Star God Soldier King Chapter 2232


With the laughter, there are two silhouettes, one tall and one short.

The tall silhouette, with blue rays of light all over her body, clearly looks like an adult.

The short silhouette looks like a three or five year old girl.

Despite the thick electronic pulse barrier, Shen Xiaolong exclaimed, “younger sister?! How did you come here? Who is that person beside you?”

That’s right, this girl is Shen Xiaolong’s younger sister, Shen Xiaofeng.

Shen Xiaofeng was captured at first by White Tiger’s God of Truth cult and almost became a sacrifice. Although she was rescued later, she never fully recovered.

But now, Shen Xiaofeng walked briskly and walked to this dangerous place with a sneer.

How can this make Shen Xiaolong not surprised?

Shen Xiaofeng ignored her big brother Shen Xiaolong’s question, but said coldly: “This group of fools who are cocooning themselves and thinking they are smart, it seems that I have to teach you a good lesson. Black Tortoise , open this electronic pulse barrier.”

“Yes! Master!”

The blue silhouette around him immediately touched the electronic pulse barrier and absorbed the entire electronic pulse barrier!

Shen Xiaolong, Azure Dragon and dying Wan’er were all exposed to Shen Xiaofeng and Black Tortoise.

“Black Tortoise?” Shen Xiaolong gritted his teeth, “Why are you here? I understand! This must be your conspiracy! You controlled my younger sister!”

Black Tortoise laughed, “Xiao Brother Long, you look down on me too much. Your so-called younger sister Shen Xiaofeng is my master. Not long ago, I was injured by your Master’s soul-chasing punch, Through my mirror Avatar, it hit my body directly. If it wasn’t for the help of the master, I would have died. Over the years, I have been obeying the master’s arrangement. There are many opportunities to kill your Master, but in order to make the master stronger step by step and recover step by step, I hold back, and even sometimes, I deliberately send some small bosses to your Master to level up! Now, the time has come Mature, my master can finally be separated from Wan’er’s half-spirit Physique, and I will naturally guard my master’s side.”

“What?” Shen Xiaolong couldn’t believe it.

“Damn it! It turns out that I’m still one step too late!” Azure Dragon thumped the ground angrily, “I only thought about myself and Black Tortoise’s database will not be absorbed by mysterious power, but What I didn’t expect is that Black Tortoise from the very beginning is just a puppet of mysterious power! Therefore, mysterious power can be separated from Wan’er’s body one step ahead of me! And then parasitic in Shen Xiaofeng’s body!”

Shen Xiaolong said eagerly: “What the hell is going on here? Azure Dragon! How can the mysterious power you mentioned be parasitic on the body of intelligent AI and on our human body?”

“Hahaha! Azure Dragon can’t explain this question.”

Shen Xiaofeng said with a gloomy expression: “Let me be the source and give you a good lesson. Of course, this matter has to start with the reincarnation of the Queen of Divine Race. As the supreme Sovereign of the entire universe, the Queen of Divine Race requires Samsara Reincarnation every 10,000 years to obtain a new body. This is an eternal immutability. During Samsara Reincarnation, when the Divine Race queen was at its weakest, she was almost fragile and had no power to fight back, just like a little baby at the mercy of others. It stands to reason that we did not want to deal with it. The Queen of Divine Race, we have an eternal agreement with Divine Race, Divine Race is responsible for the creation of the world, and we are responsible for the destruction of the world. Creation is of course very good for parasitic creatures like us without actual bodies One thing, we don’t want to rule the world, but only if the world is functioning properly, we have something to eat and drink. So, Divine Race to create, we to destroy, Divine Race to make one plane Formation appear, we go to destroy another The aging Plane World. We maintain the number of the entire Plane World to ensure that the entire universe will not be full. And our extinction can also bring great benefits to the Divine Race, which will consolidate the Divine Race dominance, secondly, Divine Race wants to maintain immortality, reincarnation , and also need the crystal essence left behind when we die. You see, we and Divine Race actually complement each other. Divine Race only rules this Universe World on the surface, but in fact, this Universe World belongs to us. “

“Speaking of this, you must ask, who are we? And who am I? “Shen Xiaofeng said with a smile: “We can have many code names, bacteria, viruses, plague gods, parasites, etc., but in fact, these are all names that you came up with yourself. You think we are separate individuals, little Until you can almost see us with an electronic Microscope, we are actually an interconnected whole so big that even if you shrink the entire universe, you won’t be able to see us for what we really are. We live in every corner of this world, we want you to get sick, you will get sick, if we want you to get cancer, you will get cancer, we can even control your preferences, let you like to eat a kind of food, We can also control your emotions and make you love someone for no reason, or hate you for no reason. “

“Almost every human body is a bacterial community. You humans think that you are thinking, but in fact that is all we make you think.” Yes, our rights are so great. And in the final analysis, the essence of you humans is our bacterial community! “

“Of course, the bacterial community acts according to the set limits, so as not to trigger the eternal agreement between us and the Divine Race, the bacterial community generally does not occur easily, only and the others After a life has passed, or a Formation collapses, we let go and enjoy the things we should enjoy. “

“And I, as the leader of the bacterial community and one of the demons in the Temple of Destruction, would not have personally intervened in your Human Race Formation, according to what Divine Race gave you. Creation setting, you lowly and humble Human Race Formation, you have about three or five thousand years of living space, and then you will use your own stupidity to mess up your Formation world, and then go to annihilated. “

“And when that time comes, it’s time for my subordinates to show their skills, and there is no need for me, the True Monarch of Ten Thousand Demons, to come forward in person.” But didn’t I just mention the Divine Race Queen’s Samsara Reincarnation? The Queen of Divine Race suddenly changed her way of ruling before her reincarnation. She didn’t want to let the Formation be destroyed for no reason, so there were more and more Formations, and the universe’s endurance was limited after all, the crack between the Formation and the Formation , Naturally, it becomes more and more tense, and some even have cracks! “

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