Star God Soldier King Chapter 2233


“Such a result is not what we want to see in the Temple of Destruction. Although our name is Destruction, it is actually Those who want to maintain their own rule. Only the alternation of seasons, birth, aging, sickness and death, reincarnation, is the order this world should have.”

“The Queen of Divine Race wants to break this order, then we will She has to pay for it. Of course, when the Queen of Divine Race was reincarnated, the guards were extremely strict, and we don’t want to be aggressive with Divine Race in a big way. So, we found a suitable agent A person, and this agent is the important general of the Queen of Divine Race, Alva.”

β€œAlva can be said to be one of the most trusted generals of the Queen of Divine Race, and is also responsible for the operation of Divine Race. The person of the specific affairs of the reincarnation of the Queen of Race. The other monarchs of our Temple of Destruction used his potential ambition to persuade him to help him move his hands and feet when the Queen of Divine Race was reincarnated, so that I could use parasitic bacteria. form, into the fragile baby of the Divine Race Queen! Then, just give me a little more time, I can make the Divine Race Queen completely sick and mortal, and then unconsciously die.”

“In this way, everything will not make people suspicious. Unfortunately, our plan is very good, but when it is actually implemented, there is a problem. The demon has just been kidnapped by Alva’s arrangement. The reincarnated queen, I just lurked in the reincarnated queen’s body, and before the attack, the guy named Chen Tianyi from your Human Race killed him with a sword of judgment.”

” He killed a demon-like governor and took away the reincarnated queen who was still a baby. In order to win the reincarnated queen, the stupid idiots of the demon-like broke into the Human Race Formation, ready to kill the reincarnated queen! But they I never thought about it, if you can really kill the queen directly, why do you need me, the parasitic devil of the Temple of Destruction, to take action?”

“As expected, after they broke into the secret base, they It completely triggered the reincarnation queen’s counterattack. Although at that time, the reincarnated queen was still a baby and didn’t have any memory, but she was the Divine Race after all, and she was the most Supreme! The hordes of fiends are disappeared!”

“It’s okay for those stupid fiends to die, just It also indirectly affected my existence. I also can’t be attached to the reincarnated queen’s body, I can only leave a part of parasitic bacteria, restrict the reincarnated queen, and let her slowly become a mortal. As for myself, I can barely survive by hiding in the database system of the secret base! “

“After this, I think you should be able to contact each other, right?” The database of the secret base is connected to the database of the female Divine Grade intelligent AI Wan’er. As an intelligent AI, although Wan’er is not at the scene of the secret base, she also knows the special features of the reincarnated queen, and even knows me The presence. In order to destroy me, she did not hesitate to format all the precious databases, and even formatted her own memories and her own personality. “

“Because, she knows that even if she dies, there is still an Azure Dragon who can protect Chen Xing and the reincarnated girl, although, Azure Dragon will not know the existence of my parasitic monarch , and will not know the true identity of the reincarnated girl. “

“When Azure Dragon and others understand all this, I have become stronger, you see, this is the scene now.” Azure Dragon, you just said that you have endured humiliation for so many years, huh, why am I not? As one of the monarchs of the Temple of Destruction, I am Supreme, and I don’t have to interfere in these mortal things, but now, I have to be attached to this little girl’s body and fight against you guys! But fortunately, your power can also make me recover faster, so that I can make the reincarnated queen become a sick mortal again before she fully awakens, and then slowly torture her lethal! “

Speaking, Shen Xiaofeng burst into laughter.

Shen Xiaolong said with a painful face: “younger sister! sorry! big brother failed to protect you! Let you be bent over by a devil! “

Shen Xiaofeng sneered, “Shen Xiaolong, don’t be sad anymore, let me tell you the truth, your younger sister has long since died, her soul is no longer, and her body. The reason why there is no decay is because of my existence, I ordered the bacterial community not to devour this body, so she can live as if she were alive. Do you think Chen Xing saved her? No, what you rescued was just a body that had been prepared for me a long time ago. “

Shen Xiaolong said painfully: “I don’t want to admit that my younger sister is dead, but you are definitely not my younger sister!” Get out of my younger sister’s body! “

Speaking, Shen Xiaolong roared and pulled out the sword of judgment obliquely inserted on the ground!

Suddenly, an extremely domineering force poured into his body , making his body almost unbearable!

β€œMaster! help me! ”

Shen Xiaolong prayed loudly in his heart, then clenched his teeth and released all the power in his body through the sword of judgment!


The Sword of Judgment pierced through the sky, with a double Divine Force, fiercely slashed towards Shen Xiaofeng!

This force is already five times that of Shen Xiaolong’s original strength!

Shen Xiaofeng sneered, and with a flick of his finger, this power completely vanished!

Shen Xiaolong was suddenly shocked!

Shen Xiaofeng said with a laugh: “Why? already? Terrified? I told you a long time ago that I am the Parasitic True Monarch, one of the Ten Thousand Demon True Monarchs in the Temple of Destruction. I control all the parasitic bacteria in all the worlds. While you are swinging your sword, trillions of billions of bacteria rush to your sword edge and take the initiative to absorb these impacts for me. Shen Xiaolong, it’s not that I look down on you, it’s absolutely impossible to kill me based on your strength. “

Shen Xiaolong roared angrily: “I, Shen Xiaolong, even risked my life today! We must not let you harm this world again! I repeat, get out of my younger sister’s body! “

Speaking, Shen Xiaolong’s whole body burst out with the rays of light of scarlet, he is overdrawing his own life to endure the huge power of the sword of judgment!

Only by enduring The more formidable power released, the more formidable power can be released!

Double Divine Force!

Twice Divine Force!

Triple Divine Force!

Five times the Divine Force!

Shen Xiaolong’s bloodline is about to break!

Shen Xiaofeng is slightly frowned, “Hehe, you really deserve to be Chen The person Xing likes, at such a young age, he can control such a powerful force. However, do you really want me to leave your younger sister’s body? Once I leave your younger sister’s body, your younger sister will decay and become a skeleton. As a big brother, do you really have the heart to see this scene? “

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