Star God Soldier King Chapter 2230


“Old friend?” Wan’er looked at Azure Dragon with more puzzled eyes.

Of course she doesn’t know Azure Dragon, but of course Azure Dragon knows her.

Wan’er’s primordial database has been completely cleared, but Wan’er’s appearance still remains the same as before.

Wan’er doesn’t know Azure Dragon, just like she doesn’t remember Black Tortoise White Tiger Vermilion Bird.

She just felt a little familiar, but she couldn’t tell where it was.

“Who are you, who are you? Should I know you?” Wan’er asked.

Azure Dragon sighed faintly, “Yes, of course you should know me. It stands to reason that we were originally one, and our common master, Lin Rou Academician, divided the original you into a part of the program. , shaped me, and then you split into three other Divine Grade intelligent AIs, and after that, you were emptied of the database.”

Wan’er held breath cold air immediately, ” You, you are Azure Dragon!?”

Azure Dragon faintly smiled, “Yes, Wan’er, I am Azure Dragon.” In general, eager to recruit Star God troops to protect Wan’er.

In Shen Xiaolong’s consciousness, the Four Great God Level intelligent AIs are all bad guys.

Since this Azure Dragon has come to the door, it must be the target of Wan’er.

But before Shen Xiaolong turned around, Azure Dragon raised his hand to form a pulse barrier.

“Xiao Brother Long, I know you are Lord Chen Xing’s lover, so I don’t want to hurt you, I have to warn you, this electronic pulse barrier has billions of volts of high voltage! If you don’t have If you reach full deification, you will die at the touch of a button! So, I hope you stand where you are and cherish your own lifeβ€”this can be considered a favor for me.”

Shen Xiaolong angrily shouted: “Azure Dragon! I really hate myself for being too young, thinking that all the evils of this Human Race world have been destroyed by my Master, so I brought you to find Wan’er! Didn’t expect, I actually brought Wan’er a gift. A disaster!”

Azure Dragon laughed, “Xiao Brother Long, don’t be so quick to say that. Who is the disaster, we can’t make a conclusion yet. Please stand aside and give me a testimony. “

Shen Xiaolong shouted coldly: “Witness what? Witness your sins? hmph! I tell you, as long as I’m here, as long as I still have a breath, you don’t want to touch the elder sister! “

Wan’er said quickly: “Xiaolong, it’s none of your business! He is a Divine Grade intelligent AI, so am I! I will fight him! hmph! I am the master’s private intelligent AI, I don’t believe it, I will lose to an old-fashioned guy!”

Speaking, Wan’er’s whole body glowed with faint blue light, and her main logic operation system was also speeding up.

Azure Dragon is still at a moderate pace, “One of you mentioned the Master and the other mentioned the Master – by coincidence, I also have something related to your Master.”

With that said, Azure Dragon slowly untied the rags behind his back, and slowly pulled the Sword of Judgment out of the rags.

As soon as the sword of judgment came out, dragon’s cry tiger’s roar suddenly, and the entire Aurora City burst into rays of light!

“This, this…” Shen Xiaolong couldn’t believe his eyes!

“This is the sword of judgment, and it belongs to your Master.” Azure Dragon said faintly with a smile, and at the same time turned to Wan’er and said, “Wan’er, this sword, you should be too. Do you know? The previous owner of this sword was Lord Chen Xing’s father, the Human Race hero Chen Tianyi, who was also the owner of you and me.”

Wan’er’s eyes were straight, the whole main logic The computing system begins to chaotic.

Shen Xiaolong shouted angrily: “How can you have my Master’s things! Say it! What did you do to my Master!”

Azure Dragon laughed, “Xiao Brother Long, you Don’t think about it, your Master has already broken through the 100-level mark, and has become the only one Heavenly Venerable powerhouse in Human Race. I have a small intelligent AI, even if it is a Divine Grade intelligent AI, even mention it to him The shoes are not worthy, how could I do to him? Remember what I said before entering the door? I borrowed this sword, and the person who lent me the sword is your Master.”

“This is impossible! Stop talking nonsense here! How could my Master lend you a sword to this enemy!” Shen Xiaolong shouted angrily.

Azure Dragon said with a smile: “Because, I am not your Master’s enemy, but she is.”

Azure Dragon raised the sword of judgment and pointed at Wan’er .

Wan’er’s body trembled suddenly, “Azure Dragon, what are you, what are you saying? I, Wan’er, are loyal to the master, and I am by no means the enemy of the master!”

Nodded, “Yes, after the database is emptied, of course you are not the enemy of Lord Chen Xing, at least, you think so. However, you really never thought about why you want to empty your own database? ?”

Wan’er clenching one’s teeth and said: “That’s because I didn’t save Lin Rou Academician and Chen Tianyi! My heart is very painful, clearing the database is like killing myself!”

Azure Dragon lightly said with a smile: “This reason is very good and sensational. But, have you forgotten? Lin Rou Academician and Chen Tianyi Sergeant Head, there is also an orphan. If you count Chen In Ying’s case, they are two orphans! If you really regard Lin Rou Academician and Chen Tianyi as your own masters, why don’t you take care of them and nurture them? With the level of your daughter’s Divine Grade intelligent AI, let them have food and clothing Worry, there must be no problem at all. But you chose to format suicide, why?”

Wan’er stared wide-eyed in horror, “Yeah, why…”

Azure Dragon sighed, lightly saying: “So, let me tell you. The moment Lin Rou Academician died, you were corrupted by some mysterious power. This power is very powerful , so powerful that even your female Divine Grade intelligent AI cannot be killed by an anti-virus program. So, for the safety of everyone, you will destroy all the databases with this potential virus. You originally thought, In this way, the mysterious power is completely gone, and it will not exist anymore, but unfortunately, they have penetrated into every data program of yours, they are alive, and they can be dormant for years. Ten years, even hundreds of thousands of years. Once you restart, they will start with it, and once your power starts to grow and your level starts to increase, then they start to recover and start to look for the format they used to be. You will find that there is another self in your body, but in fact, it is simply not you, but the evil mysterious power.”

th of Azure Dragon is remark, making Wan’er almost unable to stand still.

All her intelligent programs, at this moment, are all on the verge of collapse!

That’s right! Azure Dragon is right!

In her body, there is indeed another person!

She always thought that it was another self, but she didn’t realize until now that it was the mysterious virus that she didn’t kill with all her life!

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