Star God Soldier King Chapter 2238


“Three or five minutes?”

Parasitic Demon Lord managed to control his distorted face, and said fiercely: “Don’t I dreamed about Chen Xing! I’ll get rid of you now!”

Speaking, the Parasitic Demon Lord gathered all the parasitic power.

Azure Dragon frowned and said: “This devil is really powerful! Didn’t expect, we infected the database he absorbed with a virus, and it didn’t restrict him!”

Chen Xing said loudly: “you two, hurry up and hide behind me!”

While speaking, Chen Xing gathered all his strength to defend.

Attacking when the strength is insufficient will only make the dark matter evil energy more powerful, so the only thing that can be done now is defense.

Protect Azure Dragon and Wan’er, and protect Shen Xiaolong’s body.

But at this moment, the attack direction of the parasitic devil suddenly turned, and the huge parasitic force directly slammed into the genetic cage that was somewhat unstable!


The gene cage was pierced with a big hole in an instant!

Chen Xing cried out in surprise: “Not good!”

At the same time, he jumped forward to intercept!

But after all, it’s not his fleshy body, and his movement method is still half a beat slower!

Just moments before that, the demonic grimace of the parasitic devil escaped directly from the hole!

“Hahaha! Chen Xing! The battle between us is not over yet! Just wait for me!”

Speaking, the grimace quickly disappeared in the air!

Chen Xing didn’t say a word, and then Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body again, the soul left Shen Xiaolong’s body, and quickly chased after the parasitic devil.

Shen Xiaolong’s body immediately collapsed to the end, completely unconscious.

Wan’er and Azure Dragon were extremely nervous, guarding Shen Xiaolong together, waiting for the return of Chen Xing’s soul.

After a while, Chen Xing’s soul returned, and Shen Xiaolong’s body immediately became active.

“How about master?” Wan’er asked eagerly.

Chen Xing slightly frowned, “The speed of the Parasitic Demon Lord is too fast. With my Soul Power, even if I can catch up with him, I can’t stop him. But fortunately, you have already broken him. He absorbed those Divine Grade databases, so it was impossible for him to recover in a short period of time. I kept chasing him and watched him escape the Human Race Formation, but as for where he went in the end, I can’t be sure. It’s over.”

Wan’er said immediately: “Master, please rest assured, I can set up observation points in the entire Human Race Formation, as long as the Parasitic Demon Lord enters the Human Race Formation, I will know immediately.”


Chen Xing nodded slightly, “Well, let’s do it like this.”

Wan’er was about to get up, but she gasped in pain.

Azure Dragon quickly checked Wan’er, “Wan’er! Your main logic system is broken! You can’t hold on any longer!”

Wan’er smiled lightly, “Oh, I almost forgot, I also hit you with a sword. The main logic operation system is my life. If the main logic operation system is broken, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live for long. I’m sorry master, I’m actually very sad. I want to fight with you, just…”

Chen Xing said with a heartache: “Wan Er, you are my good friend, forever. Azure Dragon! You are the Four Great God Level intelligent AI. The most powerful of all, you must know how to save Wan’er!”

Azure Dragon sighed and called the head, “If only the database was cleared, at worst would have to start all over again, but the main logic The computing system is out of order, unless Lin Rou’s Academician is reborn!”

“Wan’er!” Chen Xing said in pain.

Wan’er smiled comforted: “Don’t feel sorry for me, Master. I just did what I should do, I am honored to be able to serve you, you must live a good life. Azure Dragon, I’ll leave everything to you in the future for my master.”

Azure Dragon gritted his teeth, “No, Waner! It suddenly occurred to me that there is another way!”

Chen Xing hurriedly asked: “What can I do?”

Azure Dragon then said: “Wan’er! You go into hibernation right now! Trust me!”

Wan’er blinked and looked at Chen Xing.

Chen Xing nodded heavily, “Believe in Azure Dragon! Even if there is only a glimmer of hope, we will save you!”

Wan’er smiled, then closed her eyes, The half-spirit Physique body also went into a dormant state.

Chen Xing asked: “Azure Dragon, what can you do?”

Azure Dragon did not rush to answer Chen Xing’s question, but walked behind Wan’er, He pressed his palm against Wan’er’s back.

In an instant, the blue rays of light on Azure Dragon moved towards Wan’er’s half-spirit Physique.

Chen Xing startled, “Azure Dragon, what are you doing?”

Azure Dragon said with a smile: “Lord Chen Xing, I will use my own life, In exchange for Wan’er’s life. I want to replace all my main logic operation system with Wan’er.”

Chen Xing cry out in surprise: “What! You can’t do this! Neither does Wan’er. I will agree!”

Azure Dragon said with a smile: “Whether you agree or not, it doesn’t matter to me simply. Because, this is what I want to do. And, you now It can’t stop me. Once the replacement program starts, it can’t be interrupted. If it is interrupted forcibly, not only will Wan’er die, but I will also die. Instead of both of them dying, you might as well let me take the master in peace. The logic program replacement is complete.”

“Azure Dragon…” Chen Xing was full of tears, and some didn’t know what to say.

Azure Dragon sighed faintly, “Lord Chen Xing…let me call you Xiaoxing. There is something I must tell you before I die. You should know that I am I won’t do anything to betray you. Even in the Border Sector, in order to get the Sword of Judgment, I used some last resort means, but it’s definitely not against you.”

Chen Xing nominates, ” I know.”

Azure Dragon continued to say with a smile: “And I’ve always wanted to tell you something that I haven’t had time to tell you about the Iron Banner Black Market. Big Boss of the Iron Banner Black Market. Zhuang Shisan is actually a mirror image of me, Avatar. For so many years, I have been guarding you in secret and silently, but I have never dared to get too close to you. Because I know the existence of the parasitic devil, I am afraid that I will get too close You, or directly tell you about the existence of the parasitic devil, you will be violent death. For so many years, I have been living in contradictions, and now I can finally relax. You have grown up and have become a whole The most powerful person in human beings, you can confront the parasitic devil head-on! I can also be completely relieved. Can you understand my painstaking efforts?”

Hearing this, Chen Xing’s tears flowed uncontrollably.

He should have thought that this very familiar Azure Dragon is his Big Boss Zhuangshi Sanzhuang Uncle.

And the secrets that Zhuang Shisan once said were indeed secrets that could not be told at that time.

For so many years, Azure Dragon has kept this secret alone, always doing the right thing incognito, which is really hard work.

Chen Xing said bitterly: “Azure Dragon, no, Zhuang Uncle, tell me, how can I save you! I can’t let you die like this!”

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