Star God Soldier King Chapter 2241


β€œChen Xing.”

Just when the battle was at a stalemate, Chen Ying came to the headquarters to find Chen Xing.

Chen Xing quickly put down his military affairs and greeted him with a smile, “Little Ying, why are you here?”

During the great decisive battle, Chen Ying Been busy in the field hospital.

Her previous specialty was medical skills.

However, since the awakening of the Divine Force in her body, medical technology is no longer a specialty for her.

Chen Ying said solemnly: “Chen Xing, I have basically made arrangements for the battlefield hospital. I think you need my help even more on the frontal battlefield. The Titan army is really strong. If we fight like this, our consumption will be very large, and it may even drag our Human Race and foreign races into the abyss of war and cannot recover! Therefore, we must end this war as soon as possible! And my strength , I have almost recovered now, if you let me play, although I can’t guarantee that I can kill all the remaining 600 Titans Heavenly Venerable, I can definitely kill more than half of them!”

Chen Xing said lightly with a smile: “Of course I believe this, Little Ying. And before you came to me and said this, I also thought about it seriously. If you can kill half of it, I can basically also. Destroy half of them, then if we join forces, we can almost eliminate the Titan army. As for the rest, there are the Queen of Blades Xiaolong and the Dragon Kings to deal with.”

Chen Ying startled, “Since you’ve thought about this, why haven’t you acted until now? Are you afraid that I’m in danger? I’m the reincarnation of the Queen of Divine Race, and I’m not afraid of these dangers.”

Chen Xing smiled lightly , “No, I’m not afraid that you are in danger. But you also said that you are the reincarnation of the Queen of Divine Race. If you, the Queen of Divine Race, deal with the Titans who should be loyal to you in person, it will be a pain for your loved ones. The enemy is quick.”

Chen Ying blinked, “I don’t quite understand, Chen Xing.”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I analyze, the Titans. Not really trying to attack us, they’re just being forced by the fake Divine Sovereign Alva, they don’t even know you exist as a reincarnated queen. If they know your existence and can identify you, then they It will definitely turn around and help us.”

Chen Ying said immediately: “That’s not easy! I will go to the commander of the Titan army immediately and identify myself with them.”

Chen Xing shook the head, “This method is not brilliant. The more you talk to yourself, the less the Titans will believe. Now, Alva occupies the position of Divine Sovereign, and he still has the initiative. So we can’t deal with it in an unbrilliant way.”

Chen Ying asked eagerly, “Then what should we do? You can’t suffer from both sides of the Titans, and you can’t directly express your identity. Do you want to keep stalemate like this? We can’t last long! “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “That’s right, but the Titans won’t last long. So, at this time, I send a special envoy to negotiate, and the effect will be very good. “

Chen Ying asked in surprise: “Special envoy? Are you talking about Green City Lord from Dwarf Race? “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Yes, when we finish the containment of the Titan army, I will send him to bypass the Titan army from behind and go to the world of the Titans through Formation. bingo. I believe that at this time, he should have reached the throne of Titan Elements. “

Chen Ying said hesitantly: “He… can you?” “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Whether he or not is not important, as long as he conveys my meaning to the Titans Heavenly Venerables.” “

Chen Ying said: “However, even if he can really persuade the Titans Heavenly Venerables to temporarily stop the war with us, it will also trigger Alva to persecute them again. Alva will never give up.” ! “

Chen Xing said with a smile: “I’m waiting for Alva. ”

Chen Ying was even more surprised, and was about to ask carefully. At this time, other leaders and generals walked into the headquarters one after another to report on the military situation.

Chen Xing answered the question. Chen Ying said: “Little Ying, in short, you don’t have to worry, I have everything planned, and I will naturally tell you when I need you and me to fight. “

Chen Ying was nodded at ease, “Well then, Chen Xing, I’ll go back to the battlefield hospital first.” ”

β€œen. ”

After Chen Ying had sent away, Chen Xing continued to hold battle meetings with his generals.

At the same time , in the Titan world on the other side.

Grian was imprisoned in an elemental cage, and under the escort of dozens of Titans with a height of 100 meters, he went to the Throne of Elements.

It was said to be an escort, but it was actually one of the Titans who held the elemental cage he was in in his hands.

Because by comparison, Grian’s size was too small, and he was a little careless. , you will not be able to find him.

Therefore, it is safer to hold it in your hand.

In the world of the Titans, Grian’s eyes are about to go blind.

“This is heaven! All the original Titans we revere at Dwarf Race! OMG! If we could live here, we would be so happy! “

“hmph, Dwarfs, we are the real Titans, what are you guys?” In the future, don’t say that you dwarves are descendants of our Titans, we can’t afford to lose this person. “

The titan holding him was unabashedly sneered.

And the other titans snickered.

Grian He originally thought that when he came to his ancestor’s land, he would definitely be warmly received, didn’t expect, but he was greeted by such contemptuous words and sneering eyes.

He felt that he had never been there before. The sadness and humiliation of the past.

“We Dwarf Race are proud of the descendants of Titan Race everywhere, but didn’t expect, you Titan Race dislike us like this! “

“hmph, dwarfs, what if you dislike you?” With your appearance and strength, you can’t just rely on our Titans to stick gold on your face! Your Dwarf Race should be living in the world of giant dragon, right? I heard that you were beaten by the giant dragon and could only live underground, right? Hehe, just like you, are you worthy of being a descendant of our Titan Race? But don’t laugh out our big teeth! “

The other titans laughed again.

Grian was very sad, “At this moment, my faith is about to collapse.” We really don’t want to use your Titans to stick gold on our faces, we just inspire us with the deeds of the Titans fighting with the giant dragon! We used to live underground, but now we live on the ground and are honored by the giant dragon! And these are not obtained by us saying that we are descendants of Titans! We fought with our own blood and lives, in exchange for it! This, you arrogant and conceited fellows, will never understand! You will never win this battle! Our true titan leader, Lord Chen Xing, will surely make you pay a painful price! “

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