Star God Soldier King Chapter 2234


“Go to hell!”

Shen Xiaolong roared, all the bloodlines burst out, and the whole person was like a bloody man.

The Sword of Judgment immediately slashed towards Shen Xiaofeng with the power of five times the Divine Force!

His heart was extremely painful, but he had to endure this pain.

Since the younger sister is already dead, the only thing he can do now is to let the younger sister go to the ground.

He must not allow this parasitic demon to occupy the body of his younger sister!

The sword of judgment fiercely slashed at Shen Xiaofeng, and Shen Xiaofeng sighed helplessly, and then the whole person was swallowed by the rays of light of the sword of judgment!

The entire mansion was razed to the ground in an instant with the sound of huge strikes!

The soldiers of the Star God troop reacted quickly, fully armed and headed for this direction.

“Don’t come here!” Shen Xiaolong roared heart-rendingly.

All the Star God troops immediately stopped and stood three hundred meters away from the center of the power explosion.

The aftershocks subsided, Shen Xiaolong looked at a girl’s body, lying quietly on the ground.

He didn’t cry, but the tears kept falling.

“Younger sister…I’m sorry…” Shen Xiaolong dragged his tired body and slowly walked towards Shen Xiaofeng’s body.

With every step he took, a large patch of blood dripped from his feet.

The footprints I walked through turned into bloody footprints.

“Xiaolong…don’t go over there!” Wan’er, who was dying, did not forget to warn Shen Xiaolong at this time.

Azure Dragon also shouted extremely: “The Parasitic Demon Lord will not die so easily! Don’t be fooled! Avoid being possessed by the Parasitic Demon Lord again!”

β€œ Leave me alone!”

Shen Xiaolong roared in pain and continued to walk towards Shen Xiaofeng’s body.

This is his biological younger sister, his only relative in this world.

Now, his biological younger sister has completely died in his own hands. The pain in his heart is enough to tear the entire world apart.

Shen Xiaolong walked up to the younger sister and looked at the younger sister’s blushing face, as if she was fast asleep.

He gently wanted to pick up his younger sister, but just as he touched the younger sister’s body, the whole body turned into a streak of soot and dispersed with the wind!

“No!” Shen Xiaolong desperately wanted to grab the flying soot, but he couldn’t grab anything!

“No! No!” He knelt on the ground in pain, thumping the ground so hard that his hands were bloodied.

I thought the younger sister was just dead, didn’t expect, not even a whole body was left in the end.

After so many sorrows and reunions, I finally felt happiness, but now the cruel reality has given Shen Xiaolong another blow!

“he he he, Xiaolong, do you understand now?”

The voice of the parasitic devil came from the air.

Just when Shen Xiaolong made his move, he left Shen Xiaofeng’s body and attached to Black Tortoise’s body.

Shen Xiaolong raised his head and looked at the Parasitic Demon Lord angrily, “Parasitic Demon Lord, I won’t let you go! Absolutely not!”

Parasitic Demon Lord scoffed With a smile, “Is it up to you? Please, I never regarded you as an opponent, I just wanted to play with you. Now, I’m not interested in you anymore, it’s time to devour Azure Dragon and Wan’er, I have strengthened my own strength. After I regain my normal strength, in this world, no one can stop me! Hahaha!”

Shen Xiaolong was struggling with the sword of judgment He stood up and stood in front of Wan’er and Azure Dragon, “If you can stop me, I will stop it, if you can’t stop it, I will also stop it! I am Shen Xiaolong, and I am Chen Xing’s discipline! I will never give it to me. Disgraceful Master! I know I can’t kill you with my strength! But as long as I block you! My Master will come to kill you!”

This incident has alarmed the Star God troops, Chen Xing knows immediately wherever he is.

And as long as Chen Xing knows, he will come as soon as possible!

Therefore, even if Shen Xiaolong sacrificed his life, he could no longer make the Parasitic Demon Lord stronger!

The Parasitic Demon Lord sneered, “You are really overestimate one’s capabilities! The power you overdrawn with the Sword of Judgment is simply not worth mentioning in front of me! Besides, you have overdrawn so much power now. , what else do you have? Do you use your life to attack?”

Shen Xiaolong said calmly: “My strength will not be used for attacking, otherwise, I will be consumed to death by you soon. Yes! I’ll stay here and defend with all my strength! I don’t believe that you can surpass the sword of judgment in my hand!”

Parasitic Demon Lord said with a smile: “The sword of judgment is indeed Divine. Race’s ancient Saint Artifact, it stands to reason, with the strength I haven’t recovered yet, I really have to be afraid of it. But the problem is that its essence is just a weapon, the key is to see who is using it. If it is used by a god clansman, then I really have to be careful, but you? Hehe, you are just a trifling mortal, and now your body is overdrawn to the limit state, so, you are to me , no threat!”

Said, the Parasitic Demon Lord waved his arm, and an invisible and formless air wave rushed towards Shen Xiaolong.

Shen Xiaolong immediately condensed all his strength and swung the sword of judgment with all his might, and the dazzling sword glow immediately turned into an airtight defensive wall!

It is also fortunate that his Master has taught him well, so that no matter what the situation is, he should not give up the most basic moves training.

Otherwise, he simply couldn’t stop this attack!

The attack of the Parasitic Demon Lord was blocked, and the Parasitic Demon Lord couldn’t help being a little annoyed.

If you can’t even deal with a kid who smell of mother’s milk not yet dried, how can you destroy the world? What about dealing with the reincarnated queen of the Divine Race?

“Shen Xiaolong, you’ve already made me a little angry.” The World Exterminating Demon Lord crossed his hands together, “This time, I want to completely solve your little trouble!”

Speaking, the Parasitic Demon Lord waved his arms and fiercely slashed towards Shen Xiaolong.

This time, it is still invisible and formless air waves, but the intensity is twice as strong as before.

“Xiaolong! Be careful!”

“Xiaolong! Leave us alone! You go first!”

Azure Dragon and Wan’er in Shen Xiaolong Behind him, he shouted eagerly.

Shen Xiaolong remains unmoved completely.

He, like his Master Chen Xing, is also a person who will never back down or give in when confronted with strength.

And the more this happens, the more calm he becomes.

He activated all the cells in his body, every cell seemed to be steamed, no longer divided, no longer reborn, only spare no effort to defend against this time!

The Sword of Judgment in his hand appears to be stationary, but in fact has Myriad Transformations!

bang bang bang bang!

All parasitic air waves were blocked by the sword of judgment!

The attack of the parasitic devil has failed again!

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