Star God Soldier King Chapter 2235


“Damn little thing!”

The Parasitic Demon Lord was completely angry.

He thought he would be able to pick up a big bargain at this time, didn’t expect to be blocked twice in a row by this hairless brat, which is smell of mother’s milk not yet dried in front of him!

Of course, a large part of the reason here is that his strength has not been fully recovered, and he cannot summon more and stronger parasitic bacterial communities to help him fight.

But that’s not an excuse for him not being able to kill a little child with both moves!

If Shen Xiaolong can’t be killed again, then his old face as a world-destroying devil will really have no place to put it.

“Okay! This is what you forced me to do!” The Parasitic Demon Lord roared, and his hands immediately condensed more and stronger waves of parasitic air.

All of Shen Xiaolong’s strength has been exhausted, and at this time there is no more strength, but he still stands firmly in place, holding his Master’s sword of judgment tightly in his hand.

“Master! Please give me some strength! I don’t want to survive, I just want to restrain this demon before you come!”

Shen Xiaolong in his heart murmured prayers.

The Sword of Judgment responded immediately, and a warm current of life force poured into his body along the hilt of the sword, making his dry genetic cells, like a spring breeze. Reborn!

New power is continuously injected into Shen Xiaolong’s body!

More powerful than his previous strength!

Shen Xiaolong was overjoyed immediately, “Master! Thank you, Master!”

The Parasitic Demon Lord was startled and thought Chen Xing was coming, but he looked left and right, and there was no one there .

The Parasitic Demon Lord said fiercely: “Why, do you think you can scare me with the name of your Master Chen Xing? Hmph, I’ll kill you first, and then kill you Master! My previous two tricks only used 10% of my strength and 20% of my strength! Now I don’t want to waste your time with you! Try my 50% of my strength! You will be like your dead ghost younger sister, in an instant It turned into soot! Hahaha!”

Said, the Parasitic Demon Lord blasted the parasitic air wave towards Shen Xiaolong!

Shen Xiaolong smiled coldly, and responded calmly with the power poured into him by the Sword of Judgment!


The two powerful forces collided, knocking the Parasitic Demon Lord back several dozen meters away.

Although Shen Xiaolong’s body was not in serious trouble under the protection of the Sword of Judgment, his arm was still licked by the parasitic air wave!

Shen Xiaolong inwardly shouted badly, without even thinking about it, he immediately handed the sword of judgment in his right hand to his left hand, then held the sword in his left hand, and fiercely put his right hand arm. , the whole is chopped off!


Shen Xiaolong could hardly stand still due to the heart-piercing pain of the broken arm.

As soon as the arm that was infected with the parasitic bacteria fell to the ground, it immediately turned into ashes like soot, and blown away with the wind!

It is conceivable that if Shen Xiaolong’s movements were slower, the parasitic bacteria would spread to his entire body.

And at that time, it would be useless for him to cut off his arm again.

Shen Xiaolong doesn’t feel sorry for his broken arm at all, his battle is not over yet.

He quickly took out a Star Vein power, swallowed it quickly, and the blood at the broken arm stopped immediately.

Such a series of actions are extremely skilled and old-fashioned, and they are not sloppy at all, which is enough to show how strong Shen Xiaolong is in his heart.

Even the Demon Lord couldn’t help holding his breath cold air, “Boy, you are really a person! It seems that I shouldn’t underestimate you! I failed to kill you with three consecutive moves. Damn, it’s not that I’m not strong enough, it’s that you are tough enough! I have to say, Chen Xing is really lucky to have a discipline like you!”

Shen Xiaolong laughed miserably, ” No, Parasitic Demon Lord, you’re wrong, it’s not that my Master is lucky to have a discipline like me, but because I’m Chen Xing’s discipline! I’m so tough! Come on! Even if I only have one hand left , I can block another round of your attacks! After blocking one round, I still have feet, and I still have body! I can block another round!”

Parasitic Demon Lord frowned and said: ” However, this is only two rounds, after two rounds, you will still die.”

Shen Xiaolong said with a smile: “That is already two rounds later, even if I die, At least he died in his rightful place!”

Parasitic Demon Lord sighed helplessly, “Alright, although I admire you very much now, you are really wasting my time. Now, I will use Use all your power to destroy you completely.”

Said, the Parasitic Demon Lord concentrated all his power.

“Xiaolong! Let’s come!”

Azure Dragon struggled to support his half-spirit Physique, Wan’er also gritted his teeth and held on, the two rushed to Shen Xiaolong together in front of.

“Azure Dragon! Wan’er elder sister! What are you doing?!”

“Xiaolong! Hurry up!” Wan’er said eagerly: “This parasitic demon lord’s The target is only us! You blocked two rounds for us, and we will eventually fall into his hands! But if you go now, there may be a glimmer of survival!”

“Brother Xiao Long! We die without regret! And you are Lord Chen Xing’s disciple! We can’t watch you die in front of us!” Azure Dragon roared: “Parasitic Demon Lord, we fought with you!”

Saying that, the two of them rushed towards the Parasitic Demon Lord together.

Shen Xiaolong cry out in surprise: “Wan’er elder sister! Azure Dragon!”

He wanted to stop them, but it was too late.

The Parasitic Demon Lord said with a smile: “Hehe, you are here just in time!”

After speaking, the Parasitic Demon Lord opened his big mouth, a fiercely one. Suck, and sucked Azure Dragon and Waner to his mouth.

“Hold on to Azure Dragon!”

“I know Wan’er!”

“Even if we die, we must not be dissolved by the parasitic demon king We must fight to the end like Xiaolong!”

“Okay! Even if our system is decomposed into pieces of data by the parasitic devil! We must not be controlled by him!”

The two immediately held hands and rushed into the giant mouth of the Parasitic Demon Lord!


The figure of the Parasitic Demon King suddenly doubled, and his expression became extremely terrifying, “Excellent! I feel that my own strength has It’s almost recovered! What a pity, what a pity, Shen Xiaolong, you didn’t run away! You really wasted all the hard work of Azure Dragon and Wan’er. Since you didn’t run away, well, I’ll continue what I didn’t finish. β€”β€”Kill you.”

Speaking, the Parasitic Demon Lord condensed stronger power, and fiercely blasted towards Shen Xiaolong!

Shen Xiaolong has fallen into despair at this time, and his only remaining strength has become unable to withstand a single blow in front of the powerful Parasitic Demon Lord.

Is this the end?

All right.

Shen Xiaolong gently sighed.

But at this time, a pair of big hands silently took the sword of judgment from him!

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