Star God Soldier King Chapter 2242


“What! You little dwarf! You insulted our noble Titans!”

“Kill him! Kill him! “

The other titans roared in anger.

They can insult others, but they must not accept the counterattack from others.

The titan holding the elemental cage raised the cage high, and Green in the cage suddenly turned pale.

“Haha! This little thing is scared!”

“Hmph, wasn’t it pretty arrogant just now?”

The Titan sneered again.

Grian said sternly: “I am indeed afraid, but not because of death, but because I, as a special envoy, have not seen your element, Heavenly Venerable, and will be tricked by you, a nobody. I died, delaying the major event of my elemental leader, Lord Chen Xing! My death is a small thing, and it is a big thing if I can’t complete the order!”

“Damn! I have to kill you!”

The titan holding the elemental cage slammed down heavilyβ€”β€”


A majestic order came through the air buzzing.

The distance from the Throne of Elements is at least a hundred kilometers away, but this roar came from the Throne of Elements, and it shook the entire space.

The titan holding the element cage immediately complexion greatly changed, quickly withdrew the strength in his hand, and said respectfully: “Yes, Your Excellency Heavenly Venerable.”

The voice said again: “Bring the envoy to see us immediately, must not be missed.”


All the titans dared not say more. , holding the element cage, eagerly running towards the element throne.

Grian could only feel the wind hu hu beside his ears, and his eyes were dazzled.

In less than ten minutes, Green was taken to the top of a giant mountain.

This giant mountain is formed by the grouping of five different peaks.

At the top of the five peaks, there is a huge Heavenly Palace, where the five elements are the highest Heavenly Venerable, in the palace.

After those titans brought Green in, they saluted respectfully, and then left.

Grian looked at Heavenly Venerables as tall as a mountain in front of him, and felt a tremor in his heart for the first time.

This is not fear or excitement, but an indescribable shock.

The one in the center has rays of light like black soil all over his body, and he is also dotted with gems of various colorsβ€”this is the Heavenly Venerable.

On the left side of the Earth Heavenly Venerable, is a spinning air vortex-shaped titan. Although there is no human form, his majestic expression can also be seen through the air vortex-this is the air Heavenly Venerable who roared just now. .

Further to the left, there is a Heavenly Venerable in the form of a water man, and his face is constantly rising with waves – this is the holy water Heavenly Venerable.

On the right side of the Earth Heavenly Venerable, there is a Titan figure formed by rune and thunderbolt – this is the thunderbolt Heavenly Venerable.

On the right side of the Thunder and Lightning Heavenly Venerable, there is a Heavenly Venerable covered in flames — the flame Heavenly Venerable.

Flame Heavenly Venerable With a flick of a finger, the elemental cage trapping Grian was reduced to ashes.

All five Great Heavenly Venerate glared at Grian, their eyes not friendly at all.

Grian calmed his mind and said aloud: “The special envoy of the Dwarf Race under the titan leader Chen Xing, Grian, has come to negotiate with the five supreme elements, Heavenly Venerable!”

Earth Heavenly Venerable said with a smile: “Titan Leader? Who gave him the title?”

His voice was so powerful that he didn’t say a word, the Throne of Elements would have a great hall Shake a bit.

Grian said with all his strength: “This is not what he sealed, but what all of us Dwarf Races have identified! You can question our Dwarf Races, but you must not question our Titan leader! “

Earth Heavenly Venerable said with a sneer: “To be called a Titan, you must at least be 100 meters tall, right? If you are only taller than your Dwarf Race, then you can be called a Titan , then the Titans in the eyes of your Dwarf Races are too worthless.”

Grian said sternly: “Our Titan Leader, Lord Chen Xing, is a Titan with a height of 100 meters!”


“How is this possible?”

“We have a large number of Titans, how come I’ve never heard of a Titan named Chen Xing What?”

“Mr. Chen Xing is not a Titan Race person, but a Human Race person.” Green said proudly.

“Human Race?” Contempt appeared on the faces of the Supremes.

Grian continued: “That’s right! he is the supreme ruler of the Human Race and alien race, and also the Great Emperor of the Dragon Clan! And the titan leader of our Dwarf Race! He owns the Human Race Form, Titan form, and Demon Dragon form! His strength has already reached level 100, and with the Sword of Judgment in his hand, he can easily destroy the rest of your Titan army!”

As soon as these words came out, all the elements Heavenly Venerables present frowned.

Of course they didn’t want to admit it, but their Titan army did encounter deadly difficulties in the frontal field.

If it weren’t for the sluggishness of the frontal battlefield, these arrogant elements, Heavenly Venerables, would naturally have no need to meet this dwarf envoy.

“Dwarf, we can’t believe all of what you say, but we can’t deny all of it. After all, it’s not an easy thing for a mortal to have three forms. Not to mention, Chen Xing asked you to talk to us, what is his purpose? To make peace?” Dadi Heavenly Venerable solemnly asked.

Grian puffed out his chest and said, “No, not peace talks, but a temporary truce!”

“A temporary truce?” Earth Heavenly Venerable frowned.

“Yes, it’s time to fight, we still have to fight, it’s just a temporary training. Our army has suffered a lot, and your Titan army has suffered no small losses. Why not We set a temporary truce period, truce each other for a month, and then conserve strength and store up energy, and fight head-to-head.” Green said loudly.

“A head-to-head battle? You won’t play any wheel tactics, will you?” Flame Heavenly Venerable asked angrily.

“Of course not, my titan leader, Lord Chen Xing, will never be wrong!” Green said.

The five elements Heavenly Venerable then discussed in a low voice.

Actually, they never wanted to fight this battle, just because of Alva’s persecution.

Now, if there is time to delay the fight, and they will be able to face off in 1 month later, that is of course what they want.

After discussing for a while, the Great Emperor Heavenly Venerable said, “Okay, dwarves, we Titans agree to your request for a truce. We each spend a month to rest, and a month later, we One more final battle!”

“Okay! it’s a deal!”

“it’s a deal! Air Heavenly Venerable, send this dwarf away!”


Air Heavenly Venerable then blew a breath at Grian, who was immediately blown up and quickly left the Element Throne Mountain.

When he opened his eyes again, he had left the Titan world unscathed.

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