Star God Soldier King Chapter 2237


“This! How is this possible?!”

Parasitic Demon Lord stared wide-eyed stood there with a look of disbelief.

“I really didn’t expect, Chen Xing, after you went to the Demon-like world and the Dragon Clan world again, your strength has become so powerful! I really regret it! I regret that I didn’t limit the development of your strength for the sake of my own strength!”

The Parasitic Demon Lord gritted his teeth angrily, and then blasted all the condensed parasitic power to Chen Xing.

Chen Xing simply doesn’t take the power of the Parasitic Demon Lord in his eyes. He holds the Sword of Judgment in one hand and uses an extremely domineering Rising Dragon Slash, fiercely slashes towards the Parasitic Demon Lord!

He wants to kill the Parasitic Air Wave and the Parasitic Demon Lord together!


A shock wave of ten times the Divine Force erupted throughout Aurora City.

Fortunately, the Divine Force’s goals are very concentrated, and they all hit the Parasitic Demon Lord!

The Parasitic Demon Lord was originally attached to the half-Spirit Physique body of the intelligent AIBlack Tortoise, but in the face of such a powerful force, Black Tortoise’s half-Spirit Physique body is useless!

The parasitic demon roared sharply, and then turned into an invisible wave to escape, and the half-spirit Physique body of Black Tortoise was directly smashed by Chen Xing to a fraction of a percent. Electronic creatures are even smaller than cosmic dust!


Intelligent AIBlack Tortoise is completely dead!

As the puppet of the Parasitic Demon Lord, he knew the existence of the Parasitic Demon Lord from the very beginning, but he did not choose to help the human beings, but surrendered to the Parasitic Demon Lord’s door!

But this kind of submission did not bring him the slightest benefit!

The Parasitic Demon Lord treats him like a puppet!

While the Parasitic Demon Lord escaped, he also absorbed all his databases!

“Hahaha! Chen Xing!”

The evil laughter of the parasitic monster continued to echo in the air, “You are indeed very difficult to deal with, but so what? Did you kill me? I have no shape, no entity, not even life in the true sense! Every devil in our Temple of Destruction is an immortal existence! It’s just you? A trifling A mortal? Do you think you can kill me? Stop dreaming!”

Chen Xing was slightly frowned, and then summon came out of a Dao Foundation cage and completely closed all around.

“What?” Parasitic Demon Lord coldly shouted: “You brat want to trap me? Humph, no way! Don’t think your such insignificant ability can really stop me! I just because My strength has not yet fully recovered! At best, I have only just recovered a part of my ability from a serious injury, as long as you give me a little more time, I promise to destroy your entire Human Race world!”

Saying that, an evil black halo appeared in the genetic cage, and the evil face of the Parasitic Demon Lord immediately appeared on the black halo.

Chen Xing was shocked.

He recognizes this black light!

This is the rays of light of dark matter energy!

Chen Xing understood immediately, “The Parasitic Demon Lord, it turns out that you sent Black Tortoise to find the King of the Lion King, in order to get the dark matter energy block!”

Parasitic The devil said proudly: “That’s right! The dark matter energy block contains extremely strong evil energy, and this kind of evil energy is what I need most! When I finish digesting this dark matter energy block, Your entire Human Race world must be destroyed! Hahahaha!”

Chen Xing was furious and slashed at the dark matter energy block with a sword!


The huge shock wave shook the entire genetic cage, but the rays of light of dark matter energy were even more intense.

Parasitic Demon Lord said proudly with a smile: “Chen Xing, don’t you understand? Your attack will only make the dark matter energy block more powerful!”

Chen Xing clenched the sword of judgment in his hand, but he couldn’t raise his strength to a new level.

With his own strength, he has naturally reached the realm of Heavenly Venerable powerhouse.

In other words, if he himself came to fight against the dark matter energy block of the parasitic demon, then his power would definitely be able to break through the upper limit of the attack that the dark matter energy block could withstand!

In that case, you can smash the entire dark matter energy block with one sword, and then kill the parasitic devil smoothly.

But now, the body used by Chen Xing is only the body of his discipline Shen Xiaolong.

Although it has been strengthened with the Sword of Judgment and Titan Form, it can only reach the level of the Battle Ancestor of the law-level.

This is at least ten times different from his own true strength!

Under such circumstances, randomly attacking the dark matter energy block will only make the parasitic devil stronger and absorb more evil energy!

It won’t be long before the power of the Parasitic Demon Lord will return to its normal level!

And Chen Xing Ontology may not be able to arrive in time!

Chen Xing panicked at the thought of this!

And at this time, the proud parasitic demon king suddenly complexion greatly changed, murmured: “no! How is this possible! I have already…”

Before he finished speaking, his grimace was twisted and torn apart.

Immediately after, two faint blue rays of light shot out from the cracks in his grimace!

Azure Dragon and Wan’er successfully broke through his devoured captivity and returned to the ground!

“Xiaolong?” Azure Dragon looked at Shen Xiaolong with a broken arm in surprise.

Before Chen Xing could answer, Wan’er said excitedly: “no! It’s not Xiaolong! It’s the master! Very good! Master, you are finally here!”

Wan’er too I am familiar with Chen Xing’s soul, so even though Chen Xing didn’t speak, even though Chen Xing is using Shen Xiaolong’s body now, Wan’er can still tell the difference at once.

Azure Dragon is also heavily nodded, “Yes! It’s really Mr. Chen Xing! In this world, I am afraid that only Mr. Chen Xing has such an imposing manner!”

Chen Xing asked with concern: “Are you two alright?”

Azure Dragon shook the head with a wry smile, “It’s not very good. didn’t expect, this parasitic demon has already I was prepared, I had known this would be the case, I should have told Lord Chen Xing everything I knew.”

Wan’er also said ashamedly: “I’m sorry master, so am I. I felt something was wrong very early on, but I… But I hid my selfishness, I thought I could control my evil Evil Thought head, I’m also afraid that after you know I have an evil Evil Thought head, it will no longer be paid attention to me. didn’t expect, that is simply not my evil Evil Thought head, but a parasitic devil!”

Chen Xing slightly nodded, “It’s okay, at least we haven’t lost yet! “

Azure Dragon said: “I joined Wan’er and most of the databases he absorbed have been infected with the super virus designed by Lin Rou Academician. In a short time, he can’t use it.” Parasitic power.”

“You are doing very well, it’s just that the power of my current body can’t smash the dark matter energy block all at once, we can only hold him temporarily and wait for me I’ll talk about it when the main body of the game arrives.”

Chen Xing made a rough estimate, “Just stick to it for another three or five minutes!”

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