Star God Soldier King Chapter 2243


After the negotiation, the two sides immediately ceased fighting.

This is undoubtedly very good news for the Titan army besieged by wheels.

And for the Star God troops, they can also temporarily breathe a sigh of relief.

However, there was one person who couldn’t sit still.

This man is Alva.

After Alva learned that the Titans and Chen Xing had temporarily ceased fighting, he immediately turned on the hologram and shouted angrily to the five elements Supreme: “What are you guys doing? Why do you want to truce! Do you want to violate me? Is it your order?”

The earth Heavenly Venerable said in a tranquil voice: “Lord Alva, we Titans have done everything in this war. If we continue to fight like this, we will not be able to win. On the contrary, it is possible to exterminate the clan, so we have to rest for a while and wait for the great decisive battle 1 month later.”

“1 month later? 1 month later, Chen Xing may have escaped with Chen Ying long ago. !” Alva said angrily.

Earth Heavenly Venerable said: “I don’t think so, if Chen Xing really wanted to run, he did before the war started. Even more how, this whole universe is Divine Race’s , where can they escape? I advise Your Excellency Alva to wait patiently. After 1 month, our Titan army is almost ready. I will send flame Heavenly Venerable and holy water Heavenly Venerable to also participate. During the battle.”

Alva said very dissatisfiedly: “You Supreme Heavenly Venerable, you should have dealt with Chen Xing in person! If this was the case earlier, why would this decisive battle be defeated? An army led by a mortal fight like this!?”

Heavenly Venerable said: “Anyway, everything should wait a month.”

Alva said angrily. : “No! My enthronement ceremony will be held in three days! I will never allow such great threats as Chen Xing and Chen Ying to exist before I ascend the throne! I order you to attack me immediately! When the Human Race army has not yet reacted, all of you five elements Heavenly Venerable will go to ensure that all Chen Xing’s troops will be wiped out within one day!”

Heavenly Venerable frowned said. : “Lord Alva, we respect your identity very much, but the things you asked us to do are completely contrary to our nature. The Titans have always kept their word, and we can even lose this war, But never do things like go back on one’s word. Promise Chen Xing a one-month truce, then a one-month truce.”

“You guys! Do you want to defy your new Divine Sovereign?” Alva annoyed shouted.

Earth Heavenly Venerable coldly said: “No, of course we won’t disobey the Divine Sovereign the order of His Majesty, but you’re still not a Divine Sovereign. If you really want us to do go back on one’s word If you are not on the throne, then you have to wait until you officially ascend the throne.”

Alva said angrily: “What I want is to solve the trouble before I ascend the throne! If I haven’t solved it after I ascended the throne, then why should I look for it? What about you! You are really a bunch of pedantic people! Forget it, let’s go, I will find an army to deal with Chen Xing! When the time comes, your army will stand by and watch! Don’t interfere!”

After speaking, Alva angrily hung up the communication.

“Earth Heavenly Venerable, we seem to have offended this future Divine Sovereign.” Holy Water Heavenly Venerable said with a frown.

Earth Heavenly Venerable sighed, “It’s not that we want to offend him, but the Lord Alva, who doesn’t look like a Divine Race ruler at all. How can a real Divine Race ruler be a base? and shameless?”

“Unfortunately, we Titans have been loyal to the supreme ruler of the Divine Race for generations, and this will never change.”

“Then we only I can look forward to a miracle.”

β€œBut in three days, Alva will be on the throne, who can stop it?”

The five elements Heavenly Venerable have one after another. Shaking his head and sighing.

At the same time, after hanging up the holographic communication, Alva angrily connected to the Demon King’s communication.

“Demon King, you have raised troops for a thousand days and used them for a while. Now, it’s time for your demons to serve me! Break through Dragon Clan’s Formation and destroy all Chen Xing’s troops!

“Yes! Divine Sovereign Your Majesty!” Demon King gave a sly smile, “We’ve been waiting for this day!”

“en! The Titans are much stronger! Killing Chen Xing and Chen Ying is a great achievement for you! Do you understand?”

“Understood! Your Majesty! Please wait for the good news of our victory! One day Inside, we will offer the heads of Chen Xing and Chen Ying!”


After the call, the Demon King led all the demons under him. The army, breaking through the Dragon Clan’s Formation, was culled from the up ahead of the Star God force.

Their actions were immediately detected by high-altitude satellites, and countless information flew into Chen Xing’s headquarters like snowflakes.

All the generals ran into the headquarters and asked to fight!

Although the Star God troops have just gone through a great decisive battle, their vitality has not recovered yet, but they are definitely not timid.

Chen Xing was also very excited when he saw this kind of active fight.

He made a deployment immediately, ordering all the troops to face the demon-like forces head-on.

He still has some reservations about confrontation with the Titans.

But he has no reservations about the demon-like troops.

The Star God troops immediately assembled and set off, and soon, the forward troops of both sides exchanged fire over the Dragon Clan world!

Countless rockets and beams lit up the sky.

The Dragon Clan army also all rushed into the battlefield, killing and killing.

The Titan army was amazed.

None of them didn’t expect that the Star God troops still had such a strong battle strength after fighting them.

What they didn’t expect even more was that Alva would let evil creatures like fiends attack the Star God troops.

To make an alliance with the demon-like army makes the Titan army, who has always been arrogant and proud, suddenly feel ashamed.

However, without the order of the Elemental Titans, they did not dare to act rashly, and could only watch the demon-like clan and the Star God troops melee together.

At this time, Chen Ying rushed into Chen Xing’s headquarters eagerly, “Chen Xing, I want to deal with the demon army!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “The time has come, let’s go together, and within half a day, we will work together to destroy all the demon-like army!”

Chen Ying blinked in surprise, “I thought you would stop me!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “This is the real time I’ve been waiting for! I want the Titans to see clearly who is the real Divine Race reincarnated queen! Little Ying, don’t control the power within you , on the demon-like battlefield, let go as much as you like!”


The two rushed out of the headquarters together and rushed to the demon-like battlefield.

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