan immediately!”

Another Star God guard was about to leave, and Shen Xiaolong just finished his practice Returning from outside, “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, Xiao Sir Long!” The Star God guard immediately reported: “This old man said he was a friend of Wan’s son and daughter, and I was going to give it to him. Divine Ability of Wan’s sons and daughters, report it.”

Shen Xiaolong looked at the old man vigilantly, and then said with a smile: “This old man, do you want to see Wan’er?”

“Exactly.” The old man said with a smile: “Please help this little brother.”

Shen Xiaolong said with a smile: “I know Wan’er very well, but I didn’t listen to it. She talked about an old friend who looks like you. So let’s take off the big sword behind you first, and I’ll take you in.”

The old man said with a smile: ” That’s not good, I can even lose my life, but this sword absolutely cannot leave my body. I promised the owner of this sword that after borrowing it, it must be returned to Zhao. They can give me such an important thing to use, Naturally I have to be extra careful and careful.”

Shen Xiaolong nodded, “If you cherish borrowed things like this, then you must not be a bad person, well, come with me, I I’ll take you to see Wan’er.”

“Many thanks to this little brother.” The old man smiled and bowed.

Shen Xiaolong immediately led the way, and the old man slowly followed behind Shen Xiaolong.

After arriving at the headquarters of the official residence, Shen Xiaolong knocked on the door, “Wan’er elder sister! Someone is looking for you.”

“Oh? Who! It’s Chen Xing Master?” Wan’er in the room was cheering excitedly and rushed out quickly.

Of course she knows that Chen Xing has returned to the Human Race world, and of course she knows that Chen Xing has just taken over as Human Race Great Marshal and has become the real ruler of Human Race.

But Chen Xing was a little surprised that she returned to Aurora City so soon.

After pushing the door, Wan’er smiled wistfully, “Cough, as expected, I’m thinking too much, the master is so busy right now, how could he return to Aurora City so soon. You are…”

Wan’er suddenly felt a strong sense of familiarity, but she couldn’t tell why.

The old man extended the hand, the blue rays of light blooming on his arm.

He slowly lowered his hood, revealing that face full of dim light – Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon said with a smile: “Why, don’t you know me? old friend?”

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