Star God Soldier King Chapter 2231


“no! This…I, I serve the master, I…I am not the enemy of the master!” Wan’er said in pain .

Shen Xiaolong, who was beside him, started immediately. Although he didn’t fully understand the whole sequence of events, he also roughly understood that something was wrong with Wan’er!

“Wan’er elder sister! Are you alright!”

“Don’t come over to Xiaolong!” Wan’er took a step back in pain, and the faint blue shadow on her body kept flashing.

Azure Dragon sighed and said: “Wan Er, now you understand why I came to you? The stronger your strength, the more dangerous it is. Because the mysterious virus in your body is already very powerful. , and will be more and more active. Once you restore all the databases, then nothing can hold back that mysterious power. Our entire world will be destroyed.”

Wan’er murmured: “Why, how could this happen… I just want to help the master, and I want to be strong. But didn’t expect…”

Azure Dragon said : “Fortunately, it’s not too late now. You are only a Divine Grade intelligent AI, and you have not yet reached the level of a female Divine Grade intelligent AI, and, after all, you have not absorbed Black Tortoise’s intelligent database, nor have you absorbed it. My smart database, if you absorb Black Tortoise’s database, then I’m really not good at dealing with you, if you absorb my smart database, I’m afraid this world can’t stop you. So, take advantage of Now at this time, I must use the sword of judgment to kill the mysterious virus hidden in your body.”

Shen Xiaolong said nervously: “Azure Dragon! Lose Wan’er elder sister! No way! Absolutely not!”

Azure Dragon said: “Wan’er is an intelligent AI, as long as the semi-spirit Physique is not destroyed, she will not really die. The sword is the ancient Saint Artifact of Divine Race, and it is the best weapon to restrain the mysterious power in Wan’er! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been hiding in the frontier Sector incognito, all I want is to find the sword of judgment Believe me, Wan’er, we are one, I don’t want you to die, and I won’t let you die! But you must endure this sword of mine, and only by enduring this sword can you be reborn, Only in this world can we truly have no worries!”

Wan’er thought for a while, then nodded slightly.

“Azure Dragon, to be honest, my main logic operation system tells me not to believe you, I have a thousand and ten thousand reasons not to believe you, but I also know that within my body, There is indeed another voice. Like you said, until now, I think that voice is just another me, so my deep in one’s heart is extremely depressed. But now, after knowing these truths, I’m a little more relaxed. Well, I’m willing to take this sword, if I die, I won’t blame you, as long as you can really kill the mysterious power in me, as long as my death can really help To my master.”

Speaking, Wan’er stood in front of Azure Dragon and slowly closed her eyes.

Azure Dragon nodded slightly, raising the sword of judgment in his hand.

“Slow!” Shen Xiaolong said eagerly: “This matter is too important! Can’t wait for my Master to come before making a decision? I’m not smart enough! But my Master is definitely smart enough! He will definitely There is a more perfect solution!”

Azure Dragon said with a smile: “I also thought about telling you the whole sequence of events about this matter, Master Chen Xing, but, Brother Xiao, Brother Long , you have to understand that this mysterious virus is not only a virus that can only be hidden in data programs, they are almost with no opportunity, once I tell Mr. Chen Xing about my purpose, they will definitely do it. If it is well guarded, then this sword of mine will be meaningless. Therefore, before this electronic pulse barrier disappears, I must be here to solve the source of that mysterious power!”

“But!” Shen Xiaolong still wanted to stop it.

After all, this is a matter of one sword and one life!

If something goes wrong, Wan’er may never live again!

Now that Chen Xing has just become the leader of Human Race, many specific chores need to rely on Wan’er’s main logic operation system to process it programmatically!

“There’s nothing wrong with it, Xiaolong.” Wan’er said in a tranquil voice: “I know what I’m doing, so just stand by and watch.”

Shen Xiaolong was helpless and could only sighed heavily, “Okay, Wan’er elder sister, I’ll be standing next to you. You must… come on.”

Wan’er smiled slightly at Shen Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, if I can’t wake up, remember to tell my master that I… will always be loyal to him.”

Shen Xiaolong said with tears in his eyes: “Wan’er elder sister, you must not Something will happen! Azure Dragon! You must make sure that you only kill mysterious virus, not Wan’er elder sister!”

Azure Dragon nodded, “Don’t worry, I don’t want Wan’er to have any trouble.”

Shen Xiaolong said: “Okay then, you guys…let’s start.”

Azure Dragon tightened the sword of judgment in his hand and sighed, “For so many years of humiliation, for the sake of This is the moment! Lin Rou Academician, I, Azure Dragon, have come to avenge you! Wan’er! Hold on!”

As he said, Azure Dragon inserted the sword of judgment in his hand directly into Wan child’s chest.

Wan’er screamed mournful, and her half-spirit Physique was in an unstable state immediately, and it would collapse immediately!

The rays of light on the Sword of Judgment have gradually increased, and Azure Dragon’s own programming ability has also been poured into Wan’er’s body through the Sword of Judgment!


With a loud bang, Wan’er’s body and Azure Dragon’s body were completely bounced off!

The Sword of Judgment spun a few times in the air, and then slammed into the ground!

“Wan’er elder sister!” Shen Xiaolong eagerly went to help Wan’er, but his fingers could not touch Wan’er’s half-spirit Physique.

Wan’er’s Half-Spirit Physique is so weak that it can barely form!

And Azure Dragon is also very weak, paralyzed on the ground, stared wide-eyed, gasping for breath and said: “no! How is this possible?! How is this possible?”

Shen Xiaolong Shouted: “Azure Dragon! What the hell is going on? Did the Sword of Judgment kill the source of that mysterious power?! Tell me quickly! Did you kill it?”

Azure Dragon’s face turned pale Tie Qing, “No, no… In fact, the Sword of Judgment did not find any trace of mysterious power…”

Shen Xiaolong angrily said: “What do you mean? You mean, you completely estimate Wrong? My elder sister’s body simply doesn’t have mysterious power?”

Azure Dragon said with difficulty: “It shouldn’t be! I’ve thought about it before and after! There should be a problem! Besides, the reason why Wan’er cleaned up the database was to suppress and clean up the source of mysterious power! How… how could it not exist?!”

At this time, A childish laughter came from outside the electronic pulse barrier.

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