Star God Soldier King Chapter 2236


Shen Xiaolong’s fiercely startled, the body instinctively wants to resist.

But a familiar force calmed his will to resist!

He looked back subconsciously and saw a very familiar and kind face!


Chen Xing stood behind Shen Xiaolong, slightly nodding to Shen Xiaolong.

“Master! You’re finally here!” Shen Xiaolong was about to cry.

He went through the most tragic battle in order to persist until his Master arrived.

“Sorry Master, I didn’t protect Wan’er elder sister and Azure Dragon! They have been devoured by the parasitic devil!”

Chen Xing lightly saying: “It’s okay, this is I don’t blame you, and Wan’er and Azure Dragon are not dead yet, they are just in the body of the parasitic devil, continuing their battle. Xiaolong, you must continue to fight!”

Shen Xiaolong was surprised Said: “But Master, I have no power! Besides, you have already come, I should return this sword of judgment to you.”

Chen Xing said in a tranquil voice : “Xiaolong, what you see me now is not the real me, but my soul state.”

“What? Soul state!?” Shen Xiaolong looked incredulous.

Chen Xing said lightly with a smile: “Yes! I have reached level 100 and become a Heavenly Venerable powerhouse. Astral Projection is not too difficult for me, even more how, I also have the Star God gem, which can penetrate time and space, strengthen my own Soul Power, and combine my Soul Power with your body. It will take some time for my body to come over, and even if It only takes ten minutes, and the Parasitic Demon Lord will also kill you. So, I can only use your soul state to borrow your body to fight the Parasitic Demon Lord, do you understand?”

Shen Xiaolong said excitedly: “I understand! Master! Don’t say it’s my body, even if it’s my life, you can use it as you like! It’s just… my body is already dilapidated, simply There is no power left.”

Chen Xing said faintly with a smile: “Xiaolong, the power of man is infinite. Believe me, we will definitely win this battle.”

Shen Xiaolong immediately said: “Yes! Master! I will give you my body completely!”

After finishing speaking, Shen Xiaolong’s Soul Willpower sank to the deepest part of his heart and was It was temporarily sealed, and Chen Xing’s soul, and the soul gem that could pass through all space obstacles, immediately took control of Shen Xiaolong’s body.

The communication between their master and disciple is actually only a spiritual communication, and the time it takes is only a thought.

At this time, the parasitic air wave of the Parasitic Demon Lord just shot, surging towards Shen Xiaolong!

But Shen Xiaolong at this time is no longer the struggling Shen Xiaolong before!

Although his body is broken, his soul has been replaced by Chen Xing’s soul!

Chen Xing’s slightly closed eyes suddenly opened, and the whole person has become very different!

The surrounding space immediately triggered a powerful air wave, and this air wave directly pushed the parasitic air wave of the Parasitic Demon Lord back!

The Parasitic Demon Lord was shocked!

“What’s the matter? You little thing! How did you suddenly become so strong?”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Parasitic Demon Lord, you are so powerful The world destroyer, how can you bully a junior descendant, if you want to fight, you have to fight me.”

“What? Why do you say that? No! This tone! This behavior! This look You are not that little thing! You are…you are his Master Chen Xing!?” Parasitic Demon Lord roared in astonishment.

Chen Xing smiled faintly, “You’re not too stupid.”

The parasitic demon roared angrily: “Chen Xing! It really is you! Really didn’t expect, You are so powerful! You can actually Astral Projection, and then occupy your discipline’s body to fight against me! Haha, if I knew I would raise you so powerfully, I should have limited your development a little!”

Chen Xing smiled coldly, “The Parasitic Demon Lord, when my soul merged with my discipline’s body, I read his memory and knew what you said to them just now. . Really didn’t expect, you are the culprit of all this. Well, although Azure Dragon can’t kill you, it can be regarded as forcing you out after all. After I solve you, I am Human Race here will have no worries, and I can deal with your lackey Alva with confidence.”

The parasitic demon grinned suddenly: “Chen Xing, don’t talk too much! Can you kill me? My strength has basically recovered! And you did not appear with the fully deified body you originally had, but only borrowed this broken body of your discipline! I ask, this one How strong is the genetic power of the body? Has it reached the War General level? The strongest can’t surpass the War King level, right? No matter how strong your soul is, I can only exert the energy of the Battle Sovereign level at best! By the way, you can exert your Battle Ancestor-level strength! But so what? I am a parasitic demon! My true strength is far above the Supreme Heavenly Venerable! Even if I have not fully recovered to the Supreme Heavenly With the strength of Venerable, it is still easy to kill a mortal body like you!”

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “Oh, yes? Demon Lord Shi, how strong is he!”

“This is the Chen Xing you asked for!” Parasitic Demon Lord’s eyes suddenly turned blood red!

“This time, I will not only destroy this dilapidated body of your discipline, but I will also eat your soul directly! Hahaha!”

Said, Parasitic Demon Lord They attacked Chen Xing with all their strength.

Chen Xing moved with a thought and poured the rune power from the Star God gem into Shen Xiaolong’s body.

Shen Xiaolong’s body is indeed not as strong as Chen Xing’s original body, and wherever the rune power passes, it triggers a nervous twitch.

However, Shen Xiaolong’s basic skills are very solid. Under the continuous energy infusion, his body completely withstood the pressure!

The rune power was poured into the Sword of Judgment, and the Sword of Judgment immediately shot up the rays of light. With the power of Life Essence, it ignited every capillary nerve in Shen Xiaolong’s limbs!

Immediately afterwards, Shen Xiaolong’s body quickly became a Titan!

Ten meters!

Twenty meters!

Thirty meters!

Although Chen Xing has not yet reached the limit of 100 meters in height, the height of Chen Xing’s deified state, but such a height is already very impressive for Shen Xiaolong’s body!

After turning into a Titan, Shen Xiaolong’s power increased exponentially!

Originally, his genetic power was indeed only at the level of War King!

But after titanization and Chen Xing’s soul strengthening, his battle strength has been directly raised to the level of Level 90 Battle Ancestor!

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