Star God Soldier King Chapter 2240


During these seven days, Chen Xing completed all the chores in Human Race, and mobilized all the elite forces, ready to go .

When everything was over, Chen Xing gathered all of his subordinate leaders and told them about the upcoming battle.

The Star Divine General leaders were all very excited, and no one was afraid.

Everyone said to fight with Chen Xing and Chen Ying.

Chen Xing is very satisfied with the results of this meeting.

After all the armament resources were ready, Chen Xing took everything he could and took the space fortress of the Lion King captured from the Lion King to the Dark Portal.

The Battlestar Empire has also had a new name from this moment on.

In honor of the self-sacrificing Azure Dragon, this massive space fortress was named Azure Dragon 13.

Chen Xing also defined the Azure Dragon No. 13 as the command flagship.

The Azure Dragon No. 13 quickly arrived at the Dark Portal. After passing through the Dark Portal, the troops of the Border Sector have been assembled for a long time.

As the two sides converged, the soldiers on both sides cheered, hugged, and learned from each other.

After everything was ready, Chen Xing came to the Formation of Dragon Clan and Human Race, used the sword of judgment to open the not-so-big crack, and led all his subordinates together. Enter the Dragon Clan world.

Scarlett and De Kenia were left in the Border Sector. They are management talents, and fighting is not their forte.

Even more how, they have to cooperate with Wan’er’s mirror image in the Human Race area to continuously deliver supplies and ammunition to the Star God troops.

The Human Race army grandiose passed the Formation and entered the Dragon Clan world.

Human Race and Dragon Clan were both very polite when they met.

But after a few days, the two sides got to know each other thoroughly.

The front of the Dragon Clan world is almost finished.

Now all the preparations for war have been made, just waiting for the Titan army to attack.

At this time, the Titan army was also urgently gathering.

This war is actually not what the Titan Elemental Council really wants, but Alva, as the next Divine Sovereign, personally issued an order to them, and they dare not refuse.

Of course, the five elements Heavenly Venerable did not take action in person. After all, in their eyes, Dragon Clan is not strong enough to need the five elements Heavenly Venerable to take action together.

However, they still sent all the Titan army, almost every Titan was of Heavenly Venerable level, and this Heavenly Venerable level army had more than a thousand people.

How many troops does Chen Xing have?

Counting the Dragon Clan, the logistical Dwarf Race, the alien race, the Human Race, and the automated intelligent troops, there are millions!

In terms of the total number of troops, it is absolutely oppressive!

But the problem is, a Titan Heavenly Venerable can almost wipe out a complete army!

Various high-tech aircraft mecha, etc., in front of the Titan Heavenly Venerable, are just toys that cannot withstand a single blow.

Chen Xing certainly understood this, so he didn’t want to meet force with force with the Titan army.

Before the arrival of the Titan army, his first step was to release countless high-altitude reconnaissance satellites on the outer edge of the Dragon Clan world, without missing any spatial detail.

As soon as the Titan army appeared, Chen Xing ordered Wan’er to control the unmanned army and fire full force against the Titan army.

The firepower of these unmanned troops is very powerful, and the combined effect completely exceeds the damage caused by ten times the Divine Force!

Under such a powerful firepower attack, the Titan army could not advance half a step for a while!

When the attrition of the unmanned troops was too great and had to be temporarily withdrawn, Chen Xing ordered the troops of the five Dragon Clans to attack, from the fiercely’s same-level Titan troops.

Although the defensive power of the Titans is strong, their mobility is their weak point.

Dragon Clan’s army doesn’t fight the Titans, but employs a strategy of constant harassment.

The two sides fought for three days and three nights. Almost all of the Dragon Clan army was guerrilla and did not attack, and they took the Titan troops with poor mobility to deal with the remote areas of the Dragon Clan world.

In three days, only a few hundred Dragon Clan soldiers died in action.

The Titans lost as many as a dozen people.

Although this loss ratio may sound like a failure, it was the first time in a long time that the Titan army had suffered such a tragic loss.

On the fourth day of the war, the Dragon Clan army withdrew, and the Star God force composed of Human Race and aliens had successfully detoured to the other side of the Titans, and launched a violent attack on the other side of the Titan army. attack.

The Titan army was exhausted and completely held back by Chen Xing’s tactics.

Chen Xing and several powerful leaders still rushed into the formation that the Titan army had just gathered together, and a fierce fight disrupted the new formation of the Titan army.

and the others When the races and aliens need to be replenished, the Human Race troops that have already been replenished will be replaced again, forming a perfect wheel tactical rhythm.

Where has the Titan army experienced such tactics?

When they fought against Dragon Clan before, they used to fight straight and hard. Whoever has the hardest fist will win in the end.

But now, their opponent is not the previous Dragon Clan, but Chen Xing, the leader of the Human Race.

Human Race brings not only technological power, but also tactical power.

This is something the Titans never expected.

This great decisive battle, the Titans originally thought it would take only three days at most.

But ten days later, they are still trapped in the remote areas of Dragon Clan world, let alone attack and destroy the Great Saint halls of Dragon Clan, even if they want to withdraw now, Some are too late.

The number of Titan armies has also been continuously consumed in the war.

Originally, they had a total of 1,000 Titans Heavenly Venerable, but when the war went on for 15 days, their number was only 800 people.

By the thirtieth day, their numbers were barely maintained at around 600.

If it continues to be consumed like this, the entire Titan army will be wiped out in less than three months.

Of course, for Chen Xing, three months is not enough.

It’s not just a matter of death rates, it’s a matter of supplies.

A war like this is very economical for Human Race.

With the full support of the Human Race and the alien races, the Star God force can continue to use its powerful long-range firepower against the Titan army.

And this kind of financial support can only last for more than ten days at most.

If we continue to fight, this is bound to be a war that both sides suffer.

Therefore, not only the Titans are eager to open the war situation, but Chen Xing is also patiently waiting for the opportunity.

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